How Much Is A Goyard Messenger Bag

Messengers and shoulder bags are superior to backpacks with their lightness and general concept. You will look equally stylish in the office and outside of its walls. But still there are several problems in each of the options. Messengers have soft forms so that you can get maximum comfort by carrying it over your shoulder. But in fact, they are not the best solution if you need to carry tough things in it, such as a laptop. Traditional shoulder bags are more structured, they can easily accommodate both a laptop and work papers, but they will no longer be so careful to surround you with their softness, unlike a messenger. Do you want to know how much is a Goyard messenger bag? Then continue reading this article.

Why Goyard is the most mysterious brand of luxury (and the most desired)

“Here we do things differently.” We are in the Goyard store in London and a shop assistant with a British diction so precise that she would break a bohemian glassware teaches one of the firm’s bags. It smells like a rose garden, it sounds classic jazz and there’s no price in sight. The bestseller St Louis PM, a zipper less shopper that Kate Moss “miserable” takes to go to the beach, is stored in one of the mahogany drawers. The clerk explains that the bag is available in 11 different colors, “what distinguishes them from other firms” and that I am lucky because at this time of the year it is still not sold out. “Production is very limited, unlike other luxury brands,” he concludes.

How Much Is A Goyard Messenger Bag

The simplest model costs about 975 euros in the basic black print and 1270 in another color. There is the option to customize it with your initials for another hundred euros. It is a service that is offered only in the store, where they advise you with the colors and the customization takes 4 weeks because they send it to the factory of Goyard in Carcasson, south of France for one of the artisans of the firm to paint the letters to hand.

Goyard Messenger Bag

Yes, truly here they do things differently. The irony is that for an eye not started that bag with which they take so much trouble will say absolutely nothing. Goyard is one of the best luxury bag in the world. A French house of worship with an allergy to logomania . In the mid-nineteenth century the Goyard family competed directly with Louis Vuitton in the luggage business . Unlike Vuitton, Goyard maintains his artisan and discreet spirit. It does not market its products online, it has around twenty sales worldwide (in Europe, only in Paris and London), does not accept interviews with the press and does not even bother to advertise.

About The Unique Print

His print (in the maison maintain that it is not a logo) of chevron that represents the central Greek Y of the name of the brand does not shout to the four winds that a kidney has cost nor is one of the favorites of the counterfeiters of handbags. Goyard is the antithesis of the model studied in business masters .

It might seem that such a traditional company is still run by the same family, but the reality is very different. In 1998 the house that was owned by the Goyard for five generations was sold to the entrepreneur Jean-Michel Signoles, who had previously founded the Chipie children brand – those born in the eighties will remember it as the one that had to be worn to show off in the patio from college-.

Look of Goyard bags:goyard chevron belvedere mm messenger bag blue 00 300x300 - How Much Is A Goyard Messenger Bag

Signoles added new colors, such as white, blue and pink, rejuvenating the dark range that characterized the signature. He searched through the archives to retrieve handbags, redesigned the stores and hired a former Chloé employee as a consultant . With him Goyard lost his stern look and started selling chic with a wink. In the same way that Wes Anderson invents his refined cinematic universes, the entrepreneur created an illusion that gives the impression that he has always been there.


  1. Structure:

Not many bags look great with a mixed fabric structure. If you lead an active lifestyle and, for example, use a bicycle, the softer the bag, the better. If the main purpose of the shoulder bag is business and for use in the office, choose a more rigid and durable material. In this case, the softness of the fabric will not benefit your image. Choose a bag that will resemble the items you put in there. For soft, fabric messengers, the most successful solution is a zipper valve (hinged lid), for messengers with several mixed materials in the composition, the fastener with Velcro curled over the top of the product is most suitable, and for classic bags a zipper closure fits over the shoulder.

  1. Good strap (preferably double sided):

You choose only once, so it is important not to make a mistake. Incase you are a person who is very active throughout the day then you should choose your bag accordingly. You should always have the opportunity to tighten the belt and throw the bag behind your back, without worrying about it. This type of messenger should be of good material, including the strap itself. So that you can at any time loosen or tighten the buckle and thus adjust the length. Just like the strap on it.

  1. Fabric, suitable for you:

When you use such vehicles as a moped or bicycle, you need a waterproof polyester bag to withstand all the vagaries of the weather. Like rain, road mud and slush (nylon is usually more throw and bright). If you are little affected by the weather and move from the bus / car directly to the office. You can choose for yourself a version of the messenger from durable fabric (canvas). Which may be leather or any other natural fabrics and their combinations. Do you want to look stylish and have a bag that is not afraid of weather conditions? Then a raincoat or canvas impregnated with wax is your option.

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  1. Scruffy cut:

Manifested in the form of seams turned inside out, you can even see protruding patches of fabric. This is the result of manufacturer laziness.  

  1. The clutter of offices:

Most instant messengers offer a storage compartment immediately under the flap. If you overwhelm this compartment and throw various items into it, from your lunch to charging for a laptop. Get ready for the fact that half of the things stored there will become unusable. It is necessary to separate things and organize their storage in such a way to avoid damage to objects.

  1. Bright and attractive vs business messengers:

Unless you think it’s great – don’t choose something fancy for yourself. . You can undermine your authority by choosing the wrong color. It is necessary to adhere from the color and size of the manufacturer’s logo the bag.