High Quality Wholesale Messenger Bags

Wholesale Messenger Bags

Messenger bag is one of the preferred accessories for everyone, which is enough to carry mobile phone, laptop, charger and documents. The messenger bags have wide variety of styles, designs, colors and shapes. It is necessary to know the different types of messenger bag and their characteristics to determine which is the best option. Read this article to know the best wholesale messenger bags.

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Women always want to have a messenger bag for every occasion. In such a way that most of the time they usually create collections of messenger bag and can combine them with different clothing to get a look to the latest.

Shoulder Bag:

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This is one of the most popular types of messenger bag, thanks to its modern, elegant and functional design. This bag has as a distinctive feature. A long strap that allows girls to hang it from their shoulder comfortably.

Shopper Bag:

This is a large bag that stands out for having two handles and enough capacity to store multiple products. It is ideal for women who go to work or shop. The most common thing is that it only has one pocket. Shopper bag can be found in a wide range of colors.

Tote Bag:

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This type of bag is similar to the Shopper messenger bag, but the tote bag has large size. What differentiates this one from the other is its less rectangular design. It also has two short handles and you can get it in multiple finishes. One can use this bag to go for a walk with friends or even to go for shopping.

Bowling Bag:

Bowling bags receive this name because of its similarity to the bags to keep the bowling ball. While it is true that messenger bag are designed to carry in hand, many models also incorporate a long strap to hang them. Most of them are usually quite large bags, although they are often available in mini version.

Canvas Messenger Bag:

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It is a type of messenger bag. This messenger bag is originated in 1934 from the hand of Van Cleef & Arpels. It is considered an ideal messenger bag to carry on your thing very comfortably. Because of its size, it give stylish and professional look.

Box Bags:

As its name indicates, this is a bag that has a design and shape similar to that of a box. In fact it is considered a kind of mixture between a clutch bag and a minaudière bag. Jimmy Choo is one of the most famous brands that usually design this type of messenger bag.

Hobo Bags:

These are very elegant bags that are usually made using high quality materials and with great flexibility. They are also distinguished by a rounded design on the base, as well as a somewhat narrower shape on the top. They come with a long strap that allows you to hang it on the shoulder to carry it more comfortably.

Mini bag:

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In recent years mini bag become fashionable one for everyone.It are characterized precisely by its ultra compact design and particularly by its long strap that makes it look like a kind of small shoulder bag.

Belt Bags:

These are bags that work like the traditional kidney bags. The brands of clothing and accessories have managed to give it a more modern and sophisticated touch, so that today they can be found in a wide range of designs, colors and shapes. Many of these bags come with a kind of belt with buckle closure and metallic details.

Saddle Bag:

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These are a type of handbags that are inspired by the equestrian environment, so they stand out for their rounded shape and also because they are generally made of brown leather. It is also common that they include a tassel clasp, as well as a zipper clasp.

Briefcase Bags:

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These are bags that are frequently used by women to go to work or to attend a special event or great elegance. They tend to have modern designs with custom interior, snap closure, as well as a well-defined design with the office environment.

Which Messenger Bag To Buy:

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There are many types of messenger bags are available in market. Before buying a bag, one should know for what purpose they are going to use that. You should know the bag is to sophisticated and elegant, but with a fashionista touch for its design.

You should not miss in your wardrobe the shoulder strap also known as “the crossbody” that is the perfect to the urban place. Since having enough space in the bag can keep the essential thing. The third essential that you should not miss at home is the clutch style that is perfect for an event at night. Finally, the tote which is the best bag for travellers.

Another Essential Accessory For Your Bag:

Don’t forget an essential accessory for your messenger bag. Such as: the bag organizer! Yes, it sounds like a tele-shop, but there are bag organisers where you can always keep your most important belongings close at hand.

you can always store what you need in it and find it quickly, such as your house keys, a pack of chewing gum or your favourite lipstick. Thanks to it and its division into compartments and pockets, you can organize your most delicate belongings separately to prevent them from breaking or scratching when rubbing against other things.