Best Messenger Bags For College And School

To leave equipped with the college, nothing better than the good old Messenger bag with the feminine keys to assert itself! To each his style to store his books, notebooks and personal belongings. Our selection of the most trendy models of best messenger bags for college.

Ah college ! Big step for parents who see their little ones take off, but big step also for children who have grown up. And this transition from elementary school to college involves the transition from school bag to college Messenger bag . In this regard, girls have specific tastes, especially regarding design and aesthetics, when parents think more comfort and well-being. So the equation is about finding the right balance between the two, so that everyone is there.

Review Of The Best School Bags And Messenger bag:

To carry his classes and books, the Messenger bag became the schoolbag that all teenagers snapped up.

A long time ago, our parents’ satchels were hand-held and instead of practical Messenger bag , they are true fashion accessories for most middle and high school students.

It is not more disposable and in addition to carrying notebooks and textbooks, it must also be suitable for transporting your computer or tablet.

It must also have a lot of storage space for convenience and comfort.

Messenger bag  are trendy and there are dozens of models.

So how to choose? Teens will first want a fashionable bag, trendy while parents will first look at its sturdiness and practicality.

Fortunately, manufacturers solve conflicts by offering Messenger bag  that satisfy everyone.

I chose for you different models corresponding to different needs.

My selection includes a high-end Messenger bag ultra practical, a Messenger bag very fashionable and a rugged Messenger bag  and low price!


Solo Laptop Hybrid Briefcase Backpack 579a49eb3df78c32763bc5d8 300x300 - Best Messenger Bags For College And SchoolChoosing A Schoolbag Or Messenger bag Is Never Easy.

The choice is vast and satisfying parents and children is not easy.

But there are still important criteria to take into account to not have to change after a few months or worse after a few weeks, which is common we must recognize when we rush.


Here Are My Criteria For Choosing The Best Messenger bag :


This is not the most important criterion for parents, but it is for children and adolescents.

You must take into account otherwise it will remain in a closet to the profile of an old bag.

There are modes and you can not escape. Eastpak and Herschel are popular Messenger bag



A Messenger bag  must be adapted to what your child will carry.

If he is in primary school, a small size will be enough.

But as soon as he arrives at college, he needs a Messenger bag is big enough so that notebooks, binders and books are not folded and therefore damaged.

Look closely either its capacity or height. A Messenger bag of 40 cm is more than enough to put the course business.

Also remember to look at the depth of the Messenger bag.

Some are tall in height but not deep and with 3 notebooks it will be already full!



This is a very important criterion. A bag that is not sturdy is a bag that will not hold the school year and you will have to buy another bag.

To avoid having extra expenses, you must choose a solid Messenger bag.

Knowing that he will be abused, thrown, left in a corner of the playground, we must look closely at this criterion.

If you order it on the internet, it’s not easy to know if a Messenger bag is solid or not because you can not touch it.

I advise you to read the opinions of the people who bought it. Those who are disappointed at this level do not hesitate to say it in their comment.

FYI, Easpak guaranteed his models 30 years. It is a security to take into account.

This is quite rare and that is why I specify it.



Schoolbags and Messenger bag are heavy for big school days.

Your child will have to wear it between classes, to go to the bus, to go home, so it must be comfortable.

But what is a comfortable bag?

It’s a bag that does not hurt your shoulders or back. I advise you to take a model with padded shoulder straps.

Some Messenger bag have the padded back part. It is a more appreciable.


Compartments and pocketsmessenger 1 1 300x210 - Best Messenger Bags For College And School

This criterion is important especially if you have a teenager.

It is now common for students in high school but especially in college to need their laptops for their classes.

In this case, opt for a model with a special compartment that will protect the computer shocks but also scratches.

It must of course have a separate compartment for classes.

For a Messenger bag for a child in college, a zipper pocket is preferable.

He will be able to put there his book of liaison, his bus card, his keys or his card of self.

Some Messenger bag like the model Plam bag that I had the opportunity to test also has external pockets on the side to put a bottle of water for example.

It is not essential I recognize it but it is a more appreciable if your child goes on a school trip or goes out for a whole day with his comrades.


The Price:

Whatever your budget, you will necessarily find a Messenger bag.

There are indeed at all prices.

The most expensive are not necessarily the best. The cheapest ones either. It’s up to you to find the one that fits not only your criteria but also your budget.


The Impermeability:

We do not always think about it, but a waterproof binder is preferable.

If your child is in the rain to go to his bus or to go home, a non waterproof binder and these are all those notebooks that will be soaked! Check this point before buying a Messenger bag for your child.


With Reflective Strips:

If your teen finishes classes late in the winter and has to walk to your home, opt for a schoolbag with reflective tape.

Few bags have one. The FREETOO model have one and I find it very safe because winter, night falls quickly!


The Colour:

I spoke about the design a little higher but the color is also important.

If your child is in elementary school or even college, taking care of his Messenger bag is not a priority.

He’ll leave it on the ground anywhere and if you choose it light in color, you’ll have to clean it often. A black Messenger bag is recommended in this case.

DSF9106 300x200 - Best Messenger Bags For College And School

The Benefits Of A Messenger bag:

Messenger bag have many advantages over a wheeled satchel, for example, and they are so popular with children, teenagers and university students alike.

The Messenger bag is first handy to wear.

Put it on your back or shoulder, it leaves your hands free and teens who are taped to their phone appreciate! But the fact of wearing it on the back is also less tiring and it seems less heavy.

Another advantage of the Messenger bag: it is versatile and can be used for sport, for outings, leisure or on vacation.

It is rare for a teenager to have multiple Messenger bag.

The one of the courses serves for everything in general.

The number of pockets and compartments is also another strong point of the case Messenger bag

It can easily organize its storage.



On the one side the courses, on the other the computer, in another pocket all the small bazaar etc.

The Messenger bag became the college bag popular with kids and teens.

Very practical, robust, easy to wear, he has good days in front of him.

It is also favored by parents who find it versatile and well thought out for everything, including laptop.

The choice is difficult because it must be both solid for parents who do not want to buy in the year but also trend to please children!