Brown Messenger Bag For Men

Brown messenger bag:

Brown messenger bag are the most popular and mostly used by men, thanks to its practical way of carrying, it is spacious and convenient. Plus it has a casual and youthful appearance. In the market we can find multitude of colors and sizes, also the most woven fabrics are usually made of canvas or leather. The mailbag are also called student bag which is ideal for use at work or study.

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Men’s accessories help in the organization and add to the look:

Today we will talk about men’s accessories, indispensable items and super useful in our daily life. Lacoste, is one of the largest designer brands in the world, has high quality messenger bags, backpacks and wallets that are always fashionable.

With a variety of compartments, the Lacoste leather wallet has been specially designed to carry your money, cards and documents. Entrepreneurs will appreciate this product for everyday use.

Wallets are even essential in the lives of men, it is a place where we put money, cards and documents most of the time. Look how lovely this Edward leather wallet for three cards. It has two colors in fine calf leather and a Lacoste embossed plaque for the most elegant wallet. The must-have collection.

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For men with style, the Lacoste has messenger bag and backpacks for all occasions. Look how dank this backpack with zipper contrasting the crocodile’s brand. Showing generous proportions, this backpack is available in six versions, each decorated with the flag of an iconic city of the world. An essential item for everyday, with a cosmopolitan and durable design. If you have a youthful look, this bag is for sure!

A Lacoste style messenger bag with adjustable shoulder strap that fits your height is what you need to work, study and organize all the material you need in your day to day life. A roomy piece essential for moving men.

For sports lovers, there is this beautiful option of the crocodile brand, the Lacoste sport ultimum messenger bag. Have a vintage look with this bag ideal for carrying everything you need for sports and fitness training. Strong and well designed, it will become your essential accessory.

How should a man use a men’s bag:

There are many ways to use men’s bag –  this depends a lot on the situation. Depending on your need, you use your men’s purse as a handbag, shoulder bag or an elegant two-shoulder strap .

It is very common, these bags have detachable shoulder straps in the pockets and you can change your style whenever you want.

The use of the male bag also depends on what you need to carry:

Papers and tablet: You can use only shoulder straps.

Notebook and Accessories: Use style bag with hand strap or shoulder strap postman style.

More objects, more weight: use style backpack.

How to choose a men’s bag:

The best thing to do before you buy, is to go into some stores, see models, hold hands, check the material, inside and outside, see what fits inside.

Do the following: Take your objects and take a test.

Usually sellers are friendly to this.

So, to choose your male bag consider the following points.

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Utility: Knowing what you are carrying is essential for choosing the type of bag. No matter how the manufacturers have evolved the interior of the men’s purses, be practical and learn to eliminate the excesses of what you carry. Empty your backpack, put everything on the table and you will see how many things are there unnecessarily and will still find much trash saved. Then think about how you will use your purse.

Style: See if your clothes match more with black or with brown. Whether it is more social or casual. Colored or more monochromatic. This is very important because, your bag must match with your look. Choose the material, cut and style according to the most combinations you think you can create.

Quality: To win the male audience, manufacturers are betting on quality . Note that there are usually long warranties for these accessories. Knowing how to look for the right stores will make you find excellent men’s bags with great quality and a fair price. Check the following : Well-sewn seams, Full-function zippers, Zippers opening and closing easily.

Versatility: See how many straps have the male bag you’ve chosen. Usually this is the key feature for it to be versatile.

LeSacoche Range Of Paul Marius:

The LeSacoche is one of the most successful models of the Paul Marius bag collection .

These models are handmade and skin full grain buffalo ( full grain buffalo leather), which make them to be very light, strong and flexible. Bags valid for both men and women.

Exterior:  Leather shoulder bag with simple shapes, inspired by the old messenger wallets. The bag closure is by buckles. It has an adjustable strap to carry the shoulder also made of buffalo leather and is adjustable to 135 cm.

They are available in two colors, called Indus (dark brown or black) and Bronze (light brown) and in 3 sizes are sizes, L, M and S.

LeSacoche L:

The largest model is a very large bandolier capable of accommodating, portable up to 15.6 “in addition to folders or notebooks Interior divided into 3 generous compartments, the two exteriors have a large bag with zipper and the central section has two holes to store small items such as mobile or purse.

Dimensions: 40cm wide, 30cm high and 15cm wide.

LeSacoche M:

The medium model is a very broad bandolier capable of accommodating, portable up to 13 “in addition to A4 folders or notebooks Interior divided into 3 generous compartments, the two exteriors have a large bag with zipper and the central section has two holes to store small items such as mobile or purse.

Dimensions: 35cm wide, 28cm high and 12cm wide.

LeSacoche S:

The smallest model, is a shoulder bag suitable as a diary bag. Interior divided into compartments, the two exteriors have a large bag with zipper closure and the central section has two holes to store small items such as mobile or purse.

Dimensions: 25cm wide, 20cm high and 12cm wide.

Men’s Bags:

Classic design briefcase made of genuine high quality buffalo leather treated to give a vintage look. We choose a thickness of 2mm leather to last for many years. Available in two colors: brown and dark brown (almost black).

A classic and essential element in the life of a successful man, this can be worn on the shoulder due to its adjustable shoulder strap or handbag due to its wing. It has 3 outer pockets. 2 side pockets with clip clasp, and a small front pocket with buckle clasp.

The closing of the main pocket is a quick snap-off concealed behind the buckles. The perimeter of the suitcase is padded to safely store all objects, laptop, tablet or camera.

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It has the interior lined in canvas with pictures. Inside it has two small compartments and pocket with zipper closure, plus a large padded compartment, which makes it an excellent business folder for man or lady to take documents, notebooks, laptops or tablets up to 15.6 “in size.

But the big question everyone asks themselves when they get started in the business world is: Is having a folder important? Yes it is. And we will explain immediately why.

It has a very important role in organizing the day-to-day work of a worker or student. This is the most efficient and comfortable way to carry documents, notebooks, laptops or tablets. This guarantees their safety because it prevents them from getting wet or falling to the ground.

It shows a more professional image, since the traditional backpack is seen as something that is used when we are younger or when we go to a more informal environment like a trip to the beach or to the mountain! Another advantage of the briefcase is that it does not spoil your outfit or your clothing in general, something that is quite common with backpacks when they are too heavy.