Customized Foldable Tote Bag For All Purpose

Foldable Tote Bag:

These bags are useful and easy to transport. We are going to talk about the foldable tote bag in this post.

With 35 cm wide, 40 high and 20 bellows, this product stands out from among the cloth bags by a special feature: fold. This means that they can bend and maintain a small size , easy to transport thanks to the click button that keeps them closed. This peculiarity enhances its usability and demonstrates one of the keys for which a business relies on the bags as packaging and final communicative support : its reuse.

5FoldingTotes 300x300 - Customized Foldable Tote Bag For All Purpose

After the purchase of the product whose support is the foldable cloth bags , your consumers will carry them in bags, backpacks, or in the hand to unfold them when they return to use them: when they have a purchase, when they need to carry objects, etc. And there will be your logo reminding them of that purchase and the ease that your company offers them later. With a smile.

You can choose to customize your foldable tote bag on one or both sides as well as on the part that remains visible when folded, which multiplies the brand communication potentially . With a porous fabric, non woven fabric ,100 grams of weight and matching flat handles, we have three colors at your disposal: black, green and garnet.

Foldable tote bag for shopping (or polypropylene bag):

These folding bags can be customized, thanks to the high-quality screen printing process which is also developed with non-polluting inks due to the absence of alcohol. In the case that you choose a design for the bag, the delivery time would range from 7 to 10 days. The minimum order is 100 units, as in the case of plain bags, without motives.

The foldable cloth bags are in great demand in sectors such as food or textiles that need a breathable support for their products , something that non-woven fabric achieves perfectly.

A polypropylene bag is made of synthetic polypropylene fibers and is 80% recyclable. More resistant than other promotional bags , it can be of two kinds, woven or non-woven. The non-woven poly pro bags will be differentiated by small dots on the surface of the bag. On the contrary, the woven bags have a grid on the surface, which gives this impression of weaving. The differences between the woven poly pro bag and the non-woven poly pro bag will be explained in more detail below.

Quality of the bag:

The thickness of the bag is expressed in grams. It corresponds to the density per m². For polypro bags, the thickness is usually between 85 and 130 grams. The delivery times are 4 to 5 weeks after validation of the BAT ( Good to shoot : flat model of your custom bag with all the items you want to print on your bag . ) Depending on the quantities, you can ask to have a prototype with your logo and the information you want to affix to the bag, which will be the exact copy of your poly pro reusable shopping bag .

Foldable Cotton Tote Bag 3 247x300 - Customized Foldable Tote Bag For All Purpose

Aesthetically, a matte or shiny film can be preferable, giving the bag a more design side. Reusable and practical, the polypro bag is a very good alternative to plastic bags. It is the derivative of the burlap bag, not fully but a little. It can transport all kinds of content (food, ….)

After use, the polypropylene bag can also be recycled. It is the ecological substitute of nylon as well as polyester. The production of this durable shopping bag uses little water and limits the use of chemicals. The polypropylene bag is tear proof and withstands heavy loads of up to 20 kg. Lightweight yet sturdy, this bag is reused hundreds of times and folds for easy storage. Fully customizable, you can also choose your type of handles: long or short, nylon or polypropylene.

A sustainable shopping bag for an eco-citizen world:

The durable custom polypropylene woven bag is one of the strongest foldable tote bag in this range thanks to its overlapping thin strips of polypropylene to make it very durable for more than 200 uses. It has a breaking strength of over 15 Kilos.

The foldable bags are available in two categories, the bag polypropylene woven and bag polypropylene non-woven (also called bag Poly pro). Here you can able to know the differences between the woven bag and the non-woven bag.

These bags have an ecological advantage over others: polypropylene is the ecological substitute for nylon. The manufacturing process of this bag limits the use of chemical and uses little water. It is a tear proof packaging that can withstand heavy loads depending on its thickness in grams per m2.

On the cloth:

Maybe you think that a folding shopping bag is not a great thing, that they are everywhere, but as I always say, the key is in the fabric.

An easy project with the right fabric can become a unique complement.

For this project I recommend you to use a thin, but resistant poplin . I would almost tell you to look for a fabric of those that have a slightly regular quality, because they are thin, but stiffer than a patchwork cotton.

Surely you’ve seen them once. Those fabrics that you touch them and it seems that they are half plasticized, or that they have passed with the preparation of so hard that they are. And that they do not have good fall.

Well those are the ideal ones for this folding bag.

If you do not find that type, maybe you can use a thin canvas, but the idea is to look for resistant fabrics. Always as thin as possible, so that they bulge and weigh little in our purse when we carry them folded.

Materials needed for the folding bag:

You need very little things:

foldable carry bag 1766515 300x203 - Customized Foldable Tote Bag For All Purpose

Half a meter of fabric with the features that I have mentioned. In addition it must be a fabric that is at least 140cm wide (that’s why the patchwork ones do not work here either, which are usually 110cm wide)

Approximately 220cm of biased tape.

A snap or button for closing.

How to cut the piece according to the pattern:

It is very simple. Once you have joined the three sheets, you should cut out the line.

Then, fold the fabric in half until it measures 50x75cm approximately (the 75 will depend on the exact size of the width of the fabric as is logical)

Now fold again, until you get a piece of 25x75cm composed of four layers.

Place the right vertical line of the pattern over the longer fold of the piece.

Fasten everything with pins and mark the outline of the pattern on the fabric or cut directly with the rotary cutter and ruler.

From the excess of the fabric cut the 50x6cm strip to make the closure.

Now, join all the fabrics together to make your foldable tote bag.