A Best Commuter Messenger Bag For Travellers

Commuter Messenger Bags To Select:

An essential step when it comes to packing your things is to make sure that you arrange your commuter messenger bags properly, these will often be included when making the purchase of your best commuter messenger bag. So you will not have to search in specialized stores. Although the commuter messenger bag is large enough to take everything. Messenger bag contain a label, so it will show the infallible recommendation when your luggage is lost. Also, when you do not remember exactly how your messenger bag was, you will have the opportunity to identify it thanks to your personal data.

1901 300x300 - A Best Commuter Messenger Bag For TravellersTravel With Messenger Bag:

It is often difficult to decide what things you should take to travel and what things are necessary. It seems that all insignificant things become important and cannot be left at home, but it is advisable to take only what is strictly necessary to avoid carrying too much luggage. Therefore, if you have little luggage, you can travel with a cabin bag. In this case, you will be much less likely to lose your travel bag and travel more quietly. So, this advice is infallible when it comes to avoiding this type of embarrassing situations.

On the other hand, if you are going to take a long trip, it is a fact that carrying only a small suitcase is an almost impossible task. For this reason, it is advisable that you also choose only what is most necessary in order to avoid carrying too many travel bags and reduce worries.

Use The Messenger Bag On Several Trips

If you have traveled several times and use different suitcases for each trip, this can cause you a problem when having to identify your luggage and therefore, more likely to lose your luggage by not identifying it correctly.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Do not take any surprise when you take your travel bags back, prepare them every time you use them, before storing them. Empty your interior and check if in the pockets or behind the lining has been cast a small object that you can miss. Also, check that the wheels and zippers work, and that the handles continue to hold the weight well. Otherwise, you can use needle and thread, lubricant or go to an establishment to repair them.1902 300x265 - A Best Commuter Messenger Bag For Travellers

Leave Your Commuter Messenger Bags As New

If you have returned from a beach area, vacuuming the inside of the suitcase will prevent you from finding sand in your belongings the next time you travel. Passing a damp cloth on the outside, especially in the case of rigid luggage, will remove any other trace of dirt or dust. And if your suitcase is made of leather, remember to apply a specific product that does not damage it.

Eliminate Any Smell

Well for its contents or for the place of storage, sometimes the suitcases of travel acquire certain smells. Ventilate them open outdoors, for example on a balcony, is the easiest method to solve it. But if the problem persists, you can spray them with some anti-odor product or resort to natural remedies, such as a bag of baking soda or charcoal. A bonus would be to perfume them with aromatic plants such as lavender or mint.

Store With Head

The lockers are to occupy them, but your travel bags do not have to monopolize all the available space. A good trick is to put the small suitcases inside the large ones, so that they are all ordered and also easy to locate at home. Make sure that the storage space is clean and in case you store your suitcases in an open place, cover them and protect them from moisture with drying products.

The care and proper storage of your travel bags will allow you to enjoy their use over the years. And they do not deserve less: after all, they are the best traveling companions.

Types of  Best Commuter Messenger Bag

If you have already set to work to find the perfect transport for your camera you may have been surprised at the wide variety of possibilities. Brands can range from small and discreet padded handbags to authentic travel cases where you could fit all your clothes as well as space for cameras and other delicate equipment. Going through more than ten varieties of intermediate sizes.

The good thing about this variety is that with total security you can find the perfect model for you and the use you are going to give it. Below is a brief summary of the most common types of backpacks available so that you can choose a good backpack suitable for your particular needs.1905 300x198 - A Best Commuter Messenger Bag For Travellers

Shoulder Bag:

These bags are the model directly larger than the bags and if they allow to comfortably carry a camera with some lenses, batteries, memory cards and their cables.


Being small, the covers are a more comfortable way of transport, you can hang them on your shoulder or a larger backpack or neck. They usually have a light padding or be neoprene to avoid bumps. The covers are the smallest and simplest type, usually have the right space for a camera with the lens fixed or interchangeable as compact or small without mirror (Mirror Less) and some small accessory such as spare batteries or memory cards additional.


This brand includes a great quality of models with a very good value for money. If you are not looking for something very exceptional it can be a perfect brand for you, with a design also of good level. Vanguard combines an affordable price with the best seams and fabrics and qualities so that your equipment is always safe no matter its size.

Man Grotto:

Man Grotto backpacks go unnoticed but still include compartments and characterized by an almost executive design. Its options to store all our equipment with high quality padding and easy access to the material. The brand has a simple but attractive model of each type of backpack so that we can take our equipment, from a camera to a portable studio, always with style and at a good price.

1904 300x169 - A Best Commuter Messenger Bag For Travellers

Lowe pro:

Created in 1972 by an action photographer, this brand is somewhat more expensive than the rest but not without reason. Lowe pro offers the maximum protection for your equipment, go to the snow or to the desert. With first quality seams and own invention systems to avoid any kind of weather damage in our camera.

Best commuter messenger bag main advantages are not go very loaded and to be able to take the camera ready in a few seconds. Some models of handbags with own style:

  •  Vanguard Alta Rise in three sizes 28, 33 and 38
  • -Vanguard Havana 21 Bag
  • Man Grotto Pi xi Messenger Bag Gray
  • Windsor Messenger Bag in Small or Medium size


The transport of our photography equipment is a really important subject and that can not be taken lightly. Luckily there are many brands that are up to date in offering an excellent bag case, backpack or carrying case of all sizes and for all types of accessories, a luxury for our camera.

It is not advisable to skimp on price when it comes to protecting such expensive equipment, although we must consider our objective well, because if we are going to photograph the city, we will not need special protection against torrential rains, sand, snow or dust.