The Different Types Medium Shoulder Bag

Medium Shoulder Bag Or Bowling bag:

Medium shoulder bag or the bowling bag has a rectangular base, rounded sides and a zip closure. Equipped with two handles, it is worn by hand or on the shoulder.

1465997955 84351200 251x300 - The Different Types Medium Shoulder BagThese bags are updated by many creators to make it more trendy and more feminine, it is now back in fashion.

Combining style and efficiency, this type of bag is appreciated by active and sporty women who need space to store their belongings. It is generally worn during the day, as a sports bag or to go on weekends.

Trapeze Bag:

The trapeze bag is composed of wings on the sides that can be folded down to give it a more classic look. It has two handles and a shoulder strap. It is elegant, this type of bag is worn during the day and evening.

Messenger Bag:

The messenger bag closes with a flap on the front and it is worn through a shoulder strap. It has only one compartment. This type of bag gives a casual look. It is very convenient for the outputs because it allows to have hands free.

Bucket Bag:

The bucket bag is inspired by the purse: it has the same shape and closes with sliding links. It is worn by hand or shoulder. Its handle is adjustable to be worn over the shoulder.

Originally it was invented by Louis Vuittons to carry bottles of champagnes. It was in the 1980s that it was taken over by the Lancel house and became one of the emblematic pieces of the 80s.

This type of bag is appreciated by active women because it has a spacious interior. Easy to wear, it stands in different ways and leaves your hands free when worn over the shoulder.

Tote Bag:

The tote bag is a large and flexible bag with two handles. It can hold a lot of objects.

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Originally it was a large wicker basket that was used to pick up crops from the fields and to carry the products of the market. It was at the end of the 90’s that Vanessa Bruno launched her collection of tote bags, more practical and aesthetic, giving her a new breath.  This bag is for all women. It is usually worn during the day and at work.


The backpack is a bag that is carried on the back and shoulders via padded and adjustable shoulder straps. It closes with a zip.

The first backpacks were leather bags attached to wooden frames. In 1909 the leather is replaced by canvas and wood by metal. At that time they were used for outdoor sports activities. It was in the 1970s that the first collections of backpacks for the city were born.

Cool is casual, this type of bag is usually worn during the day. Depending on its size, you can store your belongings for a weekend. This is the bag for adventurers.

Clutch Bag:

The clutch bag is not exclusively reserved for parties and the bowling bag is not exclusively worn with sportswear.

For example for a bucket bag: depending on its material (s), color (s), pattern (s) … its rendering is different. It can be casual, sporty, classy, elegant.

Of course there are still some tastings to avoid, such as wearing a very casual messenger bag with a beautiful classy and elegant evening dress. In cases like this, some types of bags are preferred, such as the clutch bag (which does not mean that it is the only choice!).

The Ethnic Bag:

The ethnic bag is often offered in skin with pearls or original weavings. We can find bags with soft leather of calf or cowhide but also in linen embroidered finely. You can choose between Indian ethnic decoration or hand embroidered by Asian tribes. But also the work of revisited young designers who find ancient fabrics to make pretty sackcloth at once chic and fashion but especially in unique copy. The colorful and showy pearls of central Asia compete with African weavings.

The Vintage Bag:

The vintage bag is the star of the moment.  You can find in beige or brown chocolate color. You will also have on the stalls of the big brands of diffusion, which often mixes leather and fabric or felt. A warm and pleasant model for the winter because it contains a lot and remains very light. It goes with a classic urban style or sportwear. A working girl who has made her place in the artistic field will love this mix of colorful material and soft touch.

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How To Combine Your Bags For Every Occasion:

Women today have a hectic pace of life and every day they must take on new challenges, and they must always be ready to go from one place to another, including corporate and social events. That is why every woman should have a collection of versatile bags that allow her to carry all her belongings and be easy to combine with her daily outfits.

Of course, you should not forget that just as clothes have a bag for every occasion, each type of bag has a special size and design that adapts to the event and where you are. So when buying a portfolio should ensure that they are practical, comfortable, adaptable for all occasions and have enough space to carry your essential belongings such as: cell phones, makeup, coat, wallet, keys, lenses, among others. Here we leave you several types of bags that you can use according to the occasion.

Bags with Handles:

When choosing your bag for work,  you should ensure that it is a neutral color as: black, gray, beige or white. These tones are ideal because they combine with almost everything, so dressing in the mornings will be very simple because you will not have to think about the color of your bag.

Shoulder Bags:

These bags usually have a lot of space and are ideal for those long days full of commitments and activities. Also, they work for modern moms who always want to look fabulous since they have enough space to carry baby things. The portfolios shoulder  are also ideal for trips to the beach or sightseeing weekend. Although these bags have a good size do not exceed the travel bags. So you must be clear about your need at the time.

Shoulder Bags:

Envelopes and Clutches:

The envelopes and clutches are used for the night, it tend to be the most elegant and are small enough. So that you can carry them in your hand all night without bothering you. Despite their small size, they have enough space to fit your essential belongings such as: telephone, keys, cash and cards.

The Envelope you choose can be classic or modern, but you should ensure that your design has a lot of brightness to raise your style to the maximum. In addition, it is recommended that when choosing one of these portfolios you choose colors like lead. Silver or black because the neutral tones are much easier to combine.

Cross Bags:

The crossed bags are ideal and characterized by being very practical and comfortable. This bag allows you to have your hands free and that makes it wonderful when buying groceries. In addition, these bags are very casual and should not be exclusively neutral colors. You can have a little freedom when choosing it because it is not a wallet that you will carry every day.

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The size of your cross bag should not be exaggerated, limit yourself and do not exceed a wallet of 24 cms. This space is enough to carry the basic belongings you need to do fast procedures such as: telephone, cash and cards.

Travel Bags:

These bags exist for women who have such a hectic pace of life that even on weekends they need to go from one place to another. The traveler bag, also known as the 48-hour bag. It is ideal for traveling with style since they are very elegant. In addition, they are very functional since in short trips you do not have to carry a heavy suitcase.