How To Carry A Messenger Bag

How To Carry A  Messenger Bag?

It is unthinkable for many women to go out without their precious bag. For men, it’s more complicated: they are not used to having hand bags taken all day long. It is steeped in morals, a man is not destined to have a bag. In some situation they too need to carry a bag. So here we take a look at which models of men’s bags are the easiest to wear and which mistakes to avoid. In this article we will explain how to carry a messenger bag for man and women.

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How To Choose A Messenger Bag:

One should see the Materials, colors, shapes, sizes of the messenger bag. The supply of bags for men has grown considerably in recent years, allowing everyone to find the bag that corresponds to their tastes and that meets the demands of their daily lives.

Become a fashion accessory appreciated for its functional side, sir can in turn develop his own collection of bags that he will have nothing to envy to the feminine.

Still shunned by some, know that you will always be more elegant with a bag rather than the pockets of your trousers or your jacket inflated like the cheeks of a hamster.

Types Of Bags And How To Wear Them:

Messenger Bag:

The bag slung or messenger bag  is similar to a bag. It is the icon of urban fashion, appreciated for its comfort because worn shoulder strap on the side, it leaves the hands free. It is chosen rather sober but big enough not to unbalance the silhouette.

Shoulder Messenger bag:

The weight is worn by shoulder and not around the neck, and at the waist. It is ideal for storing small objects (keys, ID, mobile phone etc …) when you need the bare necessities on the move. Do not choose too big not to unbalance the silhouette (keep in mind that it is a mini version ). Hand-carried, it’s a catch-all where you can put everything that goes through your head.

The Micro Bag Slung Over The Shoulder:

We see a lot in the street, it is obviously not why we must imitate this style. Admittedly, it is convenient for housing your mobile phone and wallet but may take away some of your manhood. This is not the top of the elegance because of its disproportion.

What Color To Choose For A Messenger Bag?

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Surprisingly, this is the question that continues to concern many people. Everyone think brown leather is the most versatile, but you can also let go totally on the color if the leather is beautiful. However, some shades will stick better to certain styles.The colors we sometimes think least can be excellent choices (eg sand, gray, petrol blue).

The City Style / Adventurer: choose rather simple colors, soft, which merge in the mass without being sad. Sand, khaki, cream, gray, blue and brown tones are safe.

The Street / Student Style: you can also go with bright colors, that’s what makes this style live. For messenger bag, it avoid too mainstream brands, there are young designers who offer bright colors on bags of very good quality.

Dressed Style: at BonneGueule, we prefer the brown to black, but do not put it aside if it is a color that you master well and you have many formal shoes in this color. Ranck, the founder of eclectic , confided to me a very fair comment: in the high end, it is very hard to find beautiful designs that are not entirely leather, brown or black, with shiny metalwork. Look at Mr Porter’s bags page, it’s very telling.

Unfortunately, rare are the eclectic brands that explore other materials than leather, in blue or gray tones, and unexpected materials like Cordura, in elegant lines. That’s a shame.

Personally, I like to choose bags that have several simple tones corresponding to the dominant colors of my wardrobe, and a stronger color to energize the room (which remains an accessory after all).

Where To Find A Good Bag And For What Price?

Avoid bags like Zara or Mango Homme that will only make one season. Dare to spend more for a piece that will last you 15 years (the average duration of a good bag) rather than buying a low-end bag every year. If you do not have the budget to buy a nice leather bag right away, get some canvas, save for later.

As with all products, you will find bags for all budgets.

Reminder: What Are The Criteria For The Quality Bag?Image result for How To Carry A Messenger Bag

We do not change the good habits, the first thing to observe is the material . Look for a nice leather, thick enough, which takes light. Ditto for canvas: a poor quality fabric may tear when worn.

Also observe the supplies used : robust zips and other closure systems, metal inserts linking the hans to the body of the bag.

Finally, For example: check that the slices are clean4. Not to mention the lining used, the care given to the interior pockets, the thickness of the thread or even the regularity of the points. In this case, the must remains the saddle stitch: the seam does not give way if the thread breaks, because each point is actually a knot.