Duffle Suitcase For A Business Trip

How To Choose A Good Duffle Suitcase For Travel:

Going on vacation, every traveler thinks about what things to take with them, and how to pack them in their bag. For any trip the best option of baggage will be a duffle suitcase on wheels.

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A few enchanting tips that will allow you to choose the right suitcase which will help you to navigate.

  1. Fabric Or Plastic:

A clear advantage of  fabric bags is a lower price. As well as the presence of external pockets in which you can put the little things you need during the trip.

Plastic suitcases  are usually more durable than cloth ones. Such a suitcase does not get wet and easy to clean. In a plastic suitcase, you can easily transport fragile items, thanks to the hard case.

  1. Suitable Size:

A small suitcase (height up to 59 cm) is suitable for a short trip for several days.

Medium suitcase (height up to 70 cm) – the best option for a trip of one person for 2 weeks.

A large suitcase (height 70–80 cm) is an ideal choice for long trips together or even with a small child.

A very large suitcase (height over 80 cm) – good for family travel.

  1. Right Wheels:

Suitcases are two-wheeled and four-wheeled.

In the suitcases on four wheels, each wheel is fixed on a separate axis and can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

Important advice! Remember that you can not lift a loaded suitcase by the retractable handle.

The best choice is a four-wheel suitcase with double wheels or rear wheels of a larger diameter.

  1. Pick A Bright Or Original Color:

You  can quickly notice on the baggage tape, and you do not have to spend time around it in trying to find your luggage among dozens of similar ones.

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  1. Choose A Suitcase With Port Compartment:

Do you need to fold a business suit or a beautiful dress in a suitcase so that on arrival there are no folds or creases? Exit – the compartment suitcase in which you can bring your things in perfect condition.

  1. For Greater Reliability – Latches:

The latches on the plastic case will help protect your belongings from the rain. Also, for a long time, they maintain the temperature at which the suitcase was closed.

  1. The Best Protection For The Suitcase – Case:

Very often, when transporting a suitcase it can be damaged. Therefore, it is not safe to take the bag in the luggage without additional protection. The best protection for a suitcase in this case is a case. You can buy it in almost every store that sells luggage and travel bags.

Flood of shampoo at the bottom of your toiletry bag, cables of various chargers intertwined, ironed carefully shirt that ends finally crumpled … Admit it, you lived at least one of these situations during a trip? Do not worry, these little mishaps will never happen again with our 5 best tips!

First of all, let’s go back to one essential point: your suitcase. If the opportunity arises, travel light and get rid of all unnecessary things that will clutter you. Similarly, if your stay does not exceed more than 5 days, prefer cabin luggage (preferably on wheels, classier and much more convenient to spare your back). But as it is often said, business trip does not necessarily equate to pleasure holidays (unfortunately). Always chasing a plane if it’s not behind a cab, you will not have time to go to a shop to fill the gaps. It is therefore essential not to forget anything, and therefore to make lists if necessary for any checker!

Black Will Be Your Friend:

At the time of packing the suitcase, we always want to bring several sophisticated outfits that will not always be compatible with the “lightness” desired. The golden rule? Take mismatched outfits to mix your looks. And as not all colors are going together, black will be your best friend to combine at will! Also take a blue tie, a good basic that goes with everything.

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Master The Art Of Folding:

Nothing more tragic than getting out of the wrinkled business once you arrive at the hotel! Unless you bring a Ultra compact iron or ask for the services of the laundry, master the basics of folding. We assure you, this trick has saved us more than once! To win the war of folds, roll up your pants and do not hesitate to wear your blazer directly on you during the trip. If you need a second jacket, pull in the sleeves of the jacket and fold it upside down so that the inside of the jacket is visible. Zero fold guaranteed! For a flawless shirt collar, have a belt inside, it will not move a hair during the trip.

Store Smartly:

Like all professionals, you can not do without your computer or even your phone even a few minutes from the boat. Practical tip: store all your work equipment in an easily accessible compartment. This will allow you to get them out easily, and also to put them away quickly when going to the airport security.

To avoid a Chinese puzzle with your cables and chargers, use glasses case or small pouches. Toilet bag side, The cellophane paper will be a great help for bottles of shampoo or shower gel!

Being Mindful Of Everything:

We are never safe from the loss of a suitcase, a forgotten USB key, or a fragile computer. Ideally, only take copies with you! Concerning the files and all the papers, leave with photocopies if it is possible.

The Essential Factors To Choose Your Suitcase:

To properly choose your suitcase, you need to consider some key factors in answering a few questions: what kind of trip are you preparing for? What is the duration of the planned trip? Depending on your answers, you will select the baggage.

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For a business trip, a small cabin baggage will do the trick. If you are planning a pleasure trip, a large suitcase is to be expected. Depending on whether you are alone or traveling with your family, you will find suitcases of different sizes and even king size to hold all your belongings in it. For your fragile toiletries, you can opt for a vanity case .

Choose Your Suitcase If You Travel By Plane:

The choice of your luggage must take into account for this type of transport. You will need a suitcase that is both strong and lightweight. Resistant to handle for boarding and disembarking while protecting your business shocks and light because you can not exceed a certain weight when depositing luggage or paying extra.

In addition, your bag must have a secure closure system such as a code to prevent potential theft of which you may be a victim. In addition, we advise you to choose a model equipped with wheels to facilitate your comings and goings at airports.

Although the choice of your suitcase is essential, there is another point to explore so that you can enjoy your trip. This is about security in air flights.