Best Messenger Bag Brands To Select

How To Buy The Best Messenger Bag Brands?

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In a large fashion world, everyone want to be more stylish and look fashionable. So they need everything to be fashion, and it should remain unique pieces for that season and latest trends. When the fashion came for bag, most of the people looking for best messenger bag brands.

Luxury fashion is a sector on the rise. The big fashion firms have increased their prices in recent years. The messenger bags is most selective and exclusive brands that have been revalued over time.

Many are the users who have decided to sell their most unique pieces to get extra money and many buyers interested in acquiring these unique pieces.

This situation has led to the creation messenger bag portals between individuals and online markets specialized in luxury fashion , where, in addition to finding classic pieces, you can buy and sell clothing and accessories of the best brands at prices below market .

How To Know The Quality Of The Messenger Bag:

The first thing to check in a messenger bag is the quality. The seams must be straight and have 10 perfect stitches, without any error, in each rhombus. If not, it is not a branded messenger bag.

As for the best messenger bag brands, which is made up of good quality fabric material inside the bag, it has flat head screws, except some, newer ones, which have a star shape.

While the ‘C’ of the logo cross with the upper part of the ‘C’ right on the left, in the lower part they have to be on the contrary.

Finally, if the bag has an authenticity card, check that it matches the serial number inside the bag.


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As soon as you touch a messenger bag you can appreciate an unbeatable quality of skin and a soft texture. The seams follow an asymmetrical line, clean and without any type of failure.

They never have paper labels and does not have metal plates inside the messenger  bags. In Hermès, is one of the best messenger bag. It is made with unique quality. It is corresponding to the craftsman who manufactured it to identify the fakes.

Louis Vuitton:

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At Louis Vuitton, it is one of the best messenger bag. Inside the bag there is an identification tag with a code that refers to the year of manufacture of the bag and the country in which it was manufactured.

Only the brand knows how to decipher the numbers, while the date appears in the following order, the second and fourth the year, the first and the third the week of the year.


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The Prada messenger bags have a metal plate inside where it says ” Prada Made in Italy ” in 2 lines. Also, inside the messenger bag, there should be a small white label with a printed number.

On the back of the closure you should find the names of the brands of the closures themselves, which are Lampo, Ykk, Riri, Opti, or Ipi, if not, it is a copy.

How To Secure The Messenger Bag?

During the post, you will have thought that it is very difficult to carry out these checks simply by looking at the photograph of the bag that a user sells.

In addition, it will require payment in advance before sending it to you. Therefore, when you get the order home, if you detect that it is a fake it will be too late and you will have lost your money.

There are many other risks when buying between individuals that we tell you in this other post.  So, what is the solution? How can I perform these checks without risking a scam?

To avoid buying a cheap product and being able to adequately carry out the relevant reviews of each brand, the best option is to manage the payment and shipping 100% securely with specialized tools. Messenger bag will protects everything inside the bag. So it is more security bag for everyone.

They are also responsible for managing the collection and home delivery of the product. With the verification system that they have developed together with the transport company GLS, you can open the shipment in front of the courier and verify that the bag is in good condition.

It also allows you to have a period of 24 hours to check the authenticity of the messenger bag.

Lean From Messenger Bag Organizers:

The organizers of handbags are the best option to get to enjoy the maximum order inside your bag, as its name suggests. Also, they are the perfect alternative if you like to change your bag each morning, as they will allow you to move all your personal items in a matter of seconds simply by taking the organizer and taking it from one bag to the other, without having to empty anything of what take inside

Many women also choose to divide the contents of their bags with transparent cases or cases that allow identifying in a simple way everything you have inside. Choose the option that is most comfortable for you.

It does not matter if you have a handbag, a shoulder bag, a large bag, etc., as you can see many tricks and tips that can help you enjoy the best organization in any type of bag.

The Importance Of Finding The Right Bag Size:

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There is no doubt that large bags are fashionable. The messenger bag is very comfort in our day to day life. However, there are times when their size can be turns against us, since we are dedicated to choose a correct messenger bag.

So that this does not happen to us and we do not end up making of our bag the authentic ark of Noah, it is important to choose the size of suitable bag according to our needs. This will help us to carry only what we need in our day to day, without having to go crazy every time we want to look for something.

A very good option would also be to make a bag that includes different interior compartments to enjoy the best organization.