Brown Leather Crossbody Bag: How To Wear It

Best Brown Leather Crossbody Bag:

In terms of bag, the brown leather crossbody bag is classified within the list of must-haves. Its specific form offers it a well-defined vogue that depends on the fabric within which it’s created and also the colors and patterns it displays. This makes it a powerful part of the outfit that deserves to incline with thought to avoid the incomprehensible look.

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What is a wallet:

The origin of the wallet dates back to the Middle Ages. It was then a bag with 2 compartments open in the middle. This bag has a very popular origin that has followed and still influences the style today.

Over time, the shape of the wallet has evolved to its current form, which is now very precise: it is a bag made up of a large and single compartment with a rounded shape that closes with a long flap falling on the front.

The crossbody bag is worn on the shoulder and is always equipped with a shoulder strap

The wallet seduced busy women and pressed for multiple reasons such as:

  • The practical side with its shoulder strap that leaves the hands free
  • The rounded feminine shape is classic, chic and relaxed
  • Security provided by the presence of the flap

What vogue will the pocketbook provide to your outfit:

We have seen the bag comes from a well-liked universe. It is simply found in crusader vogue outfits, bohemian, fighter, …

We currently distinguish two universes with the kind of pocketbook that we tend to have:

The casual / bohemian style:

The pocketbook is usually fabricated from a versatile material and it retains this flexibility once worn. It will be soft animal skin, waterproof canvas, velvet, jeans. .. It will be in united artiodactyl colors, burgundy, navy, khaki … or a lot of colorful with ethnic inspirations. Its colors are then rather in sober and dark shades: brown, burgundy, khaki, … It may be embellished with accessories that provides it volume: pines, nails, flowers, fringes, feathers, … and accentuate its casual side.

The chic / city style:

The bag is made of a very rigid leather, its shape is fixed and will not move. It can be camel solid color, brown, burgundy or bi or tri-color or with assemblies of geometric patterns usually in large sizes.

With which feminine looks do you associate the bag:

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  • In casual mode
  • With denim shorts
  • Wear the bag with denim shorts for a casual look
  • With a short dress
  • With jeans and waders
  • Casual look jeans waders
  • With leggings and an XXL sweater
  • Look leggings sweater leggings
  • In working girl mode.

In evening mode:

The trick to carry a wallet in evening mode , is to shorten the shoulder strap as much as possible, to drop it on the front of the wallet (or to remove it completely if it is too long) and to carry its wallet with the pocket-style hand by folding the top on itself.

To pair with an evening dress, high heels and pretty contrasting jewelry.

Pitfalls to avoid not to devalue his silhouette:

  1. Cross-over:

Very few girls will afford to hold their bag cross-over.  And the bag could be a bag that’s terribly badly crossed. Its volume systematically degrades the silhouette. The pocketbook ought to be worn straight down the leg or slightly non concentric on the rear of the thigh.

  1. Wearing too high:

The wallet is rather low. Depending on the design of the outfit it’ll be worn either slightly below the hips or middle thighs. It is all-time low worn mid-thigh that’s the foremost female and also the most gratifying particularly for soft wallets.

To choose your bag shoulder straps:

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You can currently opt for the proper band for you: straightforward or colorful, wide or thin, premium leather or accessible in imitation, you have the choice to find the one that suits you perfectly.

Second, a removable shoulder strap with 2 rotating carbines will be more convenient to allow you to strap your shoulder strap to any purse with fasteners.

Leather shoulder straps or similar shoulder straps:

The choice of fabric can rely upon the standard you’re searching for and your budget.


Thick and resistant leather remains the premium material for excellence. Your leather bag shoulder strap will not relax over time. The animal skin remains a “living” material that doesn’t notably appreciate the water. Very aesthetic animal skin permits heaps of favor and is illustrated by its pleasant bit textures.

The leatherette:

The fake animal skin used for our bandages won’t deform. The imitation leather does not like the heat! The fake animal skin band could be a smart different to mix budget and fantasy. More accessible, they will be fun with a lot of models sober or a lot of color.

Simple shoulder straps or fancy shoulder straps:

You can opt for timeless colors, they are true values because they usually combine very easily with many bag models: black, camel, gray, taupe or brown they are perfect for all occasions.

You choose colors more cheerful or more feminine. Fashionable shades of blues and greens, oranges, reds and pastels lilac and powdery pink! With these lovely colors your bag strap is each sensible and aesthetic!

Shoulder straps or wide shoulder straps:

If you always wear your bag on the shoulder, opt for a wider banquette that will be comfortable. The condition of your cervical and your back: here to pick a thick band if you’re susceptible to back or neck pain. The rule is kind of simple: the thicker the band, a lot of resistant and comfy it’s.

How to wear your bag slung:

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Two potential positions to mix the sensible facet and also the elegance:

Wearing long and straight on the facet: the bag is placed on the facet of the hip, the shoulder strap remains parallel to the silhouette (“fallen right”). the bag is very low, it must start at the level of the rounded hip. Modern for sure.

Wearing short and crossed on the front: The band from the shoulder goes to the middle of the chest in “crossed”. The bag is placed high enough, it starts at the waist, and it is brought back on the front of the opposite of the shoulder or passes the shoulder strap. This is the trend of this summer.

Whatever your selection I reveal the three mistakes to avoid fully as a result of they’ll ruin your look:

If you have got generous shapes, do not wear your bag cross because the passage of the shoulder strap at the level of your chest will accentuate your shapes and cut the harmony of your silhouette

If your bag is giant, avoid wearing high (level size). This position is a lot of appropriate for little or medium size baggage. Wear high, too massive baggage widen your figure at the belly and hip.

If you are small, wear your bag to wear it straight and not too low so as not to pack your figure and to enlarge your legs.