A Best Messenger Backpack

Nowadays, the backpack is almost an indispensable part of our daily life. Declined in different forms, different colors and materials, it adapts to our needs in order to accompany us as efficiently as possible in any situation. Whether to go to the office by bike or to get lost voluntarily in a dense forest during a trek of several days. But more than a practical object, the backpack has become a real fashion accessory, thus having a legitimate place in our dressing room. And you only have to see the collections of the different actors of the fashion market to realize it. Here is our comparative list of best messenger backpacks.

The backpack is the most practical of men’s accessories. It serves us to easily carry laptop, wallet, chargers, camera, etc.In 2018, many brands are looking to offer their version of the perfect urban backpack. Result, we get lost a little. Not easy to find the right backpack.In this article, I explore trends 2018 and recommend the best messenger backpacks.

The Best Messenger Backpack Should Bebackpack 300x300 - A Best Messenger Backpack

  • Comfortable
  • Solid
  • Lightweight
  • Well accessorized
  • Nice to watch
  • Easy to use

The Criteria For Buying The Best City Backpack:

1.Comfortable To Wear:

A backpack must be satisfy above all point to wear comfortably. Having a fragile back is the most important criterion.

Pay attention to two things:

  1. The back of the backpack must be quilted . This makes it more comfortable and prevents your bag from getting into your back.
  2. The shoulder straps of the bag must be adjustable. Be sure to adjust the straps so that the back of the bag is fully in contact with your back. This allows you to spread the weight of the bag on your shoulders and your entire back.

So be careful that the back of the backpack and the suspenders are comfortable.

I advise you to try the backpack in store .

2.Convenient To Use:

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A good backpack should be practical. It means several things:

  1. The interior storage– When you carry a lot of things, it is useful to have one or two inside pockets. Bonus for a backpack that has a compartment for your laptop.
  2. The outside storage– If you move a lot, it’s nice to have easy access to your keys, passport, or wallet. A pocket on the outside helps.

When you buy your backpack, try to see if it’s easy to access the contents of the bag when you’re standing with one shoulder strap on your shoulder.

From experience, some backpacks must be placed on the floor or table if you want to take something inside. (Impractical if you’re in the subway or at the airport.)

3.A Resistant Material:

The majority of backpacks are made of synthetic canvas .

It is then necessary to make sure that the material is very resistant (especially when one uses one’s bag every day).

Another Thing To Keep In Mind Is The Seal :

The need for a waterproof bag depends on where you live. We must then distinguish two categories:

  1. Waterproof backpacks . It is rare to find a really waterproof bag (leaving no water at all). This is often reserved for hiking backpacks. The reason is that waterproof materials are not always very pretty.
  2. Backpacks resistant to rain . In the city, it is good to opt for a material called ” resistant to rain ” (which slows the passage of water). This does not allow you to spend hours in heavy rain. But that’s enough for a walking trip with an umbrella.

You can also find leather backpacks. Personally, I reserve the leather for other pieces. It is however more common to see canvas backpacks with leather inserts.

4.A Design Look:248727 ecom retina 01.png.adapt .450.450 300x300 - A Best Messenger Backpack

This is the very subjective side when you choose your backpack.

My advice :

If you only have one backpack, consider taking it in a neutral color . Make sure it goes well with your jackets and coats.

5.Good Size And Capacity:

In general, backpacks can carry 15 and 30 kg. The most common volume is about 20 kg.

You should choose the stuff that you going to put in your bag. If you have a 15-inch computer, make sure it fits well.

Are you going to travel with this bag? If this is the case, make sure the backpack can be taken in the cabin and slid under an airplane chair.

6.An Ethical And Responsible Approach:

Ethics is a point that is very important to us at Goudron Wlanc.

There are many ways to take an ethical approach:

  1. An Eco-friendly brand can be careful to use environmentally friendly materials . This is the case of Black wood which offers beautiful card doors in cork leather.
  2. An ethical brand can adopt a social approach.
  3. An ethical brand can also offer alternative models.