How To Choose A Best Camera Messenger Bag

All the photographers starting from amateur photographers to the most amateurs, everyone can say that an important point in photography is transportation. They need to choose the best camera messenger bag. A photographer can have a luck to carry minimum luggage and can also carry heavy luggage at best the photographer needs to carry a heavy and delicate camera, and at worst, a huge variety of lenses, lighting fixtures, tripods, etc. Here we give some opinion to choose a good backpack, bag, suitcase or case for photography. 

During travel a real challenge is luggage, especially those who consider photography is a hobby to take photos from one place to another. For that kind of photographers the bags are very much important.

 The photographers should know the weather they are going to travel, the size of the equipment they carry, the budget they have, or even their personal style. These are all the factors to take into account when purchasing a good transport for our camera and accessories.

How To Make Your Decision In The Most Effective Way:

 The most important thing for your camera is protection from blows, scratches, dust, water, humidity. If we do not have a good level of transportation system, it may lead to damage your camera from time to time. So the photographer should select good material besides considering how expensive, sensitive and delicate the camera is.

Initially the photographers take camera and then they place rest of the equipment in any backpack. But in case of such delicate and expensive material, it is always convenient to find a more comfortable and safe way while travelling.

The professional transport equipment for photography usually includes padding to protect the most vulnerable areas of our equipment. So rigid plastic is molded to defend it from blows and being specially made to transport this type of material.It normally includes the compartments and dividers that made perfect to carry your camera and any accessory in an orderly and especially protected manner. Therefore it will be the perfect option to move comfortably and safely with your precious objectives and tools.

Types Of Backpacks, Bags, Shoulder Bags For Photographic Equipment:

If you want to search for the perfect transport for your camera you will be surprised to know the wide variety of possibilities. Brands can range from small, discreet padded handbags to authentic travel cases, where you can fit all your clothes. Apart from this you will also get space to carry camera and other equipments along with you.

The good thing about this variety is security. You can find the perfect model based on the purpose of the bags you are going to choose. Below is a brief summary of the most common types of backpacks available. So that you can choose a good backpack suitable for your particular needs.


The covers are the smallest and simplest type. Usually have enough space for a camera with the lens to be fixed or interchangeable as compact or small without mirror (Mirror Less). Some small accessory such as spare batteries or some memory cards. Being very small, the covers are a more comfortable way of transport. You can hang them on your shoulder, or a larger backpack or neck.

They usually have a light padding or be neoprene to avoid bumps. Its main advantages are to be able to take the camera ready in a few seconds and not to go  with very loaded equipments.

Shoulder bag:

Shoulder bags are larger than the bags. It is more comfortable to carry camera with some lenses, batteries, memory cards and cables. Especially it is very useful to transport all your basic equipment to the height of the hand. we can also take everything easily and quickly.


If you really want to bring all your material this is what you need, it should have enough space for couple of cameras. All the objectives you may need to carry and even a folding tripod and a focus. A backpack allows you to carry all the equipment except the largest and most professional, although it depends on the chosen model.

Within this category we can distinguish between them, one is more comfortable but less accessible and the other one is  we can easily place at the comfortable reach of our hand to take a photo quickly, but do not have as much storage capacity. Among the new models that present brands such as Vanguard, Lowepro, Manfrotto. Side packets are also available to take  your camera quickly. The system makes it possible to turn the backpack from the back, holding on to the waist strap, without the need to lower it to the floor, lengthening the time.


This is the best and largest method of transportation, but also the most uncomfortable one. It allows us to transport a complete photographic equipment (cameras, lenses, tripods, spotlights, reflectors, bench …). But it is something that you will have to carry with a handle with wheels or hanging on your back with a good weight.They are more rigid or hard like Peli suitcases but the protection is greater when compared to others.

It is very useful compared with other types of bags. It carry your travel equipment safely and securely. Suitcase are great emphasis on protecting our material so that it reaches our destination in perfect condition.

The Size Of The Luggage And That Of Our Team:

With all these options it can be quite difficult to know which one is perfect for you. But it is usually easy to decide, if we consider the two main factors when traveling as a photographers. The size of what you want to take (Obviously if you need a whole photo set you do not have another to use a suitcase) and the area of ​​the world you need to go.

If we have to carry a lot of accessories, there is no use of trying to get everything into a smaller backpack. Without leaving any space for the padding  may lead to risk of breaking or spoiling the camera accessories.

Quantity of the product:

You need to calculate the quantity of the equipment that you are going to take in your bag. That helps you to choose the size of the luggage. So you can wear the bag with less weight when you go out to practice.

A sleeve or a shoulder bag are a good option, If you do well with a camera, some lens and accessories. If you want to carry more goals you should need a large shoulder bag or a backpack, and if you need spotlights and reflectors better you can go with suitcase or trolley.


Always keep in mind that you can also carry some bags inside your suitcase. There is no need to take suitcase in all the situation. In case if you want to go out for a drink ,then you can take your camera with that bags.

The Hostility Of The Photographic Environment:

Weather condition:

Photographic environment plays a vital role in choosing our luggage for photographic equipment. For normal environments the backpacks and professional cases are well padded and adequately protect the camera. For example, If we go out for mountain peak or heavy rain places it may not able to protect the  padding for that environment.

Water repellent:

The bags are usually made with water repellent fabrics. In heavy rains a rigid plastic are used to avoid damage for the equipment located inside the bag, Its protection is against normal blows and it is not suitable to take them to a mountain top, or else put them into the water.Therefore, if you are a photographer of action and wild environments you may prefer a transport system that makes special emphasis on protecting the team from dangers such as snow, heavy rain, sand or mud.

The suitcases of the Peli system offer extra protection and a lifetime guarantee.If you feel these are the problems for you then you can go with the brands like LowePro, which produce backpacks specially designed for hostile environments and protect against inclement weather. And also protect the special material like the DroneGuard BP450AW for drones.