Best Waterproof Messenger Bag

The weather clears up gradually. Unfortunately interspersed with surprises and much more frequent than desired. Whether you travel by bike on foot or by public transport, to get to work or in a relatively good-nature classroom and especially when it’s dry, an umbrella is not always enough. During travel time, weather may change at any time. So that we should keep our things safely inside in our bag by using a best waterproof messenger bag. For this, a waterproof or water-resistant bag or backpack is not a luxury. Here are some of our best choices for keeping your personal belongings safe while traveling in uncertain weather. 

19005 - Best Waterproof Messenger Bag

A Best Waterproof Messenger Bags :

Designed to accompany you during your bike trips, the Alfredo messenger bag is particularly robust, durable and especially waterproof.

The compression straps on the outside allow you to easily adapt the size of the bag to your needs and keep your equipment inside well in place throughout your journey. This bag reversible and easily worn on our shoulders.

Vaude Augsburg:

This is what Vaude proposed, by making Augsburg. Totally waterproof, made from recycled plastic products, Vaude Augsburg combines functionality with elegance a flagship product.

19004 300x200 - Best Waterproof Messenger Bag

A bag that you can hang on your luggage rack and a shoulder bag that does not tear your back and its very useful to carry our things.

Chrome Citizen:

Sturdy bags, puncture-proof, discreet or on the contrary eye-catching. An excellent gift for a teenager or for everyone wanting bags combining high volume, waterproofs and durability.

Arkel Dauphin:

Here are waterproof bags, solid and hyper versatile. For anyone planning a bike tour will illuminate the gift giving and make projects very concrete.

Bag maker is a Timbuk2 whose operating base is the messenger style, city of San Franciscos. In the United States with 25 years of operations, it has  made some updates to its line of bags, messenger type, Classic Messenger, a classic piece, within the Timbuk2 catalog by  North American company a classic piece. Which has had a complete review that has been made of the hand of the company’s customers by classic messenger.

19003 300x215 - Best Waterproof Messenger Bag

Among the biggest suggestions they have received in Timbuk2, for the update of the Classic Messenger bag. There is the addition of a support for transporting a water container; besides including a handle to carry the bag; reduce the weight of the transportation piece; Offer a more elegant and attractive appearance; and place some straps that provide compression for transportation.

The fabric used is an update that now, in addition to being softer, is also extremely resistant against water. while the width of the strap now has a specific size (even the smaller versions, offer the use of thinner belts) fixed into strap belts.  They designed a cycling bag that has reduced the weight by 25% due to the use of the Corduroy Denier 940 material-a material that is also extremely lightweight.

Classic Best Waterproof Messenger Bag :

19001 300x300 - Best Waterproof Messenger Bag

As waterproof messenger bag system, the used clips have been placed just below the flap; with which now a cleaner aspect is offered. While the straps follow a trajectory around and below the bottom of the bag, everything to be bent and used (belts) as a compression system. Finally, on the back there is a holding handle (with low profile) that has been integrated over the central strip and in the shoulder strap, a pad has been placed to match the color of the bag. Greater lightness and water resistance are just some of the qualities you will find in the Timbuk2 Classic Messenger bag.

The average cost, for this bag goes from 70.02 Euros and up to 95.48 Euros depending on the storage capacity. The costs for these bags for cycling are still the same as the previous versions. It improves the quality of waterproofing materials of the bag by classic messenger. Two internal side pockets an entire system of organisation for storage system.