Custom Messenger Bags For Daily Use

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If you do not know the Custom messenger bags, it’s time to correct this error.

The custom messenger bags are one of the good choice when compared with other bags. It is able to carry a 15 “computer, a tablet and a professional photo equipment.

The custom messenger bags are very comfortable to wear and it also gives an elegant and stylish look. When compared to other Messenger bag, the custom messenger bags does not suffer from major damages. It is really close to the ideal bag “wallet”!

Discover The Bag:

Surprisingly, the custom messenger bags are built from quality material that increases the strength of the bag, the metal buckles are with zips or a wide strap with comfortable shoulder pad.

The Exterior Is Full Of Practical Details:

Outside the custom messenger bags, a pocket is available. In that one can take their slide magazines and papers very easily. But they can have small accessories thanks to the small pockets inside.

The flap has 2 outside pockets that can store phone or small accessories. A wide zipper allows direct access to the inner side of the bag without opening the flap, which will allow you to get faster access to camera and lenses. The zips have convenient loops that allows you to manipulate them blindly. Finally, a handle allows you to grab the bag without necessarily to grab the handle.

Both sides of the bag have large nets that can safely hold water bottle, umbrella or any other accessory.

The bottom of the bag is reinforced by a “rubber” type bottom. Nothing will happen even if you put it on inhospitable soil!

By Opening The Flap:

The custom messenger bag is maintained by magnetic fasteners. By velcro – we discover that in front of the bag ther are several other flat pockets (outside as it was inside) to store phone, batteries, pens, cables and other accessories. Both sides of the flap have bellows that prevent rain from entering the bag.

At the back of the bag there are two pockets that are available to take laptop or tablet.

Main Compartment Of The Bag:

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The main compartment of the bag contains a removable photo insert, which allows you to use the photo for other activities. The insert is particularly spacious, since other bag objectives do not even use two thirds of the available space. It is good, because the remaining space allows us to store all the small objects of everyday life like (pair of glasses, wallet, headphones etc). Small flat pockets on the outside of the insert can still store small accessories (batteries, memory cards). Note that classically, the dividers only allow to partition vertically the space inside the insert. This will not interfere with SLR users whose objectives are larger.

In Use:

The custom messenger bag is very comfortable to use. The comfortable strap spreads the load well, and can fit with a small belt to keep the bag from turning while riding a bike. I just found the strap is long, and you can even shorten it. But apparently it would become a problem.

The opening on the flap can be quickly operational, and particularly suitable for reporting when time is running out. By its nature, however, it will be necessary to be vigilant if you travel in zones with pickpockets.

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In addition to quick access to photo equipment. This bag will also be very comfortable to use in hot climates, because you cannot use it as a backpack. Be careful not to overload, the other side of the coin. Because the weight rests on one shoulder, even if in that case, the strap is very comfortable.

I also appreciated the fact that you can remove and store the photo insert, which allows you to store all it’s equipment in home.

The outer fabric of the bag will withstand light rain, but a storm can make your flap and other objects to get wet. Fortunately, an anti-rain cover comes with the custom messenger bag and will allow you to face any weather. ThinkTank and Billingham go a step further by inserting a layer of waterproof rubber inside the flap, virtually eliminating the need for a rain cover.


With the custom messenger bag, you can find a satchel that is almost ideal, if you have to move with all of my the equipment, from shooting to retouching. Practically, it is extremely well designed, and it allows you to take everything you require to take pictures and stay productive (computer and tablet). Its modern and discreet aesthetic  looks makes it all the more versatile.

Those who are looking for a more compact bag can make use of the custom messenger bag.

The custom messenger bags are offered around good price, the custom messenger bag largely justifies its price and has become my daily companion.