Duffle Backpack, What Is It?

Duffle Backpack:

These bags are the perfect compromise between the robust touring bags and the spacious luggage for long journeys. The purpose of this sturdy travel bag was to make it easier for climbers to transport their stuff in a very cold and wet area. In just a few years, the Duffle Backpack began to circumnavigate the world, many mountain guides and mountaineers have become infatuated with the famous Duffle Bag.

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Duffle bags are usually large, bulky and well organized, giving the hiker the opportunity to bring back all the stuff he needs for his journey. They also have the particularity of being light and very simple to wear, whether in the hand or on the shoulders.

Many models are available to suit all your desires, Base camp duffle are not limited to mountaineering and cold and snowy areas. It goes without saying that all sorts of sizes and volumes of storage are proposed, according to the expectations. Whatever your choice, you can assure that these bags will always offer you excellent value for money.

What Are The Characteristics Of The Duffle Bag:

The Duffle bag is very popular with hikers, for its solidity, its design, and its volume, but also for the multitude of compartments in which it is composed. Indeed, the duffle bag always have a padded side pocket. The compartments are meshed and reinforced with a reliable zipper. This is ideal for storing your important documents or electronic devices. Your belongings will be safe from water and climate. The clever layout of the different compartments also makes it possible to be able to separate dirt or wet from dry and clean, without losing space.

The material used for most bags is ballistic nylon, an extremely strong and durable fabric. It has an excellent asset: it is perfectly waterproof and it is suitable for both hot and cold climates. The vast majority of Duffle Bag offer a capacity of at least 65 liters up to 85 liters, which represents a particularly important capacity.

These bags are equipped with shoulder straps, which considerably reduce the torsion effect and guarantee a comfortable ride. And for the little extra, a huge range of choices exists, as to the design of your bag. Whether you are looking for something rather simple, colorful or with original designs, everything is possible with duffle bags.  You will find it without any difficulty.

How To Choose A Backpack:

We need a way to store and transport our belongings while we are planning for our trip. In outdoor activities, the backpack is a base. But with so many choices how to choose your backpack? Here are some things to help you.

The Choice Of The Volume Of A Backpack:

The first element of choice is the correct volume according to the main use for which you are carrying. The volume required will depends on the duration of use of the bag: by the day or over several days.

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At The Day:

You will need a snack, a small fleece or micro down jacket, a windbreaker and/or a rain cover for you and the bag, water, your camera. In ski touring, you will need to add your safety pack and possibly a pair of crampons and an ice ax. A bag of 20-30 liters will be sufficient.

Several Days:

If you plan to go on several days, the activity, the season and the autonomy will also be the elements to take into account. In hiking and traveling, you will need less equipment than mountaineering or ski touring. Similarly, if you go on a journey for several days with nights in a shelter. You will not have to take a tent or sleeping bag and food, all of which make you decrease the volume.

Several Days In Total Autonomy:

On the other hand, if you go for a ski raid for several days in total autonomy and night in tents. The volume needed will be much higher because of the season.

Comfort Of Carrying A Backpack:

A bag with a net back will allow the air to circulate better and therefore your back to dry faster.

The main element that will make you choose a comfortable backpack is your morphology. Most brands therefore work on the difference in morphology between men and women. The other decisive morphological element is the size of your back.

Depending on the brand, and the volume chosen, some bags are designed in several sizes of back, or with an adjustable back.

Once the back size is determined, you have to try several types of porting to find what suits you.

System With Stretched Back Mesh:

This system allows the air to circulate better and therefore helps to dry faster. However, the load is away from your back and the bag may have a tendency to pull you back, which can be very unpleasant. It depends on the morphology of each.

Osprey Ag Belt System:

New, all-encompassing mesh belt system brings the feeling of donning a jacket. The bag is for a stretched back rather close to your body improving balance.

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Also know that a poorly tuned bag may be uncomfortable and some elements supposed to improve the ineffective comfort. This may be the case of charging reminders if the back is not suitable.

The chest strap is halfway up the shoulder straps and is used to connect them to the center of the bust. It is adjustable in height. It is mainly used to prevent the bag from moving laterally. The chest strap is very useful in trekking when the bag is very loaded and mountaineering to help stabilize the bag on the back.

Choose The Right Back Length Of The Bag:

To find out if a bag fits your back, load it, put it down by placing the lap belt at the height that is comfortable for you and tighten the shoulder straps (load reminders released).

A good bag size should fit your back perfectly, shoulders included. You must not have a vacuum, a compression point, or any gene.

All the backs do not react in the same way for the same load !! Some people will need a very comfortable bag to support a load of around 10 kg, while others will be satisfied with a very light model to carry 15 kg.

We must find the right compromise between weight, robustness and comfort of portage depending on your back and your use.

Choose A Type Of Bag And Volume:

After choosing the type of bag and volume according to your practice. The wearing comfort should be the only argument that will guide your choice. You will adapt to the accessories present and to the ventilation system of the bag. Also think that you can add straps, elastics and other buckles or protections according to your needs to fix your material.

Choosing The Weight Of A Backpack:

As for weight, it may be better to wear a bag 500g heavier and not to have a back pain. A backpack has a life span of between 10 and 20 years! It is an investment in the long term, hence the need to make the right choice! It is important to try it and compare them with the same load.

With your shoes, your bag is the other equipment that is very personal because chosen according to your morphology.

Duffle Bag Or Backpack:

Although these packs allow for easy access to pick what little sundress or board shorts you plan to wear the following day. These straps may not be all the most comfortable option for long periods of time. Once you land in any country, you may be strapped to that puppy for a long time searching for accommodation and cheap transport. So do your back a favor and opt for a proper backpack with adequate padding.

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How Many Liters Do You Need:

When there’s everything from 10L up to 70L and sometimes bigger. What is a reasonable size of a pack to bring on a two-month journey around Southeast Asia? Ideally, you want something that is big enough to stuff all your clothes and sandals as well as some souvenirs to take home. I’d recommend a 40 or 50L.