Best Leather Duffle Bag For Men

Best Leather Duffle Bag For Men with Full Guide:

When traveling you always need to have your things close to you. Whether you take the plane, the train or the car, a travel bag is necessary.

Leather is a must for luggage in hand. It will hold a lot of things and resist rubbing. So, the best leather duffle bag is an excellent choice when you want to go on the roads of the world.

Differences between leather duffle bags and eco-leather duffle bags Which is better?

Undoubtedly leather and eco-leather bags are the most wanted one, when you want a piece with style and quality that complements a look. These fashion accessories offer different features.

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But do you know the difference in these two materials? Today we bring everything about them so you can choose the best alternative.

What is better skin or eco-leather?

There is no single answer, it all depends on your tastes and what you really want. While the leather pieces have more resistant characteristics, it is usually of a thick and durable material. The pieces of skin, on the other hand they are more subtle, equally resistant but with much finer finishes.

Of course everything depends on the curing process, the characteristics of the material and the finishes that you want to achieve. This is why both materials often taken as synonyms when it comes to leather goods, which are used in such a wide variety of products.

The problem with leather:

Do not be scared, leather handbags have great features such as durability, versatility, strength, style, quality. The problem when a material includes so many positive features, is that the falsification begins. That is why we want to give you some tips so that you know with certainty what you are buying.

The first and most practical is to buy the bags of this material in a trustworthy store that can give you advice before deciding to buy.

You can also trust your sense of touch, this is one of the most important to recognize genuine leather, when you touch the product you will see that it is soft, smooth and flexible, the imitations are the opposite.

Tips to care for your leather duffle bags:

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No matter if they are quality pieces, these fashion accessories need some care so that the use and the passage of time are not noticed.

Store your leather and leather bags inside a cotton cover to protect them.

If you are not going to use it for a while, fill it with paper to prevent it from becoming deformed.

Do not expose it too much to the sun, it can be discolored.

With a cotton cloth or dry soft cloth you can clean it without any problem.

Hydrate it at least once a year with a mild body cream that does not contain alcohol or oils.

The fashion accessories begin to be part of us, they become a special object that is why we know their characteristics and how to take care of them is elementary.

Luggage-backpack with wheels :

These personalized travel bags are fashionable. At first glance, they look like a small suitcase, but they have the advantage of including both wheels and the handles of a conventional backpack, so you can combine the two ways of carrying them. They are usually light and reinforced, as well as very functional and resistant, so they are perfect as cabin luggage. The Burton brand sells this type of suitcase-backpack with fun designs.

Custom cylinder-type travel bags:

With an elegant urban air, they are perfect for a weekend getaway. They have a great capacity to put everything they need and have a very youthful athletic look. In addition, they are easy to transport.

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Old leather retro travel bag for carrying type backpack with strap closure.

Backpacks for laptops:

Padded material, are ideal for carrying the laptop or tablet, and with enough capacity to carry something as practical as a shirt, spare underwear and a bottle of water. If you decided to go for a business trips, you should get one.

The color:

Black, brown or cognac, the color of the leather bag you choose will be decisive. Prefer a cognac color for young men, who tend to appreciate this type of color for leather. It’s easy to pair with raw denim jeans for a casual look or a dressier outfit with colorful canvas pants! If you want to invest in a leather bag as a part of the work of a businessman, rather prefer the black that will combine well with a dark suit. Finally, whether with jeans or a navy suit for example, the brown will be the perfect compromise between seriousness and modernity.

Now that you know which color to turn to, you just have to choose the shape! Bag, briefcase, briefcase or travel bag, make your choice!

The bag for everyday life:

Between the personal papers, the telephone charger, the coins for the coffee, the keys, the various cards and so on … A man needs to have a pocket which will follow him daily! With a shoulder strap, a strap or belt, its small size will allow him to follow him everywhere and to carry his personal belongings in a secure way, thanks to the many zipped pockets.

The leather bag to accompany him to work:

Schoolbag or briefcase? Towel or schoolbag? That is the question !

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The briefcase is perfect for a young dynamic executive. It will allow him to quickly slip his papers inside. Choose it with a shoulder strap to go from one rendezvous to another with ease, or adopt the look of the trendy frame to the end!

The briefcase offers a more retro side to the gentleman’s look. It will allow him to put more documents inside. His timeless style will pass through the years without any problem.

The travel bag to go anywhere with him:

If you are looking for a more casual bag, which will follow him everywhere during his outings, the leather travel bag is ideal. It gives a small side dandy which is very appreciated and will be very resistant! Admittedly, it will house fewer things than a large suitcase for the week, but for a weekend or a short stay, I’m sure he will swear by this bag that will give it a crazy pace.

Now you’re sure to make the right choice for men! The hardest thing is to make your decision between a bag, a leather bag for work or a duffle bag.

Caring for your bag is essential for leather:

With time and especially with the wear, it is normal that the leather bag has some traces of dirt, scratches and especially if it is light in color. For small leather goods such as wallets, you must pay attention to dirty hands and pens.

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A care to bring from time to time:

Here is a method you can use to clean it. First of all you have to choose a neutral glycerin soap. The leather is cleaned with a slightly damp cloth that is loaded with soap by passing it over the glycerin bar . The leather is rubbed in small circular motions, always work with a piece of clean cloth. Do not force too much it may remove the color. Then lets dry it for a day and feed it (the leather) with a cream of very good quality, neutral or color.

Use a cream that restores the leather of your bag:

Do not forget that leather is an old living fabric, I do not teach you anything but that to tell you that we must take care of it as its skin. Because even in leather, prevention is better than cure.