Custom Gift Tote Bags

Gift Tote Bags:

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Tote Bag is the perfect bag for preparing gift. As the name suggests, it is very convenient since it allows to pack the gift easily. Gift tote bags are the one that remind as the magic, because they can carry the gift inside.

Forget the classic bags with colors that hurt the eyes. Make a personalized gift bag for your gift by yourself. Especially for those gifts with impossible shapes, gift bags are always a wise idea to leave the recipient speechless. Highlight your gift by the gift tote bags.

You can also design your own personalized tote bag with paper. And also you can add your photos, messages, logo of your brand or even with a nice pattern created by yourself.

Customize The Gift Tote Bag:

The way to present a gift is very important, When we make a gift. We must not only choose carefully what we are going to give, but also we should pack it properly.

There are many ways to take care of the gift delivery:

  • One of them is the most usual and that involves wrapping the present with wrapping paper.
  • The second, more original and also more usual one. It is to deliver in the tote bag.

These bags are usually made up of paper. It can be purchased in different companies or stores. By using color papers, we can also make it ourselves.

Gift Tote Bags: Exterior

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There are many stationery stores are available in market, to buy the gift tote bag. Although making a tote bag is not too complex (you can find many tutorials on the Internet ).There are many resources are available, with which we can customize the bag easily. In this bag, we can also include the name of the person who is going to receives the gift. To do this try to use different stickers of different colors, sizes and shapes.

In case none of these solutions convinces you. You can also decorate the bag with drawing or painting either by freehand or using stamps with different slogans (which can also be found in many stationery stores or craft shops).

Another element that we can change our gift is the handle of the gift bag. If we have a bag with a colored cord that we do not like, we can acquire another one that contrasts or that we like more. We can also replace it with a satin ribbon (or cotton) that we can knot to give it a more chic look.

Take care of the range of colors you will use. Better if it is in accordance with the moment in which you will deliver the bag. So, for example, for a bag that we are going to deliver in a communion or a wedding, nothing better than resorting to gold or silver markers. For Christmas, nothing better than intense green and red colors etc.

Gift Tote Bags: Interior

You should also pay attention to the inner part of the gift bag. So that the gift has even more good look. It is best to use a tissue paper to wrap it. Just make a few folds that enclose it.

Here the possibilities are enormous, not only because of the availability of colors and sizes, but also because, as previously, they can be personalized with a festive motif.

They are made of coated paper that gives them that special glossy and plasticized finish. The thickness gives them resistance and the cord handles give them an affordable and close touch.

Traditional Method For Wrapping Gifts:

Traditional method for wrapping the gift will surprise with your gift. And to break with stereotypes you could use an eco-friendly tote bag, which is innovative and will not make the planet dirty, it is ecological.

Although if you opt for the traditional, a gift tote bag will surprise the person, who cannot wait to open it to discover the gift.

In short, the presentation of the gift wrap always denotes the love and commitment that one puts when you have to give something to someone.

Decorating Paper Bags With Childish Motifs:

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Knowing how to decorate tote bags can be very interesting to surprise a special person. The bags are usually decorated for some singular event. It can be a birthday, an anniversary for the couple or for your business.

The small house contain your children, nephews, etc. They deserve the best. For this reason it is your birthday party you can prepare some of the ideas we bring you. You have to always keep in mind what is their favorite characters and heroes are. Thus, the gift tote bags will make much more excitement.


In gift tote bags, we have many basic bags with which you can make your own gift projects. Gift tote bags, that will be the best way to wrap the gifts that you have purchased. Even so you can customize and deliver them at your social gatherings or celebrations. Obtaining a unique product with which you can surprise your guests.