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Fashion Style For Messenger Tote Bag:

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Handbags are one of the fashion accessories that are always close to women, telling a lot about your personality and style. Tote bags are one of the most chosen styles of girls today. Because they have a variety of designs, they are easy to coordinate costumes. Refer to the following ways to buy a Messenger Tote bag to choose for yourself a suitable fashion bag.

Purpose Of Use:

When choosing to buy a Tote bag, you should determine your fashion style and the purpose of using the bag. Because, if you choose a small handbag, while you need to store lots of things, it will make the bag bulging without being nice at all. Small bags are usually suitable for small, lovely girls and are often used for hanging out, walking around the street. As for those who have strong personality, tall or fat body and office girls, the choice of buying a Tote bag is extremely necessary. Because, this is a large size bag and you can store a lot of things when you go to work, go to school or travel.

Handbag Shape And Size:

When choosing to buy handbags, all girls are interested in the shape of the first bags. Because when choosing a shape, it will confirm a part of your personality and fashion sense. Therefore, you should choose the style of the handbag against your physique. You should know what are the strengths and weaknesses of the body so that you can choose outfits and bags that can hide your shortcomings, which is a smart choice. A large, tote handbag and a slouch shoulder strap will suit girls with tall stature. So, when choosing a Tote bag, you can choose a bag with different styles and designs. Currently, Tote bags are very diverse in materials as well as designs and sizes so consumers can choose many products that suit their needs

Length Of Handbag:

You can draw attention to your physique when choosing a bag that has the bottom part of the horizontal part of your body. A short handbag worn over your shoulder will draw attention to your chest, a longer bag will draw attention to your waist or abdomen. The length of the bag should not exceed the hip area. Most bags should not be too long and lie below your waist. Large tote bags with side shoulder straps are very suitable for tall, skinny, skinny, or hourglass-shaped girls.

Because when carrying the Tote bags on your shoulder you can hide the defects and show the advantages of the body. You just need to know how to match your outfit and Tote bag properly, will help you stand out from the crowd. For girls who are short, absolutely should not wear bags of length that cross their hips because they will make you look shorter. You should choose small, pretty pocket, purse.

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The simple but elegant and luxurious Tote bags are easy to transform into every outfit you have in the closet. You don’t have to worry about slippery, tedious Tote, because they have accents on the body, from the over sized lock section that is glossy plated, or big details, delicate and strong design, all Both created a completely new, completely personal appearance for Tote bags. Therefore, when choosing to buy a Tote bag, you should choose the size and style accordingly and especially choose the prestigious address. In it, Tui Xach Han Quoc is one of the addresses that many people use and you can refer to.

How To Choose The Right Tote Bag?

Tote bags have long been an indispensable accessory for many people, not only women but also men. So, it is no wonder that we can find that simple and handy design bag everywhere: In the street, in fashion stores, on advertising posters or on the cover of a magazine. And of course, tote bags are also needed in your locker. Join Sonic to consult some of the main features of the tote bag to choose the right bag for you.


Tote bag has two main designs: a “T” garment tote bag and a garment “U” tote bag. The “T” bag is usually sewn and does not use fabric splicing, while the “U” bag is sewn from many different fabric sections.


Tote bag has many different sizes for you to choose. However, how can we estimate the exact size of tote bags if it is an online product? Do not be too worried because you can determine exactly through a few small notes below:

  • Depth: The length of the bottom right to left part will be the width of the bag.
  • Width: The length of the bottom from the front to the back is the width of the bag.
  • Length: The distance from the pocket to the bottom of the bag is the length of that tote bag.

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Simple, easy to use and “super light” are the words that best describe the characteristics of a tote bag. Small weight is one of the advantages of tote bag compared to other types of bags. You can take your tote bag anywhere without worrying about their weight.


Many people still believe that  simple and small tote bags are often inadequate compared to leather bags or synthetic canvas bags. However, tote bag is better. From small items like notebooks, learning tools to larger items such as books or tablets, it can be put into a tote bag neatly.

Variety Of Popular Tote Handbags

Men’s handbags have been constantly innovated in recent years. As a result, users will have many different options when shopping. The most popular and familiar is the fabric tote bags.

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In addition, there are many types of high-class bags on the market. The strong man can easily buy the best products to go to the beach or go to the sports or go shopping. Because of the various designs of the Tote bag, it will take more time to buy this accessory.

Canvas Tote Bag:

This accessory is very popular and popular by its certainty and versatility. Fabric material may not be “fashionable” very much, but, many famous fashion brands still produce this type of bag.

Beach Tote Bag:

This accessory is made to meet the specific use of sea, so it is usually made from materials like rush, plastic, nylon and cloth.

Mini Tote Bags:

For many people, a small handbag does not satisfy their storage needs. However, the mini Tote bag is still quite popular and many women choose to go to work or party.

Sports Tote Bag:

This is a perfect handbag for you to store the necessary clothes and utensils when going to the gym room. This bag is larger in size than other similar products.

Other Bags:

On the market today there are many different types of Tote bags. For example, a laptop or a bag for travel. More popular is a shopping bag and baby diaper bag.