What To Carry In Oversized Beach Tote?

Thing to Carry In A Oversized Beach Tote Bag:

Are you a type of person, who carries everything in the bag without knowing what’s inside? Or would you rather just carry the essentials in a small bag? Whatever your day-to-day style, to work, to go out at night, when we talk about a over-sized beach tote bag we need to fit everything and a little more in it.

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Besides functional, the beach bag needs to be beautiful and stylish, and it is an accessory which will complement your look, right? Today there are several models of bags that please everyone.

Tip: Items Required In Your Beach Bag:

Summertime Fun Rides:

The very first required item on any beach or pool bag is water. Yes, because moisturizing in the summer is super important, and even if you plan to take something in the sand, it’s always good to have your own bottle. Drinking water constantly is a basic health care, and in summer you cannot neglect it.

Speaking of basic care, sunscreen is also indispensable. The recommendation is to use one with a protection factor of at least SPF-15 for tan, and black skins. This is because the concern is not only with burns, but also with premature aging and skin cancer. If you’re more white, bet even on SPF 50, and avoid sunbathing all day long.

If you want to get a color, then you can also choose a suntan lotion – there are many brands in the market that besides protecting against the sun damage, it still guarantee a golden skin. Bronzing oils are usually rich in beta-carotene, the substance responsible for the production of melanin that gives color to the skin. The greater the amount of Vitamin A in the skin, the more melanin it will produce in contact with the sun, so the oil increases the tanning capacity. But beware of excesses.

Do not forget your hair and lips, which also need adequate protection. Creams that protect from UVA / UVB rays and have a lighter texture, in spray version for example, are a great choice for hair. Already for the lips, invest in a bat shield, with vitamins, oils and reapply frequently.

In addition to health care products, carry some accessories in the bag like stylish hats and sunglasses fit well for both men and women! In addition, the women’s wardrobe still have room for a colored canga or a light beach cloths, and a small bag to carry cash and documents without having to carry the entire wallet. Comb and accessories like elastics and cleats, help keep hair tidy after that dip.

Cangas And Towels:

To avoid body contact in the hot sand or even poolside and beach chairs, the cangas and towels are the key item for the day.

The cool thing about this item is its variety of options, with different prints and finishes.

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Beach Hat:

Do you really think this item is just to enhance the look and make it more charming? You’re wrong! The Hat is essential to protect the face from UV rays (besides sunscreen), of course the look is also important, and it is worth betting on the most different hats that appeal to you.


Nobody likes to burn the foot in the hot sand, does not it? The slipper is the great ally on these occasions. Outside they are also sticky and do not let you slip on the wet floors in clubs or pools. So you cannot miss a good pair of slippers!


Beautiful and super stylish, they accompany us from the beach to the city. But it is worth remembering, when choosing your sunglasses, check if the lenses have ultraviolet blocking.


The sun’s rays strike our skin and one way to protect it is to use a sunscreen with high SPF (sun protection factor) on the face and body. Not only on the beach, it is recommended to use every day (even in winter).

Bags For The Beach:

One of the most practical things when going to the beach is the beach bag. Usually all girls have several bags in their closet for the beach. In different colors and versions that combine with their clothing at that time. They used to carry from sunscreen, towels, bathing suit, even personal documents in the beach bag.

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A bag for the beach is very useful and practical, in addition they are manufactured in different materials, ranging from canvas, plastic, among other materials which are considered to be suitable for this type of bags that must be very resistant.

We want you to know the different styles of beach handbags that are fashionable.

Fashion and its changes also affect the fashionable beach handbags. That’s why there are typical beach bags that are characterized by carrying different type of things.

Size Of The Bags:

The beach bags, as a rule they are characterized as a large bag. Since you will include many accessories while going to the beach, that is why the size of beach bags matters a lot.

Large Beach Bag:

Usually when we buy a large beach bag we look at the strength and resistance of its seams and finishes. A large bag will allow us to carry a greater amount of things in one place.

Remember that while going to the beach, you will be out for the whole day and that is why you must have everything you need to spend a fun day, with everything you need.

Plastic Beach Bags:

Another modality of fashionable beach bags are plastic beach bags. They are usually large capacity bags, with bright colors and classic design. It is continuing to be a trend for its versatility in the holidays and also for its low cost and durability.

Beach Bags In Finque:

This type of bag is composed of a material, known as “finque” that comes from a type of plant with elongated and very resistant leaves. They are well-known handbags in countries such as Colombia and Mexico. They are handcrafted bags, which are elegant with diverse colors. These are very resistant bags, both for the beach and for walking, since their designs are versatile and adaptable to any holiday occasion.

Fashionable Beach Bags:

In general, when a season arrives, the bag stores will take out the best and most trending products to attract their customers to buy everything and for everyone. bag1 300x185 - What To Carry In Oversized Beach Tote?

Cheap Beach Bags:

In the market there are a variety of cheap beach bags. Among this wide range we have the possibility to select the one that best suits our tastes and price. This bag will be our inseparable companion when leaving for beach days or in a quick outing with friends to enjoy a sunny day.

Depending on the utility that you want to give your beach bag, you will also find different styles of bags depending on their size, as we have previously explained.

Buy Bags Online:

In the hectic modern world due to the lack of time people started to buy the products in online. Girls can see the large number of stores and make the decision to buy bags online. They can select the model and color that they prefer.

In a few words, the beach bag should be practical and comfortable. And above all it must be very resistant to use and it will be part of all the things we will take in the car to enjoy a good day at the beach with the whole family.

The beach bags are practical, useful, lightweight and above all it will help us to carry the things safely.