Clear Plastic Tote Bags

What Is A Plastic Tote Bags?

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A plastic tote bag is an object made of an aggregate of plastic sheets. It has two ends, of which one is use to open the bag and the other one is use to close the bag. During shopping, the plastic tote bags are widely use to carry or store objects.

Types Of Plastic Tote Bags:

Plastic tote bags are diverse and varied. The most common is the cash bag. This is distributed by the stores to their customers to allow the transport of purchases. The other types of plastic tote bags includes the vacuum bag, the trash bag, and even the airbags of cars.

Process For Manufacturing Plastic Tote Bags:

The plastic tote bag is usually obtained from polyethylene, a material derived from petroleum. Its manufacture is processed through the technique of extrusion-inflation. This process involves extruding polyethylene pellets through a parison. The latter then undergoes an over pressure which will give the plastic material.

Plastic Tote Bags According To Its Material:

1.The Polyethylene Tote Bags:

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Polyethylene is the material most frequently use to make plastic tote bags. It offers many advantages for the manufacture of strong and resistant plastic tote bags.

Polyethylene is a very malleable material. This flexibility of the material makes the polyethylene to adopt various forms. Polyethylene has interesting physio-chemical properties such as lightness, impermeability, re-usability and above all, resistance.

There are two types of polyethylene: high density polyethylene and low density polyethylene. High density polyethylene or HDPE is generally use for the manufacture of plastic tote bags. As for low density polyethylene, it is mainly use in the manufacture of reusable plastic tote bags.

2.Polypropylene Tote Bags

The great advantage of polypropylene is its polymorphism and its translucency. Polypropylene can sometimes be uses to make some of the crate bags, such as the woven polypropylene crate.

The Resistance Of Plastic Tote Bags:

Plastic tote bags are designed to offer a very high resistance and support the maximum possible loads. The reason is that plastic tote bags are increasingly use in shopping.

Types Of Plastic Tote Bags For Shops:

1.Light Plastic Bags :

This bag have a thickness less than 50 microns. It is commonly called “t-shirt bag” or “single-use” because of the small thickness it has.

2.Very light plastic Tote Bags:

These bags have a thickness of less than 15 microns. These are the bags that are normally use for hygiene, to transport products sold in bulk (fruit, vegetables…).

3.Plastic Tote Bag  (PE BD) :

The plastic tote bags in low density polyethylene (PE BD) is very resistant, flexible and transparent one. It is suitable for storage, packaging or shipping of products. The transparency makes it both solid and practical.

The product is available in three thicknesses: 50 microns, 80 microns and 100 microns.

4.The ZIP Bag:

The ZIP bag offers good visibility. Its specific feature is that it has a zip closure. This makes it particularly practical and functional since it opens and closes easily and indefinitely.

This feature allows you to secure the items, so that nothing slips or falls. The ZIP bag is available only in 50 micron thickness.

5.PP Bag :1 140630133433234 - Clear Plastic Tote Bags

It will support very heavy loads, and also support sharp objects. Its thickness of 40 microns does not detract from its strength and resistance. It is also recyclable one.

6.Polypropylene Woven Film:

It is obtaining from polypropylene, it is reusable, resistant. This product is an excellent advertising investment, thanks to the message offered by quality filming.

7.The Shopping Tote Bag:

Without a doubt, this is the most fashionable advertising bag. Reusable, solid and original, it will appeal to your employees or customers and become their favorite shopping bag or beach bag. True “tote”, it adapts to all types of usages. This material offers you great possibilities of customization.