Custom Recycled Tote Bags

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Recycled tote bags refer to all types of bags in which the raw material comes from another product that has already been used. After a physio-chemical process that has been recover to produce a new object. In the case that concerns us a bag. Today the range of recycle tote bags was increase, because of its stylish and proffesional look.

Recycled Bags:

There are different denominations for recycling the tote bag.

The thicknesses of the bag go from the 70 gr to the 110 gr. The main advantage of the bags are build with paper of great quality.

Tote bags and curled handle bags are the most widely using bag in worldwide. Because of their reliability, strength, capacity and low cost.

Luxury Recycled Bags:

The luxury ecological bags or tote bag is another model of  tote bags. It fulfil in all their elements in ecological values.

The glues we use are environmentally friendly and the inks are free of mineral oils in their composition. In the same way, the handles are create with organic cotton. The tote bag does not have any hardware that prevents its dissolution in the environment.

Quality Of The Bags:

The asa curizada is a kind of tote bag, whose main advantage is that it is printed in offset, this particularity makes it possible to produce from a quantity of 1,000 units and with a very short delivery time. At the same time we will have the advantage of being able to produce a high quality print at a very low cost.

Printing On Tote Bags:

After recycled the bag, we can also print any logo or any other pictures in the tote bag. The ink we used is eco-friend to the environment.

The Most Environment Friendly Product:

Paper is the least harmful product against the environment. By recycling the tote bags with the paper makes more environment friendly product. And also we insert good thought like deforestation of trees at the end of the logo.

More Advantages Of Recycled Tote Bags:

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The tote bag we recycled is comes with a wide variety of sizes, colors and handles.

In addition to being a huge advertising window, by using recycled tote bags for your business or company will convey ecological and eco-friendly messages. It will be fulfil with a trend and a good thing to do in the minds of consumers.

Among the type of bags would be using as food bags or takeaway bags.

Renowned brands use these bag as an advertising strategy. These bags have excellent qualities to support inks and prints of all kinds.

Manufacture Of Ecological Tote Bags:

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We set up a workshop, in which everything was checking manually and there began to make bags of recycled paper for various uses. The ecological tote bag factory that has been manufacturing the bag for more than 50 years.

The totes are build with 100% recycle paper. The “papelote” was used as raw material, that is collected from newspapers, old magazines, cartons and some old rags to contribute fiber and greater consistency to the paper. Bleaching agents such as kaolin or chlorine were not used.

We started manufacturing ecological tote bags to keep the pollution free environment. In addition to that we make handmade product and that have lasted in the time by their excellent quality.  

Eco-Friendly Tote Bags:

Nowadays the history continues, still we faithful to the traditions started and we continue producing tote bags with handles and without handles.

Our philosophy is that in all production processes we take care of the details so that the ecological paper bag is the most environmentally friendly with the use of FSC-certified papers and recycled paper free of chlorine.

Also with the implementation of papers and graphic cards that are easy to reuse and recycle by the paper mills.