Best Italian Leather Messenger Bag To Choose

Italian Leather Messenger Bag:

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Italy is of course the country of fashion & design, think of famous fashion houses like Prada, Gucci and Armani! Italy is known for its excellent quality leather products. Examples of these leather goods are furniture, clothing, shoes, accessories and of course leather bags. These bags are made according to age-old traditions and by hand. Real Italian craftsmanship and design are famous all over the world! High-quality Italian leather messenger bag is often used by fashion houses that are mostly located in Milan, so Italian learning is often associated with quality, fashion and good taste.

Leather Travel Bag Black:

There are of course various models of bags available, for every occasion there is a specific and suitable bag. Think of Italian briefcases for your work, important meeting or training. An Italian laptop bag for safely storing and transporting your laptop, iPad or other tablet. Tough and tight Italian men’s bag for the fashionable man! Or an Italian shoulder bag for shopping with your girlfriend? Which Italian bag are you going for?

Most Italian bags are made from genuine calf leather, with only the best and most beautiful skins being selected. This results in bags of the highest quality that remain in a beautiful condition during use.

Leather Shoulder Bag Grosetto Red-Brown:

Very popular are the bags from the Italian brand Pratesi, very exclusive and the highest quality. From a real Pratesi bag you will have years of fun! Especially the very luxurious briefcases and laptop bags from Pratesi are very popular with the business user. From beautifully polished calfskin to leather with an ‘aged & vintage’ look which gives the bag a distinctive look. Pratesi bags are always finished with an eye for detail and with the best accessories.

Italian Bags For Every Moment:

Italian bags are known for their design, quality and durability. Since the Renaissance, leather tanning, leather processing and leather trade has been an important source of income for many Italians. In particular, the area between Pisa and Florence is known as the ‘learning district’.

A handmade Italian bag is a beautiful fashion item for every man or woman. Business, casual, big or small. Today we spoil the ladies with a number of beautiful designer bags. Compassionate men; Take advantage of this information.

Yvette – Loyal All-Rounder:

Every woman has one or more of: the loyal all-rounder. This bag is excellent for almost every situation and, often when you try to get to the top of your head in time for your next appointment, is your lifesaver.

Handmade from beautiful Italian leather. 1 large compartment and some storage compartments. Big enough to give your wallet, make-up and phone a fashionable package. There is still room for an umbrella.

With jeans in the city or newspaper reading in the train, fashionable, casual. Available in multiple colors for a very modest price.

The Style And Flair Of An Italian Leather Bag:

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You will probably see ‘Made in Italy’ in your clothes or on the label of your couch or perhaps on a belt, wallet or bag. It is therefore not surprising that ‘Made in Italy’ is the third largest trademark in the world, after Coca Cola and Visa; a trademark that was officially recognized in Italy in 1999 and is protected to ensure the quality of the product. This is also the case with many other Italian products that are sold abroad.

Genuine Leather Bags:

Italy covers 60% of the European leather production market of which most tanneries are in Tuscany.

‘If you ask yourself why you sometimes have to make a considerable investment for a leather bag’. And you clearly see the difference between a manufactured bag and a handmade one! Just pay attention to the quality of the inner lining and the neat finish and the choice of fabric of the lining. It is the details and the long-lasting quality that they do!

Italian Bags: ‘Made In Tuscany’:

For those who do not know it yet: Tuscany is centrally located in Italy. You will find world-famous cities such as Florence, Pisa and San Gimignano. Numerous tourists come every year to enjoy the rich culture and authentic local produce: olive oil, sheep cheese, delicious Chianti wines and of course the beautiful leather bags! Italian bags are made from very high quality Italian leather and are processed with the utmost passion and craftsmanship into an excellent end product.

Tuscany Leather:

You will only find bags from the Tuscany Leather. That stands for:

  • a high quality leather,
  • a traditional and authentic production process and
  • a worldwide known and appreciated design.

All Leathers Are:

  • vegetable tanned in Santa Croce and
  • polished by hand.

Quality Control:

They works together with a specially selected Tuscan producer, who makes your Italian bag with the utmost care and attention. Before the factory sends the products, each bag is subjected to an extensive quality control. Once approved, the bags are individually labeled and securely packaged for shipment.

In short, they guarantees you all the ingredients for a Tuscan quality product without having to drive to Italy.

Care Tips For Leather Bags: Scratches:

A quality leather bag ages beautifully! After all, the leather bag is a tool. At the same time, a bag needs maintenance.

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Various products are available for this and consult your local specialist. In any case, it is wise to impregnate a new bag once for use against moisture and dirt.

Remove Light Scratches:

As soon as you have taken your bag into use, they appear: the first scratches. Light scratches in the leather are easy to remove. You do that:

  • brush away the scratch with a slightly damp cloth,
  • then grab a hairdryer and put it on the highest temperature,
  • directs the warm airflow onto the scratched area (the resin of the leather gets higher due to the heat),
  • finish the treatment by rubbing the spot with the scratch with a dry cloth.

You can also use special maintenance products. Read the instructions carefully in advance!

Making Deep Scratch Invisible:

Unfortunately, a deep scratch in the leather can not be removed. You can make the scratch as good as invisible. The right treatment depends on the color of the leather.

Treatment Of Deep Scratches In Light-Colored Leather:

  • smear the scratched area with neutral, uncolored cream,
  • ‘polish’ the area with a dry cloth,
  • put a hairdryer at the highest temperature,
  • direct the warm airflow onto the scratched zone,
  • polish with a dry cloth.

With a deep scratch in dark leather, use colored cream. The treatment is the same as with light-colored leather.

Leather shoulder bags are often nice and functional while being tough and nonchalant! Nonchalant to wear over your shoulder or practically the shoulder strap diagonally over your body, so you can easily ride with it. You can go in any direction!

Are you looking for a bag that can do a lot and where your stuff is still well protected, then learning shoppers are more for you. But this practical aspect is certainly not the only thing a leather shopper has to offer, often it’s a real fashion must-have that can make an outfit complete.

Leather backpacks is another example of a handy bag. And compared to polyester or nylon backpack, they are also very stylish! Ideal to take your laptop to work or for a fun day out. Because leather is a natural material, the backpack will always form a bit to your back, which is extra comfortable when worn.

A small bag is perfect for a party or drink! Leather clutches are therefore very handy and also elegant. Your phone, money, credit card and lipstick fit exactly. More you do not really need during such an occasion …

Leather laptop bags are available for every laptop and laptop size. Whether it is a trendy laptop bag or a classic leather laptop bag, the leather keeps your laptop and your screen protected! Often a laptop bag includes extra pockets for your mouse, your charger or a notebook.

Different Colors Of Leather:

Leather bags come in many different colors. Leather can be dyed through and color nuances arise because different parts of the leather do not absorb the same amount of dye. You can get varnished leather by spraying a color lacquer, this layer also protects the leather bag against moisture from outside.

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With an original leather color you often think of brown, but also those are often artificially colored. Leather can actually be dyed in any color. You also have many different shades of brown. But black leather bags or red leather bags are also very popular. The right color bag for every outfit!

Maintenance Of Leather Bags:

Over time, the surface of leather always changes a little. There are various maintenance sprays that you can use to protect your bag against dirt and water, but also to take care of the leather after a while, to clean the leather or to clarify the color of the leather. Maintenance of a leather bag is really worth it, so your bag lasts many times longer!