Choose The Satchel Messenger Bag That Matches The Destiny

Satchel Messenger Bag:

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Satchel messenger bag were discovered and used most in the 17th century. This type of handbag usually has a cross strap to wear on one side, shaped similar to a briefcase but it is different from the one on the side of the softened bag making a certain softness for the bag. With fancy looks and a bit of classic blend, this bag fits in with a variety of different styles and outfits.

Choose The Color Of The Handbag:

With women bags, it is not just a container like their original features, but has become a fashion accessory for women, according to feng shui colors, handbags have a great influence on users. Choosing bags according to destiny, according to feng shui, not only helps you be confident when having a nice accessory but also bring more luck to yourself. If you want to be lucky and have lots of fortune, you need to pay attention to the color and shape of the bag.

Why Must You See The Age Of The Mix:

Choosing color with age is an important thing associated with every human event. It is important because it is a seemingly indispensable tool to determine the color of mutuality, which is similar to the feng shui or the yin and yang in the Five Elements. Therefore, the information provided is very accurate so that we can choose the colors that match each person’s destiny so that we can ensure the best luck, demeaning ourselves in the best way.

In particular, the choice of colors can be associated with each mature event of each person such as the purchase of a car destiny, buying a house, painting a feng shui wall. Because color is one of the most important factors to be used smoothly according to age to enhance interoperability factors, limit the unexpected risks and disadvantages of that person.

Handbags are not just a non-isolated accessory of women when going to the street but looking into a bag, they can feel their personality and destiny as well as their ” class “.

So instead of buying brand-name bags filled with the market, why don’t you choose a suitable bag with a unique design, matching colors.

“A good pair of shoes can take you where you want to go” and “A suitable bag can take you farther than you think.”

And we will share with you the secret of choosing a feng shui bag for you.

How To Choose Bags With Feng Shui Color:

Color is always the first determinant in choosing a handbag. In particular, in feng shui colors is also the most recognizable and closest factor when choosing suitable for the five elements.

What Color Is The Golden Mix:

Choose for yourself a bag for destiny Kim we should choose the shape of square box, dotted with a few more metal details will bring to the owner of fate Kim many fortune and luck in life especially fields related to business and trade.

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A yellow satchel bag with a metal buckle below is a great combination for her destiny.

What Kind Of Color Is It:

Big bags, with strap design will definitely be suitable for those women who have this “Tree” destiny.

In addition, the stylish, deep black bags will be an option not to be missed with the sisters of this destiny.

With her green bag, the bag will bring about development for them and the dufflef or trapeze bag shape is a bad choice.

Which Color Of Marine:

Referring to the Water element, surely we will not be able to ignore the blue and white bags, the bags attached to the Water element.

The gentle, delicate, pure bags will be an option to complete these destiny girls.

The blue crossbody bags seem to add strength and confidence to her destiny.

What Kind Of Color Is The Fire Destiny:

Referring to the Fire girls, we often think of energetic and enthusiastic girls. And the handbags are red, orange, pink … always and surely will be the bags that can satisfy the intense emotion of the Fire girl.

Using these “hot” color bags will help women to fully activate their energy, helping them to have good energy sources to “burn” difficulties and obstacles in the public, job.

In addition to the mutuality between Hoa and Moc, the use of bags with colors intertwined with color tones symbolizes carpentry: black and blue will also make your work harmonious, more advantageous. The red satchel bag seemed to be born for the destiny girl.

What Kind Of Color Is It:

Symbolizing the land, the girls of are often very wide, “good land birds”, they are peaceful people, suitable to play with many destiny.

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In particular, the girls destined to choose earth brown color associated with the destiny color is a perfect choice, the brown bag will help the girls to maximize their chief and achieve Stable and solid successes at work.

How You Use Feng Shui Bags Properly:

According to the feng shui conception of the East, the right side of the body is “White Tiger” which symbolizes the toughness and firmness, while the left is the “Dragon” embodiment of strength, authority and respect.

So wearing any bag is the way you choose how you will become a person. It is best to wear, carry the handbag on your left.

In addition, placing a bag on the floor is also a taboo because in addition to damaging the bag soon, according to the oriental feng shui view “bag on the floor, money to ask the door”, placing the bag is not right will make your money and fortune more risky. Therefore, in addition to wearing the right bag, placing the bag on the cabinet or on the table will be a good guarantee for you.

Believe that, with the above information, we will help all of you to choose the best feng shui handbags for yourself.