Best Canvas And Leather Tote Bag

The New Trend Of Canvas And Leather Tote Bag:

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Leather bags are a popular item for both men and women. That is why these leather accessories can also be purchased almost in every store. From luxury boutiques to large department stores, but also in vintage stores and on the market, you will often find the finest bags of this material. Moreover, you will be able to find canvas and leather tote bags in all corners of the world. We believe that everyone should have a nice leather bag in his or her collection. To help you with the perfect model, we are constantly expanding the collection. Do you still doubt whether a leather bag is something for you? Then quickly read the five reasons why you too should have a nice leather bag.

The Leather Bag Never Gets Out Of Fashion:

Because since the bag was designed in 19th century, is teaching one of the favorite materials for designers. It is solid, flexible, qualitative and timeless. This allows designers to produce many different models in different colors, sizes, types and styles.

The Leather Bag Is Good Quality:

Moreover, this material is only more beautiful by wearing so that the bag only gets more character as the years pass. That is why these items are also very popular in vintage stores.

The Leather Bag Fits Every Outfit:

A leather bag fits every outfit, in a casual, cool, chic or elegant look. The leather bag can contribute to a better world. Many bag brands arise that use ecologically tanned and dyed leather and ensure the welfare of their staff working in the factories. So these brands with their leather bags contribute to a better world and you can be spotted with a beautiful durable bag.

This bag collection is versatile, made of strong and qualitative cow leather and friendly priced. The bags of X-Works are more elegant, contemporary tough and have a surprising braided shoulder strap and cool hangers. This traditional Dutch brand creates bags with style that can not be broken and live as you use them.

Care Tips For Leather Bags: Scratches:

A quality leather bag ages beautifully! The years get a grip on the leather and the user traces tell a story … your story. After all, the leather bag is a tool. At the same time, a bag needs maintenance.

Various products are available for this and consult your local specialist. In any case, it is wise to impregnate a new bag once for use against moisture and dirt.

Remove Light Scratches:

As soon as you have taken your bag into use, they appear: the first scratches. They belong, but still. Light scratches in the leather are easy to remove. You do that:

  • brush away the scratch with a slightly damp cloth,
  • then grab a hairdryer and put it on the highest temperature,
  • directs the warm airflow onto the scratched area (the resin of the leather gets higher due to the heat),
  • finish the treatment by rubbing the spot with the scratch with a dry cloth.

You can also use special maintenance products. Read the instructions carefully in advance!

Making Deep Scratch Invisible:

Unfortunately, a deep scratch in the leather can not be removed. You can make the scratch as good as invisible. The right treatment depends on the color of the leather.

Treatment Of Deep Scratches In Light-Colored Leather:

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  • smear the scratched area with neutral, uncolored cream,
  • ‘polish’ the area with a dry cloth,
  • put a hairdryer at the highest temperature,
  • direct the warm airflow onto the scratched zone,
  • polish with a dry cloth.

With a deep scratch in dark leather, use colored cream. The treatment is the same as with light-colored leather.

Genuine Leather? Tips To Recognize That:

Even briefly about the manufacturing process: leather is split, in the length where the top layer, the layer of grain, is used for the furniture industry and bags. The bottom blank is a layer of split leather that is normally used for belts, shoes and cheaper bags.

This is both real leather, but the quality varies greatly. The top layer is the best and is much smoother, stronger and smells more like leather. The bottom layer is leather, but not the best.

But If You’re On That Market, How Do You Know If It Really Is Leather?

  1. just smell it. Leather smells strong and delicious, so just pick up that bag and smell it
  2. Oh, leather is from an animal, so the leather does not look exactly the same everywhere (even with a bag). Looking good, then you notice.
  3. Cold or warm. Leather feels warm.
  4. Light it up. Just keep a lighter, real leather will not catch fire. Remember that split leather (the bottom layer) will not burn, but is not the best leather.
  5. Water on it, let only a little water on it, with leather it washes away as whole drops. With plastic, nope!
  6. Nice and flexible. Genuine leather (especially the top layer) is wonderfully supple and flexible.

Have fun this summer and make something beautiful on all markets, beaches, squares and terraces.

Keep Leather Bag: You Have To Know This:

Maintaining and caring for your leather bag is super important. Did you just enter your new love, or did you drop your eye on a leather bag? Then of course you prefer to enjoy it as long as possible.

The Basics:

First things first:  leather is made from animal skin (duh). This means that color and structure differences between bags are very logical – one animal is not the other. In addition, a leather bag, like your own skin, also needs a little more love. Two to three times a year some extra care is therefore very normal, but we start with a few basic rules to maintain your leather bag:

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Expose your leather bag as little as possible to heat, such as UV light or, for example, the stove. This keeps it smooth and does not dry out the leather.

Never clean your leather bag with cleaning agents or a lot of water: this can cause permanent stains!

Take your leather bag off regularly with a dry (or very slightly damp) cloth, to remove daily unevenness and dust

Always keep in mind the type of leather on your bag: Suede requires, for example, a treatment other than smooth leather.

Leather Bag Maintained With Spray:

Okay, the basics are in it. Then continue to the next step: the first treatment! Keeping your leather bag starts immediately as soon as you have your new love inside. For best results, it is important to treat your leather bag with a dirt and water repellent agent, such as the Cowboys bag Multi spray impregnation, as it is called before you use it . With suede bags it is even extra important, because suede is more sensitive to dirt, moisture and oil and gets fatter faster. Keep a distance of twenty to thirty centimeters and spray! For the best result, repeat the treatment every six months. In the video below you can see how to apply the Multi spray!

Leather Bag Maintained With Cream:

Well, the base layer is laid out, and your bag is dirt and water repellent. Because suede is more sensitive to stains, this basic layer is sufficient: creams or other substances are not necessary and can sometimes even cause stains – do not do so! For other smooth leather types, however, a product is still important if you want to maintain your leather bag. Applying a caring cream, such as the Cowboys bag Delicate Cream , keeps the leather supple and gives the color a  boost. Rub this cream gently with a dry cloth, and the result is a good new and ‘healthy’ bag. If you want to keep your leather bag the best, do not do this treatment more than two or three times a year – with excessive use the leather can become too supple and lose its structure.