Cotton Tote Bag, The Essential Accessory!

Cotton Tote Bag:

Although the tote bag is a practical accessory that is essential for any outing. Now it becomes a fashion accessory for fashion addicts. Your handbag is too small for your lifestyle and Are you eager to find a solution that combines fashion and utility? Opt for an original cotton tote bag!

In addition to being green, the tote bag is multi-faceted and is very useful for shopping sprees, beach, courses, work or outings with children. Choose its size according to your needs: the 10L tote bag to carry your stuff for a long day or the 26L tote bag is ideal for big races.

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But beyond its practical aspect, it has become a real fashion accessory for fashion addicts! It accessorizes any outfit and gives you a “chic-casual” look. It goes with everything: a dress, a leather jacket, a blazer or a chic coat.

In addition to being an organized shopper, you will not leave anyone indifferent. The messages conveyed by its different logos will leave smiles on all faces.

It allows you to express your personality. You choose it in the morning according to your mood: the unicorn tote bag when you get up on the right foot; the bulldog will keep you company during a hard day’s work, or the paradise tote bag when you’re in a dreamy mood.

You too, adopt the cotton bag as a fashion accessory, in addition to making your life easier, your style will be even more marked!

What alternatives to the plastic bag:

Single-use plastic bags are now banned. It will therefore no longer rely on stores to provide us with plastic bags. But then, what alternatives to replace the plastic bag? In order to reduce the considerable environmental impacts, there are different types of reusable bags that you can use every day. A wide range of promotional bags is available, so you can find the right bag for you in accordance with your values and corporate culture. You can choose the material of your bag both reusable and advertising as well as its shape and color.

Cotton, polypropylene, jute, polyester or nylon … In different sizes and colors … Find the bag that fits you!

Reusable bags tailored to your needs:

  • The BIO cotton shopping bag is a very good alternative to the plastic bag. Practical, robust and unique, the personalized tote bag can be used for different needs: for food, shopping or even as a tote bag. The standard size of the bag is 38×42 cm, it will not burden you in any case.
  • The Kraft paper bag is a bag known for its strength and lightness. It is distinguished by its natural color and aspires to become more and more trendy by its ecological commitment. Recyclable and biodegradable, it is the ecological alternative.
  • The polypropylene bag is known for its stiffness and impermeability properties. It is widely used in the supermarket sector but can be used for multiple uses.

And many more durable bags are available: polyester, nylon or even jute!

These custom and reusable bags help bring maximum visibility to your brand with your logo printed on one of our bags, this is the opportunity for you to reach a wider target and to become more known!

5 good reasons to use cloth bags:

  1. The material:

When we think of bags, our first concern was to use a material that will definitely replace the plastic or any other synthetic material. Firstly for an environmental issue: Limiting the use of plastic is a world priority.

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On the other hand and for our organic bag model, we chose a 100% organic cotton. This tissue is natural and comes from ecological plantations in which no pesticides or other chemical substances have been used. This material also has other properties such as a more resistant texture and is especially recommended for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

  1. Durability:

Another advantage of cotton tote bags. Because the plastic bags do not last anything. This fabric guarantees long-term durability and will support more weight and long distances.

  1. Savings:

Using a cloth bag will avoid buying plastic bags that are becoming more expensive, both in stores and in supermarkets. Taking your personalized fabric bag with you will not have to pay for another bag each time you make a new purchase.

  1. The aesthetics:

Due to its characteristics, cloth bags have a unique style, very different from plastic ones. The cloth bags are fashionable and more and more people choose them as a complement to go shopping, to work or to go out and enjoy their free time.

  1. The quality:

The quality of the print is added to the quality of the material and you know how we like to take care of detail so that they are perfect.

How To Take Care Of Your Cloth Bags So That They Are Like The First Day:

Surely if we entered your bedroom and opened the closet doors, we would lack fingers in your hands to be able to count all the bags you have stored. Are we wrong? Surely not, and is that handbags are our best allies.

They are the complement for the excellence of women, capable of completely revolutionizing a look, no matter what you wear. We could even take them with nothing inside. Only with the intention of completing our costumes and of course, boasting about it. It is impossible to leave the house without them.

original friendly little lion organic cotton tote bag 300x300 - Cotton Tote Bag, The Essential Accessory!

That’s why we know that there is nothing that gives more anger is that it can be stained, fall on the ground or filled with dirt. All this has happened to us and we had to go through these bad situations. Especially with the cloth bags and handbags, which are more sensitive than the rest. And we have to pamper them and treat them with special care so that they remain in perfect condition.