How To Choose The Best Duffle Bag For Travel

Choose The Best Duffle Bag For Travel:

The travel bag becomes the best alternative to carry our luggage. It is a good complement that will be very useful and practical in weekend outings.  Use it for short stays that do not require too many belongings. Therefore, it will never hurt to have a travel bag at your fingertips. Today we propose several models that are comfortable and functional.

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Unplanned trips or summer getaways are a symbol of disconnection, however, for some people, it is difficult to choose their luggage. It can be a lasting process since it is not easy to get the size, capacity, and model to transport your belongings.

We aim to make your days more enjoyable and comfortable, providing you with an appropriate alternative to enjoy your trip, in the most pleasant and affordable way. We propose you the travel duffle bags, with which you will be able to carry the essentials to launch yourself on an adventure.

Here we offer you some tips, to find the ideal baggage, that meets all the expectations you are looking for. As we know, it is not the same to choose luggage for a long trip, than for an occasional weekend trip.

The travel bags will give you the comfort of carrying with you, a light, practical and adapted equipment to carry what is necessary, optimal for you to enjoy and with which you can make long walks and allow you to explore new corners.

Comfort for your trip:

The summer is a perfect time for any adventure, good weather or a holiday, you will stimulate the discovery of new directions.

Inside our extensive catalog, we want to recommend you, the Naty travel bag , if you require more capacity in your luggage, since it is foldable, simple to use and has a system of wheels that will speed up the transport of your bag.

Another option that we offer you if you are looking for a smaller model, with the aptitude to guide you to the adventure or to use it as a sports bag, is the Gaboll Roll model, you can transport it with the upper handles, or, benefit from the practicality of its wheels system.

5 types that you should have ready to travel:

Some of the crises that occur most frequently among travelers, especially those who do not travel as often, is to get the right suitcases for the next trip.

We will tell you which are the 5 types of suitcases that you must have, their main characteristics, how to use them and, most importantly, that they will be useful for any type of trip.

1.The traditional large suitcases:

A suitcase in which you can take clothes for trips of more than 6 nights. The typical rectangular suitcase that you can document when traveling by plane. One of the practical tips that we can give you is that it is not necessary to spend on a new suitcase, many times these large suitcases are discarded after a couple of uses, we have found suitcases in very good condition, second hand and up to 5 Dollars. Another tip is to identify it with a visible and particular mark, a sticker, a very well tied ribbon of a bizarre color.

2.The “carry-on” to take by plane:

All airlines have a limit on the size of the suitcase that you can take with you inside the plane. The size, regularly, is based on the space in the compartments above the seats. There is no international rule that applies at this point and each airline determines it according to the design of its aircraft. The average size, which will surely be accepted by most airlines, is 22 x 14 x 9 inches, something like 56 x 36 x 23. Generally, the trademarks have the right sizes and are accepted internationally. We recommend you to make a good investment in this suitcase. That has wheels, that the handle is retractable and extensible, that the material is of your taste and the color that identifies you.

3. The sausage or “duffel bag”:

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This is a great wild card, keep it at home and at hand. If you travel for “shopping” you can take it wrapped inside your carry-on and take it back home full of things. Do not forget to watch the weight. Look for it to be a very resistant material, a good fabric that endures mistreatment and that is waterproof. If you travel by bus or car, it can be a good option because it is flexible. In our experience it has been one of the best investments we have made, they are not so expensive and can even replace the traditional suitcase.

4.The work bag or backpack:

Whether you prefer the traditional “backpack” type or shoulder bag. It is something that you should always have at hand. With a compartment for your computer, documents, and cables. Make it of a resistant material and with good seams so that it lasts a long time. If you can, try to have a travel special that is not the same one you use every day. That way you will force yourself to transfer to your travel bag only things that are necessary, you will be surprised by the number of things that we load every day that are not necessary. Try to have internal bags to store your most important documents, such as passport and identification.

5.The executive suitcase for 2 nights:

We thought twice before including this type of suitcase in the list of basics, but it won its place. It is a small suitcase, regularly with wheels and that has separate compartments to carry a couple of clothes and additional shoes. Additionally, it comes with a section for your work team: computer, documents, loaders, etc. All this would be too much for a bag or backpack, but little for a carry-on and it is very convenient to put everything in the same suitcase. It has space and at the same time, it gives the executive appearance. We like it a lot for work trips.

If you are looking for large capacity travel bags which are comfortable to travel, this is your list. Are you looking for the almost perfect suitcase? we have finally found several models where any traveler can find very comfortable.

Looking for perfect duffle travel bags or suitcases:

Rigid Suitcase vs Soft Suitcase vs Travel Trolley

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When we were looking at travel bags we fell in love without hesitation of the new travel trolley. We have always found the rigid suitcases uncomfortable because when they are very large, they are complex to transport. Also, for some reason, they always split. The soft ones we like more, but their shape is like that of a rigid one and they occupy a similar space. In addition, the same thing happens to transport them, they only have wheels and on surfaces that are not smooth, they are a problem to carry them. Maybe that’s why the concept of a travel bag or trolley is what we like the most since it mixes a suitcase and a backpack. In the end, you get the perfect suitcase to travel.

What do we look for in a large capacity bag or suitcase:

For us, the perfect travel bags have to comply with the following rules.

Capacity. That it has at least 80 liters.

Flexible. We do not like rigid suitcases since they limit the way of traveling and when they are very large they become very uncomfortable.

Easy to transport. If the hotel is far away and you have to carry it, it is better to take it easy.

Many compartments. Of course, the more pockets the better it carries things.