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In June, I spent two weeks at a university summer school in Victoria, British Columbia. Listening only to my distrust of the airlines, I decided to travel with only hand luggage. There was no question of risking being caught off guard while my modest summer wardrobe was swirling from Nunavut to Nepal!  This was a challenge, especially since I had to carry not only clothes for 13 days but also a laptop, a tablet, a reading light, their spare wires and various accessories not always designed to be easily crammed into suitcases. (By themselves, my white cane and water bottle occupied more volume than all t-shirts!). So i decide to choose a best computer messenger bag.

Hand bag size restrictions tell what they are, I had to resign myself to leaving my trusty backpack at home and replacing it with a messenger bag. Still, I fell in love with the messenger bag in question: well divided into multiple compartments, easy to slide under the seat in front of mine on the plane, well padded to protect all my devices, and especially there gives me access to all its content easily while I’m wearing it – which is obviously not the case with a backpack.

In short, for a student who often has to drag a lot of material, a messenger bag, a briefcase or a wallet can advantageously replace a backpack. If you are looking for such a product for the beginning session, or if you are open to the possibility of trading your backpack, here are some questions to ask you and some suggestions of bags that could fill you .

Is A Messenger Bag The Right Choice For You?

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As a general rule, a messenger bag will give the wearer a more “professional” and less “active” style than a backpack, which may be beneficial in some more conservative contexts. The shape of the messenger bag also fits more easily for use as a purse (this is what my spouse has been doing with hers for years) or for carrying printed documents that could bend into a backpack . My messenger bag, which is relatively stiff and longer than it is wide. It can be suitable more easily in a small, narrow space than a rounder backpack.

However (and this is a factor not to be overlooked for a student who does not have a car) a messenger bag will rarely be as comfortable as a backpack if you have to wear it for a long walk, especially when One returns from the book library, and the total volume of the messenger bag will generally be smaller than that of a backpack, compromising its ability to serve in unusual contexts. I regularly do my grocery shopping with my backpack, bringing the booty home on foot; I imagine myself trotting for half an hour with cans in a messenger bag that distributes the weight unevenly on both sides of my body.

How To Choose The Right Messenger Bag?

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If you are convinced, it remains to decide what is most important to you:Do you need to regularly carry a laptop and a tablet at the same time? If so, your bag will have to offer you two separate padded compartments. Otherwise you will probably have to buy an additional case for your tablet. The Golla Road model is designed to secure 15-inch and 10-inch tablet. It also offers several pockets for accessories, a large main compartment for carrying bulky items. A magnetic closure for quick access to all its contents.

As I often bring books, I need a rather bulky bag. The shoulder strap is very well padded. So as not to hurt my shoulder. If this is your case too, JanSport’s Digital Network model could make you happy. In addition to providing easy access compartments for tablet and computer. It is spacious, with an internal organizer, and made of durable nylon and polyester. An economic choice!

Others will prefer a stiffer bag that protects against jolts on the bus. Designed specifically for the 15-inch Macbook Pro with a 15-inch Retina display, the Thule Gauntlet case with shoulder strap features a molded plastic double-shell that not only protects your computer from bumps, drops, and scratches, but also lets you work without taking your computer out of the protective shell while on the move; perfect for those who need to revise their notes on a suburban train that tends to brake suddenly!

Travel Bag For Weekend:

Will your bag be used exclusively for the University or will it be your travel bag for weekend outings? In the first case, you may want a maximum of separate compartments for your books, print jobs and course notes; in the second, a large compartment large enough to put a pair of shoes and a sweater. The easiest way to get it will be to choose a bag designed to accommodate a 17-inch laptop. 

Finally, if you want a bag that does a bit of everything and has style. Then go for Wyatt of Fossil. It has real leather with a metal zipper, and the luxurious model Graham. It is a dark brown leather or cognac color. Bags that will be as comfortable for all meeting at work, or even in a posh convention.

On this, good session!