The so-called “computer” format seems to lost it’s popularity in recent seasons due to the dominance of the backpack. However,  there are many Lawhen you do not need to carry a lot of business in addition to your laptop every day and you want to keep a “business” look. Then in that here is the best laptop messenger bag that would suit you. It is more original than those of the image of the traditional “commercial itinerant”. This is the approach that led us today to introduce you to this brand product that long-time readers are familiar with. Indeed, BILLYBELT has in its range, a laptop messenger bag model with nice profile available at an affordable price.

The Brand

In 2012, two brothers from the North of France launched BILLYBELT, a brand of fashion accessories. Initially, Jean-Baptiste and Quentin decided to concentrate in only one of the product: an elastic braided belt available in a wide variety of colors. Soon, they expanded in their range, first by adding new models of belts and then even more original colors, that are more diversifying. Now, they have socks, briefs, small leather goods and a nice weekend bag that joined the BILLYBELT. In the end, it is a brand that we appreciate for its low prices and quality products. Thus, we never hesitate to present their novelties as today a laptop messenger bag.

laptop bag slate blue - BEST LAPTOP MESSENGER BAG

Technical Sheet

In this period of re-entry, the test of this BILLYBELT computer bag could not be better. They come in five colors: chocolate, desert, navy, olive and black. It presents itself as a classic design of its kind with its rectangular shape to carry the laptop and two handles that makes it more handy. They are made up of waxed cotton canvas, it has touches of cowhide leather scattered in the form of reinforcement or purely decorative in all sides, whether it is the corners, the zipper pulls, the handles or via a patch featuring the logo of the mark representing a piranha. It also comes with a cotton shoulder strap, it has a zipped pocket in the front with a closure chosen in a bright red color as one of the main compartment, and a second plated on the back.

With its cotton lining, the interior has several storage options including a space dedicated to accommodate a computer maintained by a yoke and a snap. The others parts have new zip pockets, which have two walls that can accommodate objects of various sizes. With its dimensions of 41 cm x 30 cm x 7 cm, the bag provides enough room for a computer between 13 and 15 inches.


As mentioned in the introduction, the computer case continues to find followers for its convenience. It allows to bring with you a reasonable number of business items for the day without necessarily pass for the “djeuns” straight out of school with his schoolbag arriving in the morning in his professional environment. However, this does not mean that it is inevitably necessary to have a leather model as your laptop bag.

We have selected the navy blue version of the laptop bag. On paper, its dimensions, capacity and storage seem ideal for a day’s work. In terms of color, we cannot do more effective with an omnipresent blue marked with brown and bright red borders. The first impression was too good due to it’s color and the brand logo. Obviously, the eye is first attracted by the presence of these red zips that the brand has placed on the front pocket and in the main compartment. Seen from a closer shot, we can see the presence of closures provided by the inevitable YKK, but you should also see the quality of the leather that BILLYBELT chose.

The Added Benefits:

The bags come in brown colors which finds to be more attractive. For example, the seams that manages the handles are clear, robust and the metal button makes it more stronger. Also, special mention for the inserts provided at the four corners of the bag, adding additional protection for computers often finished at right angles. In addition, the handles have been rather rigid to ensure a certain wearing comfort.

With its bag, BILLYBELT also addresses fans of the shoulder strap and provides its bag with a model made of thick cotton that can be fixed by a very simple system of hooks at both ends of the main compartment. Too bad here no yoke was planned to relieve the shoulder when you know the weight of some laptops.

billybelt laptopbag kaki 3 300x199 - BEST LAPTOP MESSENGER BAG

For the rest, the bag offers a level of finishes very satisfactory and it is clear for its money. The cotton is of good quality with its waxed and rigid touch, allowing its waterproofness and guaranteeing the bag to keep a certain shape. The pockets integrates with Zips and has a good finish.

Inside this level of demand desired by the brand. At first glance, we could regret the plain black color of the lining, but it would be quibble to find negative points where there is none. Indeed, the storage space is neat with fabric strips at the end. The compartment dedicated to house the computer is padded as all the walls of the bag to limit the impact of knocks and shocks unfortunate.


First week of back to school, a perfect opportunity to put this BILLYBELT bag to the test by filling it to the maximum. Satisfied with his finish, I suspect he will hold the road once the computer, its charger, a mouse, a folder filled with leaves, a wallet, keys and a mobile charger will be housed. Once on the shoulder, the weight is inevitably substantial but the shoulder strap, provided wide enough, is not as uncomfortable as supposed before even if I do not see myself holding a whole day with the bag. Style level, it is devilishly effective and siera to a maximum of outfits with blue, like here in jeans and shirt.


BILLYBELT offers its laptop bag for 69 €. It seems honest considering its characteristics. We can advance without fear, this bag has a very good quality / price for its construction from qualitative materials, its level of finishes and its classic design with a touch of color. It has the merit of going to the essentials and fulfilling its function brilliantly, namely that of carrying his daily necessities and his computer. All in all, a great idea for affordable budgets looking for a beautiful, effective product! There are lot of products that’s available and this is one among the best laptop messenger bag.