The Best Canvas Beach Tote Bag

Canvas Beach Tote Bag For Seashore:

Now the summer is just around the corner, it is the moment when we get down to work preparing our wardrobe for the next summer season . Good weather, sun, sand, sea, chiringuitos, mojitos, vacations … everything sounds good when we talk about summer. But it still sounds better when you have your beach package ready to enjoy the summer days to the fullest . There are many things that you must take into account when making your beach look more exclusive and ideal. The bikinis, sandals, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and a long list that you cannot miss. But, where do we keep all these things? Exactly, in the canvas beach tote bag.

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And for this reason the beach bags are shown as a must have summer essential that cannot be missed. Showing itself as an ideal complement which is to put the icing on your most summery look. And to be able to take everything necessary in the most comfortable way and without giving up the style and the elegance.

For that reason , we wanted to move forward and lend a hand, showing you some of the best bags for the beach you can find . The great firm specializing in handbags and exclusive accessories for women. Which stands out for its innovative designs ideal for today’s women.

They are much more than simple beach bags, and we knows what you need. And therefore we have designed the best bags so that besides going to the beach, you can go shopping, go for a walk and ultimately perform any activity that comes to mind.

We have completely revolutionized the concept of beach bags that we had until now. Designing large enough bags with the lightest and most resistant materials, which are very easy to clean and that of course will bring the best style to your look.

For The Most Clueless:

We surprise with a perfect beach bag for the most clueless. As it comes with the mat and the matching beach cushion.  Already included in its two transparent outer pockets. Surely they will be great and you can feel the comfort.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best bags for the beach you can choose , with a simple yet innovative design. It is made of jute and polyester and totally washable, so you can always have it as new. Available in two colors, blue and brown, it is big enough so that you can carry everything you need in the most comfortable and carefree way, since it has a zippered main closure.

For Lovers Of Prints:

beach bag 246x300 - The Best Canvas Beach Tote Bag

If you like prints, this beach bag will be perfect for you. A beach bag that has two short handles in leather effect so you can wear it comfortably, and a pattern in which you can see a wave pattern that adds a touch of distinction.

Available in salmon and blue, it is a bag that despite its large size is very comfortable and light , and it is made with polyester and non-woven fiber. It has a main department with a zipper and on the outside we can see the logo of the firm.

For The Most Comfortable:

This beach bag is shown as the best option for those women who like to enjoy maximum comfort when they go to the beach. A really big bag in which you can put everything you need (50x38x18cm), always boasting the characteristic style of a firm.

It is made with jute , so the quality of the bag is beyond doubt. Available in blue, red and brown , it has a horizontal striped finish that will make you fall in love. You’ll love it.

How To Make A Beach Bag:

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Like every year, when summer arrives, the first complement that I like to take from the back of the closet are my beach bags. There is nothing that I like more than a good carrycot or wide cloth bag in which you can keep the towel, the swimsuit, some glasses, a book, the cream.

This time, we wanted to change our designs of quilts and tapestries for a beach bag project, taking advantage of the canvas beach tote bag. If you are interested in protecting the interior or exterior of dampness. It can also be done with the resins tablecloths .

Step 1: Materials needed:

The most important part, to make this beach bag you need:

-65x150cm of fabric for the exterior

-65x150cm fabric for the interior

-A handles to your taste

-The scale patterns printed in A3

-The material with which you like to make them habitually

-Marcador Pilot Frixion (that disappears with heat)

-Flat-head guns

-Sewing machine

Step 2: Realization of patterns:

With the patterns already printed on A3, we place the manila paper on top and draw the patterns to assemble.

It is important to remove them in that paper size if you want to respect the measures that we have used.

Now we draw the manila paper patterns on the back of the fabric and cut leaving 1 cm of seam allowance.

Step 3: Making the pockets:

With the two pieces cut out of the pocket of the outer fabric, we sew them right side up, leaving a small opening to turn it over. Once done, we close the opening by passing a load through the top of the pocket.

We repeat this same step with the fabric of the interior.

With the two pockets already finished. We sew each one with the corresponding front fabric matching the centers of the pocket with the front, leaving the upper part without sewing.

Step 4: Making the bag:

burlap grocery tote 300x200 - The Best Canvas Beach Tote Bag

We sew all the patterns of the outer fabric together, we have already formed all the outside of the bag. And repeat the same step with the fabric inside and we will have the two parts of the bag ready to join.

To finish, we put the lining of the bag inside the outside (reverse with backhand) and hold the handles with pins where we want, between the outer and inner fabric.

We sew by bending the top edges towards the back of the fabric. Finally, we pass a load around the entire contour of the bag, about 8 cm from the edge.

Now yes, we have to enjoy the summer.