How To Choose Girls Tote Bag

Girls Tote Bag:

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It is said that there are three things that never have any limit in your life: chocolate, shoes and cats. But as women, you know that bags should be on this list. As there are no such things as too many bags, or too many shoes in your wardrobe. But what to do when space or budget is limited? The best answer is to stick to the basics. And invest in the essential types of girls tote bag.

Tote Bag:

Generally, the tote bag has parallel handles that emerge from the sides which is large and not detached. It is made of a thicker leather or sturdy fabric, and can have a thicker bottom. Usually it is made of canvas, a combination of jute or nylon. The bags can be casual or elegant, suitable for daily or office trips.

The tote bags seem to come from the 17th century, although the term was not used for bags until the 1940’s. These women’s bags appeared as a replacement for traditional luggage which was heavier and not so comfortable to carry. Tote bags entered the fashion culture in the 1950’s, when women began using such bags because of their practicality. And the fact is that these bags did not require too much maintenance.

During the 1960’s, totes began to become more fashionable, and designers began to incorporate elegant details and played with textures and colors. Turning these items into beautiful, functional accessories for everyday use. However, the real revolution of these bags began in the 1990’s and these items have become a top choice for fashion lovers.

This type of bag is similar to the shopper bag, which means that it is usually of a large size. What differentiates this from the other is its less rectangular design. It also has two short handles and you can get it in multiple finishes. Women use this bag to go out for a walk with friends or even to go shopping.

Bags Just For Girls:

With the current fashion, the bags are no longer reserved for women, a large number of men refuse to do without their bags. Fortunately for us ladies, some models are entirely dedicated to us and make it possible to highlight our outfits and our femininity. Here you will find some examples just for girls who will undoubtedly fill you and make a beautiful place in your closet accessories. There are many models with feminine colors like pink or purple.

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Women love pretty embroidery, sequins, rhinestones and why not nails and rivets. In their general form, a number of models are openly feminine, the handles are fine.

For those who do not yet know what this type of bag is?, do not get panic we will help you in finding the best tote bags. They come in many shapes, bags, beach bags, urban versions. What differs from the other bags is their charming ethnic design that mixes embroidery which is inspired by the people in east and south.

The Different Models Of Bags:

Other models of handbags for girls are modeled with beads, rhinestones and all kinds of small jewelry. The straps and handles are also worked with the use of metal chains absolutely ravishing and very modern that give more cachet to any outfit


This is a large bag that stands out for having two handles and enough capacity to store multiple products. It is ideal for women who go to work or do shopping. The most common thing is that, it only has one pocket. However there are models that have compartments inside and of course you can find them in a wide range of colors.

Saddle Bag:

These are a type of bags that are inspired by the equestrian environment, so they stand out for their rounded shape and also because they are usually made of leather in brown. It is also common to include a tassel closure, in addition to a zipper closure.

Learn How To Choose The Right Bag For Every Occasion:

The purse is an indispensable accessory in our day to day life. Finding a woman who is going out without a bag is virtually impossible. For this reason, knowing how to choose the right bag is necessary for this item to be the ideal complement for your look. As well as the guardian of your belongings.

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Different environments require specific types of accessory and you must be careful not to commit a mistake in the fashion world.

We separate some tips that will help you to choose the most appropriate bag for each occasion, which prevents you from making mistakes. Let’s check what are they?

The Size Of The Bag:

Large and spacious bags guarantee the possibility of accommodating a greater number of belongings. And making life easier for those who need to carry the essentials for their routine and it should be ideal for day-to-day life too.

However, care should be taken with the amount of weight you carry with yourself. Choosing the right bag is very important. It can help in comfort and well-being, as well as it helps in improving the variation of your style and elegance.

As we know already that, parties and social events require special accessories. In these cases, you should carry a smaller bag with more sophisticated details. Handbags, for these occasions are really great, because they are usually small and classy which surely complements your look.

Give Importance To Colors And Style:

For everyday use you should pick the bags in neutral colors such as black, white, caramel, nude and brown. These tones will easily match with most of your outfits. In addition, more classic models are great and trendy option for everyday look.

However, if you’re hooked on the latest trends and searching for more modern handbag models, then you should follow the blogs of fashion experts and stay updated.

Know The Main Types Of Bag:

Before making any decision, we need to know what options we have and their advantages. Because only then, it is possible to know how to choose the right bag. Here are some of the main models:

Tote Bag:

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This is a bag similar to the shopping bag. It allows to carry many belongings, which makes the life easier. It is made in the most varied materials and it is very versatile;

Handbag Or Wallet:

This type of bag is widely used in occasions when it is not necessary to store many objects. As the name itself suggests, it is carried in the hands and it is the most suitable option for gala events, because they are small and charming;

Bag Chest:

This is a classic and stripped model. It is in rounded and structured shape, with two small handles, which gives versatility and elegance. The bag is undoubtedly an object that makes life easier for people and can also make a difference in their looks.

Now, you have learned how to choose the right bag for every moment of your life. This will allow you to enjoy the occasions with comfort, practicality and style.