The Handmade Italian Leather Tote!

The Italian Leather Tote Bag:

Quality, creativity, originality, uniqueness and class! These are just some of the adjectives that you can already associate with the legendary ” Italian Leather Tote”. Because of these characteristics the Italian bags are very popular among most of the people around the world. The tote bag made in Italy is one of the most representative elements and products of the incomparable fashion designed and produced in the Italian peninsula.

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This is how the bags manifest themselves with distinction on fashion and ready-to-carry around the world. Italian products are very high in design and whose charm is unique. Whether it’s a famous brand or an emerging brand, the “Made in Italy” handcrafted bag still has its unique character that the most attentive fashionistas can recognize at first glance.

The Key Elements To Choose The Leather Tote Bag:

The route is very short, from the catwalks to the fashion boutiques, not to mention the wardrobes of each of us. Because, we are more and more in search of a smart life, going without the bag is certainly impossible. In fact, it’s not an “accessory” as simple as many people think. Now we consider that it is a basic element which builds a whole look. A key element to choose carefully and wisely to accompany your outfit, in all charm and elegance. Every occasion deserves its ideal accessory. This is how the wardrobe of your bags becomes bigger and bigger.

Like any self-respecting product, items made in Italy that boast the label “Made in Italy” are crafted with the utmost care to ensure their best market integration. As always, the leather bag is finally back. Whether it is ecological or not, it is renewed and becomes in color, with prints, laser perforated or processed using sophisticated processes and special techniques.

The fame of the “Made in Italy” handbag is not just about the high value and scarcity of the skin used. But to offer you the best in a high quality product,  and to complete the avant-grade designs that study the shapes, by a choice of sophisticated colors processed by high-level processes, using unique complex techniques and to obtain original and surprising end results. Thus, each model of handbags and the tote bags contains itself a whole set of mastery and expertise and craftsmanship that makes it unique and irreplaceable.

It’s In The Bag: Focus On The Italian Bags:

When embarking on a new adventure, we must always be prepared. Whether it is for a trip around the world or simply to face our daily routine, there is one item that must always be at hand is Handbag. Serving more than just a fashion accessory, our handbag becomes our faithful companion and the place of choice for storing our most precious possessions. Always ready for the unexpected moments, we carry in our bag a variety of objects that can be useful at one time or another of the day. Clutch bag, backpack, shoulder bag or tote bag – Whatever your choice of Italian bag – make sure it is part of the trip. The bags are handcrafted with premium leather.

Whether you’re on a road trip or contemplating the city in a new day on a day off … No matter the unexpected destination, this double-handle bag must be there. Remembering a vintage suitcase, this purse evokes a sense of exploration, regardless of the distance to travel. Pair this handbag with a pointed toe boot for a style reminiscent of the days when women loved to dress in classic and elegant outfits for traveling.

From morning shopping to an evening of events and launches, bold style and modern artistic details which creates this tote bag. You can carry this bag effortlessly for morning and evening. With a unique, oversized structure with zippers and well-placed eyelets. This trendy bag combines business and pleasure by combining soft, textured leather with a practical design. This bag is the key piece that will add some bite to all your outfits.

How Are The Italian Leather Bags:

Leather bags of Italian origin are the most famous in the market and if they are in this ladder it is on their own merits. We will talk about why they have achieved this recognition and how are these bags in the following topics.

Characteristics Of An Italian Bag:

Among the characteristics of an Italian leather tote bags, the first thing which comes is the quality. Each step in its elaboration is taken care to the maximum, so that it is a lasting complement. Although it is used daily or even if it is kept during a long season, it is always ready to be used again.

They are made by skilled craftsmen at every step of the manufacturing process of these bags. Only then it is possible to get a complement of such quality and that brings an infinite glamour every time it is used.

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In addition, these bags always follow fashion. The trends always change for each season but the bags will adapt to every change that happens.

Italian handbags are also accompanied by comfort. You will never find it unpleasant because of its touch or its way of hanging from the shoulder. They are ideal to carry the belongings which we need to carry daily or for an important event.

Do not trust all the labels that talk about Italian manufacturing. Look for official certificates that guarantee this origin and, consequently, the quality of the bags you are buying.

Italian Design:

Italy is the place where fashion and design go hand in hand to export their most innovative ideas to the rest of the planet. There are many people who want to visit it to live the charm of its cities and visualize its historical monuments. And many others who do it to experience Italian design firsthand.

In the world of Italian fashion, Giovanni Battista Giorgione.  He is considered as a great promoter and the father of fashion in furniture. Today, Italy is at a high level of splendor in fashion design, both in the case of clothing and accessories.

Why To Buy Italian Leather Bags:

After talking about Italian handbags, you probably already know that it is a good purchase option. But we are going to give you three final aspects so that you finally decide on your purchase:

Quality In Each Material:

It is clear that the skin is an ideal material, but we are not only talking about this component but there are more in these accessories. For example, the zippers, the metal to join the handle or the union between each element; everything is extremely careful so that the quality is optimal in every sense. Even the inside of the bag is perfected. Although you can not see it, everything you put into it will be protected from the outside.

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A leather bag can be used for any type of occasion, from a causal look to work or to go around among friends and to more special ceremonies such as weddings or graduation parties. An Italian leather bag will always look good on any occasion.

Adequate Price:

Do not think that by buying a quality item, you will find exaggerated and unreachable prices for many. You will find acceptable prices and you will be paying only for the product itself, not for its fame.

Choose An Italian Leather Bag:

We have talked about all the features, you can find a wide catalog of bags in any stores. It can be difficult for you to bet on one bag in particular.

There are many existing models but today we want to refer one in particular.  That is the sack-style bag with a tassel-shaped detail. It is a simple Italian leather tote bag that is elegant and perfected with the tassel on the side. You can buy it in orange, blue or white. Indistinctly they will have the details in metal, with a golden tone. A classic bag but daring for its different tones that you can use in your day to day or with more care looks.

A Black Leather Bag For Every Moment Of The Day:

It is your faithful companion. During long trips away from home, shopping afternoons or dinner nights with friends. Your black leather bag never fails. We leave you a selection of black bags of Italian leather that will become your new companions of battles.

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A Long Workday:

You need a black leather bag in tote format in which you can take everything and more: wallet, mobile, keys, hand moisturizer, lip balm, an apple for mid-morning, sunglasses, etc,.

Lunch With Friends And Shopping Afternoon:

A bag of medium size in which you can carry the essentials in a comfortable way. You can carry it as a handbag or hanging on the shoulder with the extra handle that incorporates. This style fits all your looks, from the most casual with jeans and sneakers to a midi dress up in your highest heels.