Find The Right Vintage Leather Duffle Bag

How To Choose The Best Vintage Leather Duffle Bag:

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In this post we will show you what you should pay attention to when buying vintage leather duffle bag, to avoid bad buying.

Check Out The Most Important Tips & Tricks And Find Out Which Travel Bag Is Right For You:

For some destinations, you simply can not get far with the suitcase – for example, when the floor is not suitable for rolling, or you have to walk many stairs. In this case, the suitcase with its bulky dimensions is more of a hindrance than practical. In addition, when they are not in use, duffle bags can be stored much more space-saving than suitcases due to their flexibility. So that you can use your duffle bag for as many occasions as possible, it is important to consider in advance what you need exactly. With this short purchase advice for travel bag we would like to give you some suggestions.

The Right Size: How Much Do You Want To Take:

Of course, the first thing that matters is the size of the travel bag. More compact models such as Weekender Bags are perfect for three- to four-day getaways. Smaller travel bags score especially with their versatility. You can also use it as a sports bag or simply as a cool shoulder bag for everyday use. If you want to use the new travel bag very versatile, a smaller or medium sized model is definitely the right choice.

If you bring more luggage, you also need a large travel bag. XL travel bags are great for transporting, for example, sports luggage or other items that are not suitable for the classic form of a suitcase. It does not matter if you are traveling by car or traveling by air, you can carry a lot of luggage safely with very large travel bags. Due to the larger volume, especially with XXL travel bags is always the question of wearing. In principle, always make sure that the travel bag is equipped with a shoulder strap, the best adjustable. A cool idea for the use of large travel bags in everyday life: take it as a beach bag for the sea!

The Right Material – Is Leather The Best Choice:

Not just a matter of style: travel bags made of leather not only look particularly chic, but are also extremely durable and sturdy. The different qualities are not only different in appearance, but also significantly in weight, for example. Basically, it is important for a leather travel bag that the material has a certain basic strength, so that it can withstand even heavy weights well.

Particularly beautiful are models of vintage leather – this naturally has a beautiful patina, which unfolds with the more use. Travel bags made of vintage leather are particularly robust, so that such a model can actually become your lifelong companion. However, they have a small disadvantage: just because of the great leather quality, this type of travel bag brings a bit more weight to the scale than other models.

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Smooth leather travel bags , such as premium nappa leather, are also durable, yet slightly lighter than vintage leather models. For those who are looking for more colors or a classic black instead of cool vintage design, this variant is definitely right. The unobtrusive leather look can be found particularly in large variety of models. You can combine a travel bag made of smooth leather for both business outfit, as well as in everyday life very well.

By the way, travel bags made of leather do not need as much care as some might fear. Only when needed vintage leather can be greased with a leather grease or leather balm. Smooth leather models may occasionally be refreshed with skincare or leather care cream.

If you are looking for an alternative to the classic travel bag made of leather , try the canvas models. Travel bags made of canvas are lighter, and due to the reinforcement with leather straps and leather straps still really stable. The models can also be used by the easy-care material super as a stand pocket or sports bag.

It Depends On The Details – The Right Equipment Of The Travel Bag:

Of course, it is also decisive here which individual criteria are particularly important. Regardless, there are already a few features that ensure the extra portion of comfort with each travel bag. The following must not be missing in the equipment of a well thought-out travel bag:

A Reinforced And Well Padded Shoulder Strap:

For longer wearing a reinforced shoulder strap is perfect. This is more of a hindrance. Travel bag models with removable shoulder straps keep you flexible.

Particularly Sturdy And Sturdy Constructed Carrying Handles:

Do not underestimate the importance of shorter handles! You may not use them so long in a row, but much more often than the shoulder strap. Therefore, when buying make sure that the carrying handles are well reinforced and of high quality. A typical weak point is the attachment of the loops on the travel bag itself. Here, both the seams and the main material of the travel bag are particularly under tension, therefore, a reinforcement should also be provided at this point.

At Least One Compartment With Zipper:

In it you can keep the most important things such as passport, plane ticket, mobile phone and wallet at hand. The zipper offers enough security, but still opens quickly and easily. Even if models with buckles, magnets or click-fasteners look great or are particularly easy to use: in the field test, the good, old zipper has always held the top. At the point it says: keep it simple!

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Whether your travel bag should have many individual subjects, or rather a simpler distribution depends entirely on you. Find out what suits you with our comparison video. Here is a brief overview of various models and recommendations for how to use them.

The Travel Bag – Not Only For Traveling!

How You Could Use Even Smaller Travel Bags In Everyday Life:

As A Sports Bag :

Simply stow the sports clothing and accessories, the sports shoes pack in the side pocket separately.

As A Work Bag :

A medium-sized model is perfect for stowing everything you need for your daily business routine – work clothes, lunch and something to drink, as well as all other utensils.

As A Diaper Bag:

Why not? If you do not fancy the boring diaper bags, just take a smaller travel bag and work it over. Storage space and enough compartments for changing clothes and all diapers are guaranteed!