The Best And Cheap Leather Duffle Bag

All Tanned Skin Leather Duffle Bag:

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Leather Duffle Bag:

When traveling, you usually have to keep your things near to you. Whether you are taking the plane, the train or the car, a travel bag is necessary.

Leather is a must for luggage in hand. It will hold heaps of things and resist rubbing. So, the leather duffle bag is an excellent choice when you want to go on the roads of the world.

Maintenance Of An Old Leather Bag:

Caring For Your Bag Is Essential For Leather:

With time and particularly with the damage, it is normal that the leather bag has some traces of dirt, scratches and especially if it is light in color. For small animal skin product like wallets, you must pay attention to dirty hands and pens.

A Care To Bring From Time To Time:

Here may be a technique you’ll use to scrub it. First of all you have to choose a neutral glycerin soap. The leather is cleaned with a slightly damp cloth that is loaded with soap by passing it over the glycerin bar . The leather is rubbed in small circular motions, always work with a piece of clean cloth. Do not force too much to avoid removing of the color. Then let it dry a day and feed it (the leather) with a cream of very good quality, neutral or color.

Use A Cream That Restores The Animal Skin Of Your Bag:

Do not forget that animal skin is recent living material. Because even in animal skin, interference is healthier than cure.

DIY – Duffle Bag:

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To make your pretty duffel bag, you will need:

  • 90cm of Kaktus poplin (from Madame Casse Bonbon)
  • 90cm velvet flush green meadow
  • Navy zip 45cm
  • 2.5m of marine lurex strap
  • 3m copper piping
  • 1 small faux leather coupon
  • Green and marine thread
  • Textile glue
  • pins

Step 1

  • Cut out a rectangle of velvet 84cm on 55cm, a cotton rectangle printed of 84cm on 55cm.
  • Then cut out 4 circles of 28cm in diameter and 2 rectangles of imitation leather of 3cm on 1cm.

Step 2

  • Position the faux leather coupons at the ends of the zip.
  • Position the piping and glue it with the textile glue.

Step 3

  • Make a lapel of 1cm on the side of 55cm of velvet, and position it on the zip. Stitch at 2mm.

Step 4

  • Position the strap on the velvet, with a gap of 11cm between the straps, pin.

Step 5

  • Sew the strap all around 1mm from the edge. Leave 8cm on the top of the unsewn bag.
  • This will allow you to open the bag more easily.

Step 6

  • Build the piping on the 2 outer circles, making a small back at the beginning of the seam, to have a nice finish.

Step 7

  • Sew the zipper as in step 3.
  • Sew the lining rectangles on each side of the zip, stitching on the first seams.
  • Close the bottom of the lining by pricking 1cm from the edge.
  • Remember to leave a 10cm opening in the center of the seam, to return the work.

Step 8

  • Pin and sew the fabric circles on each side, spread the fabric well.
  • Be careful not to take the ends of the zip!
  • Stitch the flush with the piping.

Step 9

  • Flip your book over the place through the opening left in the lining.
  • Pull out the corners and piping.

Step 10

  • Close the opening with a straight stitch to the machine or a stitch by hand, it must be invisible.
  • Fill your bag with your things.
  • You are ready to go!

Travel Bags:

The gentleman’s duffle bag designed to carry enough clothes, accessories and various items for a long weekend trip.

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This style of travel bag is a step up from an ordinary backpack both in terms of carrying capacity and style. It is a more or less rectangular bag, with soft sides that are closed by a zipper, and usually has a shoulder strap and a hand strap.

The most common materials for its manufacture are usually canvas, leather or a mixture of both.

Leather Duffle Bag:

In a weekender it can fit a jacket for a hurry, but it is not made to carry suits. They are intended primarily for leisure and personal travel instead of conferences or business meetings.

The prices of these travel bags range from € 70 for the simplest canvas models to € 600 for more recognized brands and leather, although in the range of € 100 -200 you can find canvas or leather bags of great quality and a careful design.

Large Travel Bags Can Have The Functionality Of Small Travel Bags:

Your ecologic travel bag is the perfect companion for those rest days that you need so much after all the years of working. In addition, you can use it as a diary bag during the days you are away, to go for a drink at that beach bar, or to walk on the streets of that city you had always wanted to visit.

How Can Someone Be Away From Home For Several Days If He Does Not Organize Luggage Before?

Traveling not only helps us to get to know each other better, but also makes us feel free, allows us to listen to ourselves and find our inner self. Every trip is a unique experience, make your escapades something magical and take your Ecologic travel bag with you, it is an essential in your wardrobe. Stop dreaming and start traveling around the world !

You Choose The Travel Bag That Goes With You The Most:

The big bags or shopping bags that can replace the function of a suitcase in a few days trip. Not forgetting the trips with work meetings, how good it is as a woman’s work briefcase or men’s leather briefcase.

If you prefer, you can choose the Atlantic shopping bag (in honey, natural color, white or black), a genuine XXL shopper style that will make you fall in love with its elegance and whose measurements are (34x29x13) cm.

Travel bags are handy, except when you’re not traveling ! They are big, bulky and take up space in your closets.

Flexpack Go: The Foldable Duffle Bag:

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Flexpack Go is a duffle bag that allows you to stay organized in all circumstances: when you are traveling!

When traveling, you will appreciate its many pockets and compartments . It allows you to keep all your belongings in their place but also to access them easily. It is possible to easily open one end of the bag and to reach your bottle of water, your sunglasses or another useful accessory.

When you do not use it, it folds on itself to take up a minimum space . This is possible thanks to its unique zippered design. Simply unzip the sides to make it completely flat and fold it compactly before storing it in its cover.

An Anti-Theft Bag To Take Everywhere:

In addition to keeping you organized easily, Flexpack Go also protects your business effectively . First with a water-repellent coating that will protect its content from small showers (but not heavy storms, be careful!).

Then, each bag is equipped with a padlock and a cable lock to secure your bag where you want. The zippers are also studied to resist anyone who would like to force them.

Flexpack Go is the perfect bag to go on a weekend ! But you can also carry it folded in your bag, to transport it easily and use it only once on site.