How To Choose A Custom Canvas Tote

Custom Canvas Tote Bag:

Canvas Tote Bags - How To Choose A Custom Canvas Tote

A custom canvas tote bag can be a unique accessory that will make you stand out! They are the perfect companion for your daily life and for your holidays. You can also print a photo, add different colors and shapes or add a personal quote in that bag. There is no limit to create a tote bag with your imagination!

In this article, we show you a collection of really pretty and original designs for your custom canvas tote bags that inspire you!

What Size To Choose For A Canvas Tote Bag?

We talk a lot about the tote bag, but there are also other formats in this material.

Tote bags are great if you want to give a valuable gift to your host. More than a gift, it becomes a showcase highlighting your present. This bag is available in several sizes, ideal for single bottles, but also for carrying up to 6 bottles. The strength of the canvas is high, which is guaranteed.

Tips: What Tote Bag Would Suit Me?

For your customizable canvas tote bag several factors must be taken into account. First you should choose the bag depending on your things your going to take in your bag. Second you should also choose the bag with the current trend.

What Purpose Can We Use Custom Canvas Tote Bag?

Indeed, this is the first question to ask yourself before buying the bag. What underlying message do you want to disseminate? Then make the right choice by favoring a customizable, recyclable and reusable canvas tote bag.

What Size Should Choose?

After choosing the material, you should determine the right format for your customizable tote bag. The size of the bag is very important because everything has to fit inside the bag.

In addition to the intrinsic dimension of the bag, there may be the question on how to wear it? Is it taking it with both hands? Is it by wearing it on the shoulder?Ask yourself and make the right choice.

What Message For Custom Tote Bag?hamee customized canvas shopping tote bag beach time 500x500 - How To Choose A Custom Canvas Tote

When customizing your bag, you can also include your logo, a slogan, anything is possible.

For a successful print, the number of colors are limited to one, for screen printing. At the time of heating the printing, the repetition of this operation can deteriorate the canvas.

If you are looking for adding many colors, then opt for the silk screen transfer.

Finally, if you do not find the model that suits you in the list, do not hesitate to ask us a made-to-measure.

Some Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Your Tote Bag Canvas:

Your canvas tote bag is your favorite companion of this summer season. However, by wearing it to the city, the park or the beach, it has lost some of its beauty. Do not panic, by our tips and advice you can clean the canvas.

Our Tips For Cleaning Canvas Tote Bag:

There are several techniques for cleaning the canvas bag. The first technique is to put your canvas bag under soapy water. To do so, you must pour lukewarm water and favor a mild soap such as Marseille soap, Aleppo soap or laundry detergent, containing no chemicals. Indeed, more aggressive soaps could damage the canvas of your bag. Once your canvas tote bag is immersed in its warm water, you can use a soft brush to clean it.

Detaching Your Canvas Tote Bag:

Your canvas shopping bag is covered with traces of grass or sunscreen? Do not sulk your faithful companion, just detach it. To do so, you can soak your laundry brush with baking soda. Baking soda is a powerful natural cleaner, non-polluting and non-corrosive. After brushing, you must dry your canvas tote bag in the open air.

Entrust Your Canvas Tote Bag To A Professional:

If your canvas bag is decorated with leather handles, it will require special treatment. Thus, we advise you to carry your canvas tote bag to the laundry. Professionals have all the products to clean without drying the leather of the handles of your canvas tote bag.