Best Eco Friendly Tote Bags

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It is a fact that we live on a daily basis, pollution degrades our quality of life. It makes risk for humans to live in this planet. Therefore, we must focus to change our forms of consumption to save earth from pollution. For example, when using eco friendly tote bags, we can avoid the use of highly polluting plastic bags.

Many of the products require manufacturing processes that involve the consumption of a large amount of energy resources and raw materials. Therefore, when using simple eco friendly bag, we can avoid those things with a high ecological impact (such as single-use plastic bags). The ecological bags will be more useful, due to their capacity for reuse and their controlled manufacturing processes.

Think Future:

Everyone should follow the environmental protection laws. If this condition follows, definitely future will be a very crucial one.

To think about a sustainable future, everyone should encourage the consumption of products that follow the environmental protection laws.

For this reason, we recommended to check the products before buying, whether it have the international PEFC and FSC certifications. Because they are in-charge of protecting fragile ecosystems, avoiding logging and deforestation. 

Reducing Cost:

The tote bags are the type of ecological products. And also they are recyclable and mostly reusable one. They are manufactured with alternative energy sources like canvas, jute which will result in a reduction in its manufacturing cost and increase the cost of sale.

Why Are They Eco-Friendly?

  • Because they are recyclable.
  • Then because they are compostable
  • Finally because they are biodegradable and non-toxic.

Types Of Eco Tote Bags:

Ecological Tote Bags:

The ecological tote bags are friendly to the environment. They help to reduce the global warming. But a plastic bag generates nearly 131 times more environmental impact than ecological tote bags. The ecological bag will reduce that impact from our environment.

When these bags are purchased by everyone, it helps to avoid the emission of greenhouse gases. And also it controls the toxicity generated by the industrial waste which is from all the bag production industry.

An Organic Paper Tote Bag:

Be aware that biodegradable paper tote bags do not only concern brown paper bags, the white paper bag is also biodegradable. The paper tote bags have the advantage of being 100% biodegradable and recyclable. The factories that produce these bags are PEFC certified, which means they use wood from forests which is managed sustainably.

Cotton Tote Bags:

On any occasion a cloth tote bag is welcomed, whether to transport objects, or to make gifts or to make the purchase. It is an essential element to carry things.

They are classified into two types. On the one hand the non-woven bags, that are made with cotton fabric. On the other hand the woven bag, both provide the necessary functions of a durable bag.

Woven Tote Bags: 488611 tot3769 jute bag tot3769%20Zoom - Best Eco Friendly Tote Bags

These are reusable bags with handles, made up of a material that simulates a mixture of papers or cotton which are the one offered by the supermarkets as an alternative to plastic bags. The brands usually use them to promote themselves, and it is also a cheap and very practical product.

They are the bags with great resistance, since they can hold important weights without tearing or dislodging.

Polypropylene Tote Bag:

A polypropylene tote bag is made up of synthetic polypropylene fibers and is 80% recyclable. More resistant than other promotional bags, it can be of two kinds, woven or non-woven. The non-woven polypro tote bags will be differentiated by small dots on the surface of the bag. On the contrary, the woven bags have a grid on the surface, which gives the impression of weaving. The differences between the woven polypro tote bag and the non-woven polypro tote bag will be explained detail below.

It corresponds to the density per m². For polypro tote bags, the thickness is usually between 85 and 130 grams.

Eco Shopping Tote Bag:

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It is much more resistant than other types of paper bags and plastic bags, and can be reused for more number of times.. This bag is part of a sustainable development approach, it is indeed an alternative to the personalized tote bag

The polypropylene bags are available in woven fabric and nonwoven fabric (also called TNT bag ). It is good to know that the woven bag will be stiffer, and the nonwoven bag will be more flexible.  

The promotional shopping tote bag is an excellent investment for any type of business. This model of promotional bag is fully customizable. You can also add visuals (logo / photos …)on the bags.


The future is knocking at our doors, and an awareness is generates to makes us more connected to the planet and its resources. That is why it is important to have sensitivity for our environment and respond with a responsible use of the goods to which we have access. Small actions can achieve big changes, that’s why buying green bags is a good start.