Backpack Or Messenger Bag For Work

There are those who fill their pockets with thousand objects of their everyday life necessity. And they are the people who should opt for a bag. Of these, many still stick to the computer case, certainly practical, but not elegant. Depending on your style, it’s time to go to the backpack or messenger bag for work. The is essential to carry laptop, papers and other things. A personal assistants is necessary for your professional activity, a bag accompanies you on a daily basis. However, after sometimes more than a decade of good and loyal service, it is time to move on. In order to start the year under the best auspices, renew your bag with apparent signs of fatigue. Two alternatives are available to you: the backpack or messenger bag.

Backpacks For Work:

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In the world of photography there are countless backpacks, shoulder bags, suitcases, briefcases to carry the equipment in different situations.

Usually when we start in photography, we choose a backpack where we can put practically all the equipment. In the long run, we tend to realize that this backpack loaded with 10 kilos, is not very comfortable to transport and we opted for a smaller one to fit justly, so fair, that in the end it is too small and we have to choose a third backpack.

Outside jokes, although this usually happens, I differentiate two types of backpacks, those that serve to work and those that serve to transport .

For example:

 In wedding photography, although it is necessary to carry enough equipment, it is important to have the equipment at hand constantly and be able to change the lens, cards or battery with just two gestures. For this type of work, there is the option of bags or backpacks with crossed strap , with which you have direct access to part of the equipment with a simple gesture with the arm.

There are also the bandoliers, vests or belts , which although they look more like hunter than photographer, are the most comfortable options to have all your equipment on the go.

For example:

Backpacks or briefcases are not suitable for this type of work, more than anything, because with the first one there is no direct access and with the second one it is not possible to transport and work at the same time.

Within this type of accessories we have many recognized and very popular brands, such as Lowepro , Crumpler , Think Tank Photo , Shootsac … etc.

I currently work very well with the Crumpler New Delhi, although I do not rule out a new option for this year, as I have been looking at the Think Tank Photo and the Shootsac, and I have seen some option that could be very comfortable for my work.

Which Bag Is Preferred During The work?

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During work, you never leave your bag and you have often chosen for its practicality: large, multipockets, resistant … Rustic, after all!

If simplicity has its charm, know that aesthetics too. A natural skin bag will profoundly change your appearance. Smooth or grained, leather is the strongest material and one that will take the best patina over time and use. Leave aside the computer sleeve with the logo of your company. Corporate is, but not trendy.

Another important point, the selected bag must also be suitable for your profession. If your job involves wearing a suit, the bag is the logical next step to your business attire.

In uniform, but not all-purpose. Towels too rigid and too serious will easily accompany thousands of frames that can hardly be differentiated on the esplanade of Defense.

In the process of defining your style, choose your plain zipped bag, in a traditional dimension (40×30), with two handles. Black, blue and gray will be the three colors to favor. Brown, although very widespread, associates itself with difficulty rather than something other than a gray suit.

Think about how you travel to the workplace. By public transport or by car, the bag is not a problem. Even when loaded, it will not be a source of acute tendinitis in the months to come. For fans of walking and scooter, some of these accessories also include a shoulder strap to remove once arrived at the office. Afraid to look too strict? Go through the hamper bag.

It is considered the most serious male bag because of its relationship with work. Today we find alternatives for all tastes. From black skin, sober and chords to a dark suit, which include color and even the pattern in their designs. In your hands is the discretion (or not) that you want to give to this complement. Remember to take it as you had the folder when you went to class . Put your personal stamp and style to carry your things in order and be the most elegant of each meeting.

The Messenger Bag For Work:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Shoulder Bag, 395 € (Credit:

Much more professional, the messenger bag has found favor with the man who are in the work.

Do you live in an informal environment that allows you to work in jeans? So you can easily bring a wallet to store your belongings. The overall look of your silhouette will be more fluid and your look more casual.

Let’s stay reasonable and opt for a model in leather or coated canvas. Simple and elegant, without too many zippers, pockets or buckles. The leitmotiv: less is more. It should fall to the level of your hip once the shoulder strap resting on the shoulder. In the elongated model, we prefer a horizontal bag.

Finally, if you need to take your whole life with you, know that the backpack is changing, with models now tapered. A subject on which we will return soon.

Backpack Is Perfect To Work:

Surely it is the most comfortable and practical bag since we were children. On the shoulders or hanging on one hand, the backpack is one of the star accessories of this season. In the purest hipster style, choose a canvas model (the navy blue color is the most successful) with leather are used and combine it with any look. Do not be afraid to wear it with a suit. It is perfect for everything you need to carry in you backpack.