Choose The Best Leather Messenger Bag For Men: The Complete Guide

The Best Leather Messenger Bag For Men:

They do not need to be introduced. It is found everywhere in urban areas nowadays. These are the basic accessory of hipsters. The best leather messenger bag are a good choice when it comes to choosing an accessory that is as practical as it is cool. They come in a variety of sizes, but are often large enough to hold the items most commonly transported by a man – from his spray of paint to his textbooks, to his latest-generation MacBook Air, to his Beats by Dre helmet.

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Men’s bags came back into fashion about a decade ago, when they virtually invaded cities around the world, from London and Milan, to NYC and Seattle, to Tokyo and Sydney. Even female bloggers, like fashion blogger EllyBeth talk about it! But what is their story? In what sizes and materials do they exist? And, as most men wonder – how are they doing best? Here are some ways to help you choose the best product!

The leather bag for men, a stylish and practical accessory:

When women keep filling their handbags, men usually slip their belongings into the back pocket of their jeans, or their jackets. But recognize that it is not very practical and even less aesthetic (let’s finish with the pockets of jeans with the convex look by a wallet).

The men’s leather messenger bag not only meets the needs of everyday convenience, when you have to run again and again, without forgetting your papers, your credit card and the keys of your interior, and while adding a special touch, and when you want to make your outfit looks pleasant.

The leather messenger bag, a touch of style to your outfit:

In fashion, although they have been on the front of the scene years ago, they always come back sometimes even without having to change anything to their appearances. The leather bag is the aesthetics of a bag, a wallet for man, which allows you to slip everything you need throughout the day to go to work, go to an evening, or while playing the tourist who discovers the charm of a city, a country.

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Designed to meet the needs of men who also needed their bags, the leather bag stands out with class and sophistication, or canvas, by a style and a finish that all do not miss to envy him! We particularly appreciate its timeless look that never bother to adapt to all styles: a casual look, a chic look for a day at work …

They can be used in different formats, you could opt for a small model that will allow you to slip your wallet, your car keys, your smartphone and your glasses case, just as you could point to a model of leather bags wider, for depositing envelopes containing important documents, your laptop, or whatever you want!

Quality of the leather bag:

Leather, fashion material by excellence, never ceases to seduce, by its aspect worked and recognizable among all. The leather bag offers a quality absolutely indisputable, not to mention, obviously , its aestheticism is so pleasant!

So if you want to give up your traditional panniers, to prefer the beauty and the robustness of a leather bag for men, take the time to discover our models, selected to adapt to the style of each one, there is inevitably a leather bag model designed for you, right?

Why opt for a leather bag:

Leather has the ability to withstand weather and external aggression, making it ideal for many products. Another significant advantage is that leather tends to improve with time. The more you wear your leather bag, the more beautiful it will become. However, be careful if you buy one of these bags, leather is a material that must be maintained.

Criteria to be considered:

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If you are a businessman, student or craftsman, a man’s bag can be of much more use than you think. This type of luggage can even replace a cabin suitcase. For trips like little longer, however, recommend to opt for a real cabin bag. In this regard, we cannot recommend too much the Terra Incognita guide ! But back to our bags. This does not mean that you have to choose the first bag that comes to hand. You must favor a bag that looks like your look, which suits your appearance without altering your beautiful dress. So there are some characteristics of the bag for men to take into account.

Breathe the masculinity:

Avoid attracting the eye on you with a bag that recalls the feminine forms. Choose a men’s bag for men. Classic bags with right angles, large closures and large pockets. The models on the shoulder strap will be perfect for students.

For color, if you are on your first acquisition, go for brown. Why ? Well, it’s a color that fits perfectly to a vast majority of sartorial textures. If you are more attracted to another color, take one that will be in harmony with certain colors of your clothes. However, avoid white bags, they lack look and masculinity.

For backpacks, avoid digging your brains for long, make the choice on simple models that have large pockets. Do not lean too much for those who have comic inscriptions … You will not risk to ridicule yourself in front of colleagues or friends.

The material: leather or a thick canvas are best suited bags for men. They cost a little more, but remain the best that will bring you strength and robustness. Do not go to the shiny leathers, but rather to neutral or faded leather. You’ll have an adventurous or retro look with a clean look to your style.

How to move in the product lines:

The shoulder bag: you will be able to adapt the way to wear this type of bag depending on your outfit. A hell of a look with a city suit? Remove the strap and keep your side connected. On the other hand, if you have an outfit like jeans and a shirt, keep the shoulder strap to have a more fun side. The shoulder bag deserves its place among the fashion accessories for men. Regarding the material, leather is preferred because it is more eye-catching and suitable for many dresses. It can also be suitable for a short weekend or a getaway if you only have a few items to take away.

The leather bag:

With his small shoulder strap, it can be worn on the shoulder as well as the hand. The leather messenger bag can also be your traveling companion, thanks to the multiplicity of its interior and exterior pockets. If you plan for relaxing days or walks in the parks, opt for this type of bag that will be discreet. Its clean lines are reminiscent of manhood and completely forget the prejudices that a man who wears a bag is not cool enough.

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The cover:

The cover is suitable for those who do not want to clutter, but who needs to keep his personal belongings at hand. Of course, there are larger sizes, which are spacious to carry more objects. For colors, choose black or brown that will certainly bring out the colors of your clothes. You will find on this site several brands that correspond to your needs and your taste in terms of design: Azzaro, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Adidas, etc.


They are the most professional option

Like most men who work in offices nowadays, you have to carry a computer from time to time. Maybe you work at home most of the time, but from time to time you need to go to town for business meetings. Or you work as a freelancer and you need to bring your laptop to a brainstorming session. In any of these cases, the bag is the smartest option, in terms of style. It’s bigger than a banana bag and about as big as most backpacks. Yet unlike a backpack, a satchel looks pretty like a laptop bag. Bonus: it will save you from looking like a nerdy college kid.

It’s easier to find your stuff:

You need a pen to write something down quickly. Your phone rings in some corner of your backpack. In the meantime, you search your bag like crazy, arms behind your back and you look ridiculous. Forget that kind of discomfort and carry a satchel instead. With all their inner compartments and pockets, it becomes very easy to catch the item you need quickly.