A Best Travel Messenger Bag

Best Travel Messenger Bag To Choose During A Trip:

1.Shoulder Bag:dcb400a5cf4e378d481eac5549d676de 241x300 - A Best Travel Messenger Bag

When I go for a trip, I always want to take different gadgets in my bag. I always used to carry a laptop, a tablet, my camera, my portable game console (if the flight is more than two hours anyway), many cables and chargers, a notebook, as well as some pens (always have pencils to fill the customs papers!) during the journey. In addition, I will often hang out with me a hoodie, a water bottle and some tricks for comfort like a travel pillow. It’s a lot of things to hang out and to be comfortable, you have to have the right “best travel messenger bag”, a shoulder bag perfectly matches my taste.After years of searching for the best bag, I think I have a good idea of ​​all that is available on the market.

2.Travel Bag – Filson:

Whether you’re looking for cabin baggage for a flight, or a small suitcase for a short getaway to go away from home, Filson’s travel bag will carry everything you need, without compromise. As elegant as it is versatile, it will accompany you wherever you go, keeping your belongings dry thanks to its water-resistant fabric. Its ‘duffle’ format gives you easy access to the items stored in it, and you can drag your most valuable items into one of the two inside pockets on the sides.

Dimensions:  18 “x 10” x 11 “.

3.Medium Duffle – Chrome:

The Medium Duffle Chrome is a durable bag that will accompany you faithfully in all your adventures. It has a small zippered outer pocket to slip your personal papers or a map of the area. Not only the outer shell of the bag is waterproof, but its shoulder strap is removable and adjustable, with EVA foam padding. It is a perfect bag for frequent trips of a few days or to store your equipment during a photography tour in nature.

Dimensions:  17.5 “x 13” x 6.5 “

4.Travel Travel Bag – Topo Designs:

For a colorful trip, choose Travel from Topo Designs . It has front flap with three zippers, you’ll be able to rummage through your bag and quickly find what you’re looking for without putting the contents upside down. The Travel with Topo Designs has many pockets inside to store books and electronic equipment, and others outside for a bottle of water for example. It’s a durable bag, perfect for following you on your adventures, whether you jump on the next plane to an unknown destination or you’re about to disembark from your train arriving at the station.

Dimensions : 22 “x 14” x 16 “

5.The Monty Of Mission Workshop:

This is one of my favorite bags. I used the Monty as the main bag for several months. You can get up to 21L of content inside the Monty, which is very good when you consider that it has a single very large central pocket. You can put almost anything in the bag with this unorthodox division. In addition, the bag is ready to meet just about any weather. All the interior is finished with a kind of waterproof and ultra strong plastic membrane. I would not even hesitate to use the bag in a snowstorm. All its contents will remain completely dry, I assure you.

You will find the Monty, but also other versions of the bag with a larger volume for the main compartment. In addition, you can choose the color of the bag and the color of the strap attachment.

6.The Timbuk2 Messenger Commute:

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The Timbuk2 Commute Messenger is a legendary shoulder bag known to all traveling geeks. Among all my bags, it is my “daily pick”, the one I like most hanging out with me. Unlike the Mission Workshop bag, the Commute Messenger has a lot of different compartments. So you can have a travel bag a little more order with this bag, but you will sacrifice a little load volume. The hottest point of travel geek Commute Messenger: the bag includes a storage space for your laptop “TSA ready”. Indeed, the compartment for the computer can be detached from the rest of the bag to easily pass in the scanners of the agents of the air security. This is a very good advantage during security checks.

MEC is the official retailer of Timbuk2 in Canada. Plus, if you’re passing through Toronto, you’ll be able to stop at the new Timbuk2 official store.


You can choose the best one among this, if you want to travel with all your gadgets. For the durability and large items to carry, I would choose the Monty and for the practical and organized different compartments, I would choose the Commute Messenger.