Custom Beach Tote: The Perfect Bag For Beach

Custom Beach Tote:

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The main idea of ​​the custom beach tote allow you to easily organize your things. For this type of bags have two walls pop-us patented design. For example, one way you can put your picnic things and the other side you can put wet stuff. The walls of the beach totes are waterproof. As a result, it guarantees optimal protection of their content.

In addition to these walls, this bag has many other pockets to organize everything. A reinforced outside pocket for your sunglasses, and inside for your electronics.

The Best Beach Bags Tantrend: Style On The Seashore:

Good weather, sun, sand, sea, vacations… everything sounds good when we talk about summer, but it still sounds better when you have your beach package ready to enjoy the summer days to the fullest. There are many things that you must take into account when making your beach look more exclusive and ideal: bikinis, sandals, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and a long list that you cannot miss. Where do we keep all these things? Exactly, in the best beach bags.

Bolso de Playa Tantrend Azul con Bolsillo Plastificado - Custom Beach Tote: The Perfect Bag For Beach

The beach bags have ideal complement so that you can take everything. It is  necessary to look comfortable and also without give up your style and elegance.

They are much more than simple beach bags. Besides going to the beach, you can go shopping, go for a walk and ultimately perform any activity that comes to mind with this bag. They are made for you!

It is a large bag with lightest  weight and made with a resistant materials. They are very easy to clean and which of course will bring the best style to your look.

For The Most Clueless:

A perfect beach bag for the most clueless, as it comes with the mat and the matching beach cushion. It has two transparent outer pockets.

Bolso de Playa Tantrend Beige - Custom Beach Tote: The Perfect Bag For Beach

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best bags for the beach you can choose, with a simple yet innovative design, made of jute and polyester and totally washable, so you can always have it as new. Available in two colors, blue and brown, it is big enough so that you can carry everything you need in the most comfortable and carefree way. And also, it has a zippered main closure.

For Lovers Of Prints:

Bolso de Playa Tantrend con Ondas - Custom Beach Tote: The Perfect Bag For Beach

If you like prints, this beach bag will be perfect for you. A custom beach tote, that has two short handles in leather effect so you can wear it comfortably. It is available in salmon and blue color. It is made with polyester and non-woven fiber. On the outside we can see the logo of the firm.

For The Most Comfortable:

This beach bag is shown as the best option for those women who like to enjoy maximum comfort when they go to the beach. A really big bag in which you can put everything you need (50x38x18cm).

Modelo con Bolso de Playa Tantrend a Rayas - Custom Beach Tote: The Perfect Bag For Beach

It is made with jute, so the quality of the bag is beyond doubt. Available in blue, red and brown color. It has a horizontal striped finish that will make you fall in love. You’ll love it.

Types of Beach Totes:

The Beach Tote Bag:

4 - Custom Beach Tote: The Perfect Bag For Beach

The tote is the most popular form of beach bag! Because of its practical and timeless side that the customers will love to wear it. They can opt for ethnic raffia tote with colorful patterns like the one above, for the Colombian style.

The Wicker Basket Beach Bag:

6 - Custom Beach Tote: The Perfect Bag For Beach

In this summer the wicker basket is extremely trendy! Because this beach bag will be revisited and embellished with fringes. These small details will bring modernity to this basic.

The Cloth Beach Bag:

take me to the beach navy 1024x1024 - Custom Beach Tote: The Perfect Bag For Beach

The cloth beach bag is also 100% fashionable for this season. Because these type of bags printed with pretty message like “Take me to the beach”. Not only the message, t-shirts are also very trendy, the bags too!