What Grocery Tote Bag To Shop?

Grocery tote bag guide and ideas:

Materials used for grocery tote bag:

PET is also known as polyethylene terephthalate among scientists, PET is a very common plastic. So common in fact that it is even the most recycled plastic in the world, probably due to the fact that it is 100% recyclable. And if we add to that its other properties, like the fact that it is not dangerous, that it is solid, light and flexible, it is easy to understand why it is a material so popular and that it serves the making of so many products, such as plastic bottles, packaging, clothes or grocery tote bag!

PET is also common in part because this material has been used for so long in the manufacturing of grocery tote bag. Indeed, it was created in the 40s, when a chemist from the company Dupont synthesized the PET for the first time. Then, in 1977, the first PET bottle is marketed. So clearly, there is nothing new in the tropics, but it is still interesting to know the history of a product, to understand why it has been trusted for so long.

It was mentioned above that PET was 100% recyclable. When it is recycled, it is sometimes called rPET, which literally means recycled PET.

As an alternative to PET, PP is sometimes used, or Polypropylene, which is the second most produced synthetic plastic in the world. It is also recyclable. Always grocery tote bag use the recyclable material.

There are not necessarily many elements to differentiate them without entering into a chemical analysis, but PET bags tend to be a little brighter.

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Custom shopping bag:

A custom grocery tote bag with the customer’s logo on a gradient blue background can be taken from the customer’s graphic charter. The format you use should be small special lounge format intended primarily for the transport of A4 brochures and small goodies.

Reusable polypropylene woven grocery tote bags are both recyclable and highly resistant. They allow to act actively for the preservation of the environment, in particular with the ban of the finest plastic bags.

In fact, custom grocery tote bags can be reused many times and can carry heavy loads without ever cracking or being pierced.

Generally, you find these reusable grocery tote bags very often at the checkouts of hypermarkets but in fairly large formats. it should be known that we can manufacture them as well in small format type A4 p, the average formats are very useful to make these races in town center or the market or even in large formats type hypermarkets or salon. In this case, it is a slightly larger format than the A4 format to convey an environmentally friendly image for a very interesting budget given by the small size of the bag.

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Note that you can express your creativity without any limit for this type of tote bag since the entire bag can be printed on its entire surface, both the two faces and the two bellows, and that with one or more colors pan tone.

How to make your grocery tote bag unique?

Now that the plastic bags are no longer distributed, we all rushed on grocery bags which are selled on supermarkets. But to walk with a bag, does not look like anything, do not enchant me at all! I want to be glam in all circumstances! I’m sure you too! That’s why today I propose a super easy and fast tutorial to give a great blow to your grocery bag? How? Simply recover an old sweater, two scissors and a little bit of sewing! Let’s go !

To personalize your grocery bag you will need:

  • 1 old sweater,
  • 1 grocery bag,
  • A little ball of wool and thread,
  • A needle.

The process:

Start by putting the sweater upside down and cut in the middle in the direction of the width. Then close the opening, with a little elbow grease, thread and a needle.

Flip your “piece” of sweater in place, and cover your bag with it. You have to cover the whole bag but not the handles.

Then take, the pelotte and the needle to sew the bag and the sweater together! Here you are with a nice grocery bag that looks just like you!

Shop differently with custom grocery bag:

As you know, plastic bags disappeared from the crate lines of supermarkets, food stores or convenience stores. And this finally gave way to durable and customized PVC shopping bags . Better it is true, bring yourself in advance to shop for one of these bags, a shopping bag or basket .

An easy-to-use grocery bag are made from two large pieces that must be sewn upside down by adding the colored band. Then add the half upper lining.

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Single Use Bags: A Problem Always New

Single-use plastic bags have a thickness of less than 50 microns. The fine plastic bags that are present in the fruit and vegetable section are also prohibited. The main goal is to reach the “zero plastic” level of oil, disposable packaging of all kinds and in particular now plastics are continued to be used.

Thus, you can always find bags made from a plastic-starch mixture, bags made from thick plastic or cardboard or paper packaging.

Nearly 50 billion plastic bags are still distributed worldwide. It is a disaster for the oceans and global warming.

Even if the new biodegradable single-use bags seem to be an ecological alternative to fine plastic bags. Indeed, the problem that arises comes as much from the raw material, as from its production or consumption:

It is important to take into account that all the factors involved in the production of single-use bags: the transport of materials, their transformations, the consumption of water and energy. So many resources used to consume these disposable packaging.

The impact on global warming caused by the composition of single-use bags:

– The fragmentable or oxo-biodegradable bags are as polluting as conventional bags (in polyethylene). Because they incorporate a chemical allowing them to fragment in nature. They release toxic chemicals that do not decompose and migrate into the land, water and food.

– The incineration of single-use bags, generates greenhouse gas, which is very harmful. In addition, paper bags are made from wood. This may seem contradictory when we know that deforestation is a dominant environmental issue.

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The consumption of disposable packaging is still too important and the need to reduce our waste is still topical. 5 million tons of packaging are thrown each year and only one third are recycled . A scary figure that reminds us of how important it is to change the way we drink.


Say no to single-use bags and YES to cloth bags ! Use reusable grocery bags: when you shop at the supermarket. Say no to the shopping bags and carry your shopping in a grocery tote bag. The tote bags are reusable and for multi-purpose, choose to carry your cloth bag everywhere with you.