Genuine Leather Japanese Tote Bag

Overwhelming Perfection! Genuine Leather Japanese Tote Bag:

From the Fetia brand, Japanese tote bag is a new leather tote bag which have been arrived.

The cowhide is being used over the entire surface which has a soft, rich texture and a sense of taste with sharp texture. This fully feels the joy of having a real leather bag.

You can access the main storage part in two way type of slide fastener and magnet. And even when fastener is used it becomes the mechanism which gives the feeling of real leather.

fet0020a01a01 17 300x300 - Genuine Leather Japanese Tote Bag

This bag is not only on the design side but also on the functional side as well as the usability calculated to a fine place. It is a very practical tote bag.

Cost performance is also very wonderful, it is the highest class quality even compared with the high end tote bags.

Fetia is new tote bag, which has received many inquiries, we will introduce you with full details!

There is a rumor of announcement for this bag over a year or more, and once the manufacturer has made the invitation letter of the exhibition. The exhibition is canceled for improving specifications, and really it is a twist.

For the specialized brand bags all leather series is the face of the brand. That’s why this time the product development with a tremendous focus is the main concentration.

Why Is The Quality Of Leather Material Used For Fetia Products Highly:

Despite being described as real leather, have you ever seen a bag of texture like a vinyl fabric?

That is the result of giving priority to durability and performing stronger processing with chemicals.

On the contrary, if you do not use chemicals much, the texture of leather will surely improve. But as durability such as discoloration becomes problematic and management becomes difficult at the same time, the cost will also expands.

To put it briefly, in the development of leather material. When giving priority to durability and cost performance the texture of the material gets worse. If priority is given to the texture, durability and cost become a problem.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the quality of all leather tote bags is decided by quality of leather almost. But the quality is not a specific element such as durability and texture, but a comprehensive balance feeling is important.

Based on the story of what kind of design, that kind of design bags will be made. To what extent we have been able to select and adjust the materials persistently will greatly affect the quality.

The reason why Fetia’s bag is good is because they will thoroughly examine the adjustment of this area until it is convincing.

About The Leather Material Used For The Tote Bag Of This Work:

Many of the general bag makers are making products using the fabric stocked by the cloth shop, which is said to be “cloth of the clothing”. But the leather which used in this tote bag is an original leather material that Fetia cooperated with Tanner in Japan .

Genuine leather used in this bag is mixed tanning and mixed vegetable tanning with a small amount of chromium and the leather which combines a certain degree of durability while placing emphasis on texture in a brief way.

Feeling soft and rich texture, finished in a texture which is suitable for an elegant adult tote bag.

It seems to be a beautiful smooth leather, but when you take it in your hands there is also a thin leather texture. And you can feel the taste of calm leather at one point .

Since vegetable tanning is used, we can enjoy aging (secular change). Which is the real pleasure of this leather bag, at the same time. It also contains a small amount of chromium. So it is designed to withstand some degree of moisture etc.

fet0020a01a01 17 1 300x300 - Genuine Leather Japanese Tote Bag

Regarding weight as well, development has been done and adjustment is done to the level which does not become stress by everyday use.

One of the reasons why the presentation of this tote bag was delayed this time seems to be the development of this leather material.

The rough design of the bag was decided for more than a year ago. But it seems that by repeatedly making the sample and making sure that this leather is convincing and the verification is done repeatedly.

As a result, a very well-balanced leather material was carefully deliberated on texture, durability, weight, and cost.

Design Concept:

This lineup is characterized by a soft and natural form that the design theme is “ripple” and it creates the curve.

Although it makes the luxury by feeling the leather texture and brass plating metal fittings. It is gathered up in a modest impression not dressed in good meaning. It is easy to fit even for suit and casual wear. Coordinating to produce a sense of luxury and it will be useful as a companion .

Unlike overseas brands that extrude luxury to the front, these bags are finished rich in Japanese sensibility. Somewhere simple and good-quality.

Brand Original Brass Metal Plating:

One of the reasons why the announcement was delayed earlier was said to be the development of leather. But the development of brass plated metal fitting here is another cause.

These metal parts are made by metal fittings manufacturers of various designs. But with the fact that we can not find the metal fittings as imagined by all means. Fetia has developed the original work even now for metalworking .

Even if you look at the entire bag, this bracket has become an accent with very good items. It is perfect for Fetia’s brand image.

Because of brass plating, as the surface gently dulls enough to be used. I think that you can enjoy the appearance of changing to a colorful bag.

Leather Handles That Can Be Adjusted In Three Stages In Length:

Although Fetia’s customary steering wheel length adjustment belt, this work can be adjusted in three stages. And furthermore, it is designed so that the overall form fitting is good regardless of the length.

fet0020 han 180x300 - Genuine Leather Japanese Tote Bag

The length of the handle-belt when it is shortest is about 52.5 cm, and when it is made the longest it is about 67 cm. And it is possible to adjust it according to each physique when holding with a shawl.

Machine design of a ship type that is easy to stand on its own so much as to put things,

The tote bag of this work is characterized by the softness of the leather. So it will not be self-sustaining when placed on the ground.

However, due to such a ship’s gusset design, it is designed to be self-sustaining enough to contain things.

It is a fact that it is convenient for a bag to be self-sustaining. But then it is necessary to use a leather material that is rigid by all means. So that the taste element of the leather tote bag “sensation of futurity” is missing.

As a result of considering the neighborhood, it seems that it was designed to be “self-sustaining only when putting things”.

About Other Detailed Design:

On the outside of the body side, a heavy gusset fastener pocket is attached.

There is such a pocket, it is very convenient, but if you can see the slide fastener on the front of the bag. It will make the impression absolutely casual.

Therefore, by including such a heaven gauze, consideration is made to alleviate the casualness of briefing at the same time. And to prevent the clothes from being hurt by fasteners at the same time.