The Crazy Mini Crossbody Bag

A Minimum Format For A Maximum Style With A Mini Crossbody Bag:

If you regularly observe the different looks of bloggers and stars, you will notice that they crack everything for bags called “mini crossbody”.

Thus, small handbags appear on the arms of girls in vogue. Luxury brands are following the trend by shrinking their initial models. The classic and timeless bags are revisited by the biggest brands.

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The Advantages Of The Mini Crossbody Bag:

This bag is ideal to take the minimum products with you. It is therefore less bulky than a classic or over-sized bag. It is suitable for all winter and summer outfits. Just find the brand and the model that suits you the best. Depending on, what you choose, you can even remove the shoulder strap and wear it as your evening bag!

Obviously, you will not be able to put everything, it depends according to the model that you take. Because it is not a bag for every day! But do not panic, you can bring your essentials. Like wallet, phone, small agenda or even sunglasses and why not a little make up.

How It Is  Worn:

Most often the mini bag will be worn along the body with a shoulder strap. Otherwise it will be worn by hand if it has a short handle. The mini bag will bring out your elegance. It is absolutely necessary to avoid the superposition of clothes and to bet on discreet accessories. For example, you can choose to wear a plain dress or more classic denim and t-shirt for a more casual look. Indeed, wearing a sober outfit will enhance your bag because it’s the detail that will make the difference and it will bring a touch of freshness.

How To Choose:

First of all, if you want a certain freedom in your movements bet on a small shoulder bag that leaves your hands free. Then choose a rigid bag or at least a bag whose shape fits you very well. Do not forget a mini crossbody bag that give maximum style to your outfits.

In general, celebrities or bloggers tend to opt for the same model they already have in XXL but here in XXS version.

How To Match The Purse To Her Outfit:

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To match one’s handbag to one’s dress can sometimes be a complicated task. If we want to link style and practicality, we must find the right bag adapted to its morphology and that will go with everything. To help us to match our handbag to our outfit, we asked an expert leather bag: Jeannette , Lilloise designer specializing in hyper trend bags.

Which Color Of Bag To Choose:

The advantage of the handbag is that it comes in all shapes ,sizes, materials, colors … You can really have fun choosing one adapted to your mood of the day.

“In term of colors, or we want it to follow with the outfit. For example, to wear a red bag on a completely black outfit. I think it is necessary to associate her bag according to what one wants to make of it.

If I wear a very colorful dress with patterns , then I go on a bag of a neutral color not to overdo it. For example, I can opt for the inevitable bag in black or camel cook, or a small wicker bag. If I choose a colorful or patterned bag , I wear it with a total black outfit, more uniform or in a shades of colors. I can also match the color of my bag to a part of my outfit like the top or coat.

Which Bag For Which Silhouette:

It’s not just the clothes you have to choose according to your morphology , the handbag is just as important! If you are tall or round , choose rather large bag so that it does not get lost. If you are small , we will rather go on a small format so that it does not seem to crush you.

Which Bag For What Occasion:

For the day ,we must choose a bag that can hold all our necessities, without being overloaded. We all know that it is easy to take too much! For a shopping outing, we always go on a shoulder bag.

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If you are loaded, then you can bet on a big bag super practical to wear on the shoulder so as not to have too bad back, or a stylish backpack . “When we go to work, or travel, we can take a bag, it is really according to the utility.”

And to go out at night, nothing better than to bet on a beautiful wallet !

Mini Handbag:

After the trend of maxi handbags, the big bags and with lots of volume, it’s time for the mini bag with everything! In this trend, everything in mini will be worth, and in this concept of mini bag ,that shoulder bag is conquering more and more space in the world of fashion.

The disadvantage of this type of bag is that its size is not possible to carry as many things as in the maxi bags, you have to choose only essential items for that occasion. So, if you want a bag for everyday, the maxi bags are the best choice, because in them it is possible to carry a much larger quantity of products.

How To Combine Your Mini Bag:

The mini bag is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to go out at night. It combines with looks for more formal parties. Incidentally, these small handbags are ideal to wear with party dresses.

The mini bag is very charming, and combines with all types of look, including those which are more informal. It can be worn with shorts, jeans, dresses, regattas. Even with sneakers, rasteirinha or even the high heels complete the look.

Combination Mini Bag:

The nude or black models combine with all types of look, but the colorful versions are the new bet of this season. Another strong trend for the summer, are the bags with chains handles.

Crossbody Style Bag:

Crossbody style bag is a bag that has long strap, at the length of the trunk and it is worn across the right / left shoulder of the hip from the opposite direction – usually are small and medium sized. A popular name that the crossbody bag is also known for is a shoulder bag.

The crossbody bags emerged in the 1940’s along with the evolution of women’s rights, which at that time called for greater mobility and appreciated for leaving hands free. Years later it was also explored by the hippie movement in more rustic materials, the bag was reinvented and nowadays it can be found in different shapes, colors, fabrics and finishes.

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“They are everywhere and offer great practicality, because they can compose looks from day to day or even more elaborate for a party or night event,” commented fashion consultant..

You should have any model of crossbody bag in the wardrobe. It is a piece that is worth having at least one model.