Black Messenger Bag For Both Men And Women

Types of Black Messenger Bag:

The accessories are an essential part of our daily look, with them we can give another look to the personal image. Today we talk about black messenger bag , which is a key piece for women. In them we almost take our lives (it’s exaggerating), our makeup are part of it, the wallet, the glasses, the book of the month, the cell phone and more objects that we consider as a necessary things. we always carry them in this practical object.

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Many of us are lovers of shoes, jewelry or bags  so we buy and accumulate without stopping to think if we really need this piece or not; The invitation is for you to decide your purchases in a more conscious way and in this way it guarantee the use of your entire closet.

There is as much variety of bags as images, materials, designs, sizes, etc. Today I leave 6 of those style which we consider as basic to use in different occasions and that for its versatility you can carry without any problem, there are many more, but always choose one or the other, it will depend on each woman, her tastes and personal style:

Structured bag :

It is made of rigid material, with a defined shape and is usually the perfect type of bag to take to the office, choose it in neutral colors so you can use it with different outfits.

Black Messenger Bag :

It has long handles and is perfect when you have to leave without many things in your purse or to be more comfortable since you wear it crossed leaving your hands free.

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Clutch style :

It is a party bag , although it is not daily use. If it is essential in your closet, take it to a cocktail party, in this case you can choose it with a touch of diamonds, or some colors, with a removable chain so you can use by hanging on your shoulder.

Style bucket bag :

It is a bohemian style design , although in materials such as leather it gives it casual look; It is less formal than others so it is perfect for a weekend, you can wear it in colors of your taste and this is the main accessory in your outfit.

Tote style :

It is very versatile, you can take it to the office, to a meeting, an outing with friends or for a trip. Its size is adequate to carry what you need during a day away from home. Its handles are ideal to load in the shoulder or on the forearm. A camel color would be a great option.

Style satchel :

It is a bag with a structure that brings elegance and formality, the small or medium size will be that protagonist of your look for a formal event. If you choose neutral colors it will allow you to play with the other pieces of your outfit or if you wear it in colors, it can be the focus of attention.

How to choose a man’s bag :

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The choice is great when it comes to men’s bags. From shoulder bag to briefcase, computer bag and travel kit. Here are different types of men’s bags that are easy to match to your outfits, whether you’re at work, with friends, on campus or just moving somewhere in town!

The casual bag :

This type of men’s bag is a mat that can match your work clothes and your everyday look. You can wear this bag as a complete or simply for your outings or daily activities. His cool style suits young professionals, as well as students and artists.

Bugatti brand, is one of those medium-sized bags that follow you in all your adventures. Featuring a padded computer compartment and secure system. It offers a versatile look and it can be worn for purposes other than work or studies. Really aged leather, it has the casual look that is appropriate in all circumstances. Its small zipper gives it an irresistible charm! Practical, it closes easily with the help of its double magnetic flap.

The shoulder bag :

We cannot do without a shoulder bag. Essential accessory of any wardrobe, it is the bag that will follow you everywhere while going unnoticed. The man bag with shoulder strap can hold a lot, while being super compact. With a discreet look, it saves you from storing wallet and cell phone in your trouser pockets. It will be the essential companion for your outings, shopping sessions, walks with friends or weekend getaways.

The shoulder bag is a bag for men that allows you to have everything you need at all times: keys, tablet, cell, gloves, wallet, water bottle, etc. One of its sections even offers protection against identity theft (RFID). 11 inches long, 9 inches wide and 3 inches deep, this practical bag is available in black or cognac color. For your tablet, a padded compartment is also included. The shoulder strap is adjustable.

The computer bag :

How to carry your laptop in a really cool computer bag? It’s possible if you choose something other than the huge rigid bags found in electronics stores! Why not make a little effort to combine functionality and style?

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The ultra contemporary look, is the perfect accessory for those who have to carry their mobile regularly. Featuring a padded compartment that can accommodate laptops upto 16 inches wide, as well as three separate zippered compartments, it is yet very compact. Its nylon shoulder strap is adjustable and removable.

The briefcase :

A work bag can also be cool. Forget the over sized rectangular cases of the ’90s! Leather briefcases and can be worn discreetly and sophisticated. But the briefcase you choose should be practical first. It must securely carry your mobile while being easily manageable.

The leather bag for men is compact while being able to contain all your documents. Featuring multiple zippered front and back pockets, plus a full organizer panel on the inside, it can hold a tablet or notebook in its 16-inch-wide padded compartment. Soft leather handles and an adjustable (and removable) shoulder strap make it easy to carry. This bag even has a telescopic handle (hidden under a flap). Its versatile look matches your professional look, whether it’s casual or full-tie.

Camouflage pattern bag :

Tonal camouflage patterns have always been popular. Perfect for casual urban outfits, the camo pattern bag lets you carry your belongings, class notes, gloves and other items in a stylish way.