Everything About Blank Tote Bags

Choose Your Blank Tote Bags:

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Do you want to put a different logo rather than a simple one on your blank tote bags?  We will probably recommend screen printing, which is ideal for logos or messages of 1 to 5 colors. It is used even for a more complex image made of gradients.

Screen Printing Or Digital Printing For Your Personalized Tote Bags:

Once you have established the characteristics of your project, go to the workshop, where the work of the machines begins, to launch the printing of your bags.

First of all, there is the serigraphs printer, which is traditional but contemporary and offers an exceptional rendering of colors.

One can also use the digital printer, which offers an impeccable impression from the cotton fiber. Choosing an organic fabric with this printing technique will allow you to have a 100% eco-friendly approach on the blank tote bag.

Quality Control And Delivery Of Your Cotton Bags:

At the tote bag workshop, there is no room for approximation! They control the absence of defects of each product and count them manually at the exit of the machines. They ensure you a perfect result and comply with your quality checklist.

For the last phase, we prioritize the reliability of the service and choose the carrier TNT, for a safer delivery and guarantee 24 hours for your personalized tote bags.

The Success Of Custom Cotton Bags:


Several printing methods are available to best meet your demand. Nowadays new printing method uses modern screen printing and digital printing techniques that adapt to the requirements and visual constraints of your logo, message or photo. Whether you want to print simple images or any gradient, the result will be faultless.

You can also choose a 100% eco-friendly approach via the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) label. In addition to traditional virgin cotton bags, tote bag offers organic cotton bags, grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. They also use a bio-ink which is part of an eco-responsible framework and which offers customization for your cotton bags at high quality.

Quality Control:

Throughout the manufacturing process of your tote bags, they are motivated by the desire to satisfy you. They make sure whether every production step is done right: and manually count the custom bags that come out of the machines and check their quality, and guaranteeing you zero defect manufacturing.

The criteria put forward are the quality of manufacturing and printing, as well as the monitoring implemented throughout the production of cotton bags. Each project is important to us, they will communicate with you at each new stage, from the model to the delivery of personalized tote bags.

The Cotton Tote, The Perfect Holiday Accessory:

The Beach Bag Is The Perfect Companion For Your Customers:

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Summer is coming! The temperature is rising and the desires of seaside are pressing. Vacationers fill more and more beaches with their seasonal kits. In the middle of toys and umbrellas, a cotton bag with an eye-catching visual. This type of bag is to promote your brand, which will be visible to many potential customers!

Boost Your Business With Cotton Tote Bags:

Beach resorts often include businesses in a single area, and these are busy spots during the season. Give your customers tote bags with a personalized and especially eye-catching visual, they will display your brand and your spirit everywhere in the shopping area! These advertising objects are always very useful for holidaymakers, it is a good way to retain them and give a good image of your business. They will spread this image to many people: on the beach, in other stores, you will be visible everywhere on the coast!

An Accessory To Your Image Is An Undeniable Marketing Argument:

For shops and hotels, such an accessory is an excellent means of communication. Tourists are always fond of practical objects to brighten and simplify their holidays. With your logo affixed to a beach bag, will make your brand visible everywhere!

Organic Tote Bag: The Ideal Partner For Events:

The Bio Tote Bag is the essential accessory for your events!

It is Convenient and allows participants to easily carry partner brochures without clutter. The Tote Bag is a valuable service! It is the messenger of your advertisement.

An Ecological Advertising Bag:

More than a bag, the Organic Tote Bag is an asset in your communication. What’s better than an ecological bag! It is light, fun and fashionable to convey your image and make your promo.

100% cotton, 100% customizable, the Organic Tote Bag lends itself to all prints: silkscreen, digital photo, slogan, brand name. Your values, the name of your company, your design are displayed on the shoulders of participants during many events.

Because the Bio Reusable Tote Bag is well in the air, durable, it is a bag which we do not throw! We keep it, we wear it, we show it, we offer it.

With the Bio Tote Bag, you convey a positive image of robustness, reliability, superior quality and concern for the environment that reflects the values of your company.

A Green Ecological Bag:

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An “organic” cotton that stands out from other traditional cotton bags: more pleasant to touch, they are often softer, more flexible but also hypoallergenic. The ink of the digital prints is also 100% organic and 100% eco-friendly… and trendy!

The Tote Bag, A Sustainable Advertising Object:

At first glance, a tote bag is a simple cotton bag, it may be standard or organic, medium or large, thick or thin. It adapts to the desires. We can choose its color, the dimensions of the handles. In short, it is customizable. But in reality, a tote bag is much more than that. The tote bag is sustainable and ecological.

It is composed of 100% cotton, the tote bag is eco-friendly, 100% natural and biodegradable promotional bag.

Its features make the tote bag a durable advertising object for many uses. In fact, unlike most advertising objects, the tote bag is a practical object that knows how to make itself indispensable. Both neutral and lightweight, it can be used as a fashion accessory as well as a shopping bag. It rolls easily in a pocket and reappears as soon as necessary. Once adopted, it’s hard to get rid of it.