Estarer Laptop Messenger Bag Review

Obtaining a messenger bag can be a source of a nightmare for shoppers given the tens of similar products in the market and different purposes. Without adequate information, you may buy a wrong brand thinking it is the right one. In our Estarer Laptop Messenger Bag Review, we have availed all the information you need to make the hard decision.

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From features, reasons for purchasing, benefits, and cons, the structure is rich in data related to the product. The manufacturer has relied on the modern technology and market research to develop one of the most versatile messenger bags.

Its multi-functionality, also allows individuals to use it for office work and school. Its lightweight and heavy canvas are some of its benefits.

Estarer Laptop Messenger Bag Review – 5 Major Features

1. Spacious Compartments

There is nothing awful like carrying your things with two bags, or being forced to have some in your hands or pockets knowing a bigger bag can solve the problem.

Well, the brand has two large compartments where you can put an A4 folder in one and a laptop in the separate compartment. Overall, it has dimensions of 18.5” L x 13.78” H x 5.9” W. It has 10 pockets, with 1 main zipped compartment, an exterior zipped pocket, 3 front zipped pockets and 2 pockets on the side.

2. Premium Materials

Estarer Laptop Messenger Bag 300x300 - Estarer Laptop Messenger Bag ReviewIn its endeavors of producing durable brands, Estarer employed high quality materials. The exterior is canvas, a water resistant and long-lasting component. Indeed, it is famous for its rot resistant properties besides water resistance that helps it to fight water percolation.

Furthermore, the canvas has a considerable thickness to ensure the bag is sturdy and has required strength. The shoulder strap and the top handle have leather placement and handling points. Moreover, the inside is lined with cotton to make it soft for items protection.

3. Pouches

When traveling, going to work and school, a person always has some small items that cannot effectively fit in the pockets. To save you from such problems, the manufacturer added pouches for putting the petty items.

There is a metal for holding keys to avoid loss, a hole equipped with a grommet for running headphone through, 2 pen holders, and an astronomical 8 extra credit pouches for holding small things. The high number of pockets provides the user with enough space for placing all items.

4. Adjustable Body Strap

Estarer Laptop Messenger Bags 300x300 - Estarer Laptop Messenger Bag ReviewThe straps offer the means of carrying the bag when traveling to work, school, and on tour. As a result of the shape of the bag, it would have been ill informed to add shoulder hold straps. Hence, they added an adjustable crossbody strap and a top holder too.

You can adequately adjust the strap depending on your height or style. Also, there is a top holder for holding the bag while changing the positions or moving when the luggage is light.

5. Grey in Color

The company has so far produced only a grey Estarer Laptop Messenger Bag. It is a cool color and makes the product stand out from the rest.

No information has emerged up to now on whether the firm is planning to launch another color which is advisable to avail variety for different color lovers. The article will be updated in case it happens. Thus, when going to purchase, you should not be duped to buy any other color purporting it is the brand.

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Why should you use Estarer Laptop Messenger Bag?

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1. Large Size

The large size of the bag is an advantage to the customer as it can accommodate a bigger luggage. In the large compartments, you can put books, notebooks, documents and files and laptop in the additional compartment. When traveling, the big compartment can hold considerable belongings.

2. Plain Weave

Canvas is made by plain weaving giving it a strong finish. It can comfortably prevent water entry during light rains and snowing.

Likewise, you are assured the bag will last for long since it is tough. Also, it imparts a glamorous appearance attracting tens of messenger bag enthusiasts.

3. Eco-friendly Materials

Both canvas and cotton are biodegradable materials though the inner cotton lining tends to decay faster since it is light. Similarly, the manufacturer never used chemicals in the making process. Using materials of such nature and avoiding chemicals shows that the company cares for the environment.

4. Durability

The bag is made professionally with superior materials. The canvas is also thick and cannot wear out or get torn within a short period. The interior is well stitched and designed besides incorporation of cotton which lasts long.

5. Security

The security of your items is always paramount as you travel. The zip and Velcro are meant to ensure your belongings are secure.

Additionally, the cotton interior and thick canvas exterior protect your belongings from breaking or getting damaged in case of pressure.

  • Lasts for long
  • Has 2 large compartments, pockets, and pouches
  • The veclro and zip closure guarantees security
  • Made of 100% canvas exterior
  • 100% cotton interior fabric
  • Made of thick materials
  • Has an adjustable strap and top handle
  • Its dimensions allow handling of a 17” laptop
  • Ideal for office, school, and travel
  • Main compartment can accommodate a big luggage
  • Only grey brand is available

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Apart from grey, are there other colors?

No, currently only grey color is available

  1. What is the size of the Estarer Laptop Messenger bag?

18.5” L x 13.78” H x 5.9” W

  1. Is it ideal for going to school?

Yes, it is big enough to accommodate a laptop and school    materials

  1. How long does it take to reach the customer?

The shipping service is quite efficient, and cases of delay are rare

  1. When is the company planning to produce a brown bag?

We shall inform you when we get the information, but we hope it is soon.

Final Verdict

The Estarer Laptop Messenger bag is one of the best brands in the market for your office, school, and sometimes traveling endeavors. With the superior materials, the bag can give you service for a considerable duration. Notably, the canvas cover and interior cotton fabric give it an elegant appearance.

Also, your items are protected against showers and snow by the thick canvas cover. The cotton fabric provides the softness needed for guarding against objects damage.