Best Mens Leather Messenger Bag – Simple But Stylish

Best Mens Leather Messenger Bag:

Messenger is a very popular male handbag, used by men. So if you still wonder how to choose a best mens leather messenger bag that fits the nature of your work, continue reading the blog.

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Messenger Bag: From Mail To Style:

Appeared for a long time. Commonly used by postmen. With cross-shoulder strap design, convenient to move. By the 1950s, Messenger was industrially produced and widely used. In keeping with consumers’ tastes, Messenger has been improved.

Turn rigid and monotonous details into subtle, modern fashion. Until now, Messenger bags have become diverse in design and material. Suitable for many different styles.

Wear Messenger Bags In Style:

Every men has a unique style that is not the same. Based on some similarities, we temporarily divided into 3 basic groups:

Dynamic, Liberal Street Messenger Style: 

These type of style should use a messenger, suede material or cowhide with original colors and natural patterns. Costumes can be used as T-shirts, checkered shirts with jeans, leather jackets or baseball shirts. Add a pair of sneaker shoes, desert boots. This is the most beautiful and popular way of combining with messenger bags. Particularly exalted the manly and dusty look of men.

Elegant, Professional Messenger Style:

The men who wear suits and wear leather shoes, they should use the male leather handbag, the design is simple but delicate. The included accessories should be watches and tie clips.

Messenger Style Photography:

You have a career or hobby of photography, so you should buy yourself a Messenger bag, which is a new rectangular box with a large main compartment, which helps ensure the safety of the camera.

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Should choose the type with classic design, the color is a bit dark, to enhance the masculine look of your outfit. Costumes for this style are jeans, simple T-shirts, blazer with neat shirts.

How To Choose Messenger Bags:

Messenger bags on the market currently have many types, many different designs and materials. If you’re a handbag lover and interested in leather, you should choose Messenger cowhide.

There are 3 main leather materials commonly used are painted leather, waxed leather and suede. While the painted leather is coated with a protective coating to protect against water, the waxed skin retains the status quo after it has gone through the process. Waxed leather has dusty, primitive colors and very natural lines.

The suede is smoother because it is made from the inner layer of cowhide, however, men who want to buy suede men’s handbags should also pay attention to preservation. Because suede is very easy to absorb water, dust. The common point of these types of skin is that it still retains its softness, toughness, not peeling.

For men’s leather handbags, We recommend you to buy crafts. Because crafts are made by hand through many stages, ensuring accuracy and meticulousness. The sewing part is also very solid.

Should Buy Genuine Leather Bags Or Leatherette Bags:

When you want to buy leather bags, many people always wonder between 2 options: real leather and leatherette. Genuine leather bags are durable, and leatherette bags are more affordable.

So which one to choose? it is possible to briefly compare these two types of bags as follows:

The Beauty Of Skin Fibers:

At this point, it is certain that the genuine leather bag is superior to leatherette. Because real skin has beautiful natural textured skin fibers. Each part of the animal’s skin gives its own lines. The skin on the back is glossy, thick and has a small, even pattern. The skin of the neck is a bit rough, elastic and has unique wrinkles, etc.

On the contrary, since it is only artificial, imitation leather has a smooth or embossed surface that is molded, unnatural. Many types of leatherette are also fake “pores”, but look too uniform, very wild, look carefully to find that it is just a normal needle hole.


Genuine leather bags are very durable. Because the skin is both soft and very elastic. The true structure of leather is the intertwined fiber protein layers. Therefore, this layer of skin has both special porosity and flexibility.

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In nature, real skin covers the animal’s body, must withstand their very strong movements such as running, jumping, etc. It proves that the skin must have very good durability. A genuine leather bag can be used for 3-5 years.

What About Fake Leather Bags?

In fact, there have been many improvements in fake leather production techniques. There is also leatherette fabric from organic material, PU, ​​which is nearly as soft as real leather. However, even PU leather is still prone to peeling, cracking, fracture due to strong impact or weather effects. Leatherette handbags can only be used for less than 1 year.

So, it is not right to say it is expensive. Although genuine leather bags cost about 2-3 times more than fake leather bags, they are more durable than 3-5 times.

Fashion Style Of Handbag:

Handbag is a part of the wearer’s personality. Therefore, the bag itself must also have its own style.

Leatherette fabric is quite limited in style. Most of the faux leather fabrics are glossy, which is quite hard-edged. Therefore, it is often possible to build only box-shaped, square-shaped bags. These types of bags mainly show courtesy and classic.

The real leather bag has the advantage of having many diverse styles. Glossy skin, small floating surface expresses gentleness, elegance, class. The skin is unpainted, while keeping the original color and the short coat smooth, revealing the style of bare, transverse, personality. The outstanding color dyed suede is youthful and dynamic …

Obviously, genuine leather bags outperform leatherette bags. Therefore, it is better to choose a genuine leather handbag. Currently, there are good quality genuine leather handbags, impressive designs that cost only UNDER 3 million / unit. Compared to 1 million leatherette bags, this genuine leather bag is a wise choice.

Choose A Model Of A Male Handbag That Fits Your Look:

Beauty is in conformity. A sample of men’s handbags, though brand-name, but not suitable for the body, also become rough and ugly.

So, select the bag first of all to look at the figure. According to experience, corresponding to each shape, there is a suitable male bag pattern to help perfect concealer.

Specifically: With Tall, Thin People:

The tall people have the disadvantages of being affectionate and tall. To cover this shortcoming, you should choose a hobo-style male leather handbag with a round and large body. Or you can choose a bag with a soft form, rounded edges, without many angles and straight lines.

Another point to note is that tall, thin people should not use cross-bags. The bag straps will make your back look longer.

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The model of the men’s handbag that best fits this figure is a tote bag. The body of the bag is usually a horizontal rectangle with rounded edges. Bags with portable, elegant and sturdy straps.

Another option for a tall, skinny figure is a duffle bag. Also a handbag, this male leather handbag has a horizontal drum body. The body of the bag thus creates a feeling of short back. This is also a suitable bag for short trips.

With Tall, Burly People:

Tall, muscular people have big shoulders, and chest blooms. It is recommended to choose male handbags to honor these advantages. Big style messenger bags are an ideal choice. The body of the bag is horizontal, the edges have a right angle and the pocket is flat. Bag with cross strap . If desired, can adjust the bag to shorten, turn the bag into a backpack.

In addition, a more suitable leather handbag is a large holdall bag. Large body bag, with short handbag. Carrying this bag on hand, the strong lines on the body will be exalted to the maximum.

With Low, Fat People:

Low and fat people should choose a male handbag with a cross strap, and a square shape. The long strap makes the body look taller. The square body, angled body makes the upper body feel slimmer.

One note when choosing male leather handbags for this figure is not to choose bags that are too thin and small. Because if so, the bag looks unbalanced to the human body, quite ugly. In addition, there should be no elaborate patterns on the bag body. Thus, it only makes the body feel more cumbersome.

With Low, Small People:

In order to hide the shortcomings of modest height, it is advisable to choose a male handbag with a cross strap. The body is thin and small to balance the body. The body of the bag can be decorated with additional bag or zipper.

Another male leather handbag is also very suitable for clutch. Clutch is a thin, non-straps bag (looks like a envelope). This form is for occasions that require more formal dress.