Best Custom Canvas Tote Bags

Custom Canvas Tote Bags With Ecological Inks:

Custom canvas tote bags are the best way to promote your business quickly. Only your name or logo represents you accurately and reliably to the public. Have in mind that bags are constantly moving through the streets, so that will promote your business.

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Some factories use extremely polluting solvent inks. They derive from alcohol and other chemical products, which are harmful to nature. The corporate image must be respected, that’s why we mix all the inks to the millimetre, until we obtain the exact color. 


Good design and eco-friendly screen printing are the perfect union for custom canvas tote bags that appeal to even the most demanding consumers. Regardless of the background color, the dye will not lose quality. Whether it’s a pastel print on dark bags, the result is opaque and complete. In other words, the ink does not fade over the bag. Because of this, we can make superimposition up to 3 colors meeting all expectations.

We always use silk-screen printing to personalize the bags. It is a manual printing method that achieves incredible long-term results. It is really difficult to lose the print with the passage of time.

How To Improve The Design Of The Custom Bags:

Raise the level of your custom canvas bags by printing contact details outside. Minimalism gives more style, if you use the black and white technique i.e, white bags with black print. When using the gold ink to print your contact details, it will look very chic.

6 Reasons To Bet On Custom Canvas Tote Bags:

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1.It Advertise Your Brand For Free:

It is one more support for your company to gain visibility without paying any money. In addition, if the bag is made up of high quality, the client will use it more than once, so it will multiply the effect.

2.Serve To Publicize Special Promotions:

Bags are usually personalised according to a specific seasonality. In this way, you can communicate messages beyond the simple name or logo of the brand. An example of this is the differentiated bags that are used in sales in certain establishments. On the other hand, they are also useful for consolidating changes in corporate identity with new slogans or claims.

3.Transmit Confidence To The Customer:

According to the Ecommerce Packaging Guide, “72% of consumers consider attractive packaging to increase the perceived value of the purchase”. A Custom canvas tote bags consolidates a good brand image and conveys confidence and seriousness to the customer.

4.There Is A Wide Format Of Bags:

The result is that you can find the one that best suits your product. For example, you can choose different colors, beyond the traditional white or cinnamon. They are available with flat handles and in different sizes and formats. Sometimes even the shape of the chosen bag is a way to personalize the customer’s shopping experience.

5. Customization Process:

Don’t risk it in the customization process. First choose the type of bag, the color, the size and, most importantly, the message to capture.

6.And Now, Customize Your Bags At No Extra Cost:

Of course, the option we discussed at the beginning of the article was cheap. But it is also true that “the cost of acquiring a new customer is 7 times greater than that of retaining them”.