How To Choose A Custom Tote Bags

Buy Custom Tote Bags: Complete Guide:

This is similar to the totes bag, but small change in patterns and colors. Whether for shopping or a picnic or even for the holidays, this type custom tote bag is must to have. But many people also use it as an advertising medium and also they used it as a gift.

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Below we will detail what are the essential aspects to make a successful serigraphy.

  • First choose a leather color and number of our sample.
  • Second choose a lining quality (resistant) or plain cotton colors.
  • Third choose your preference of silver material or antique brass.
  • Fourth choose where you prefer brand image, whether outside or inside.

In conclusion, it is reduced to select four basic characteristics: the logo, the typography, the pantone and the format.

1.The Logo :

First of all you have to prepare the design. Do you want to print only the logo?or Do want to add texts or decorations?All these questions must be considered.

Commonly, the structure of the bag follow some rules. The logo of the brand will print at the center  of the bag and  the contact data are printed at the bottom of the page.

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One can also include address of the store or web page, telephone, mail and social networks in the tote bag. We can simply show the icon of the networks in which we are present or write any username, so that the client finds us quickly.

2.Typography :

To take into account of fundamental element: typography is used. Typography is nothing but the style of letter used to print in the tote bag. If you do not have any logo yet, a good option is to decide on a typeface that represents you and write the name of your brand with it.

3.The Pantone :Get Custom Teacher Quote Tote Bags for just 8.95 - How To Choose A Custom Tote Bags

The next step is to choose the pantone. The Pantone is the color chart used as universal color in graphic design. This type of Printing contains more than 992 coded colors.

For example: violet looks very beautiful next to orange and turquoise, yellow highlights on pink or navy blue, etc.

In addition to knowing the meaning of the color transmit, The ecological brand are using green in its corporate image. Because, It is a color intimately related to nature.Likewise,it would be the case of bio shops that use red in their communications.

4. The Format :

Regarding the image formats, we must make some small clarifications. The ideal design would be one that is made with vectors. That’s why dimensions does not matter. Now, if you do not have the vector, you should look for the logo with highest resolution. So that you do not lose any detail when handling. In general, these are the key points that must be take into account when buying custom tote bags.

Ecological ink for your tote bags:

In addition to personalize your tote bag, you should choose the material of the bag with high quality. So that the bag can be use more than one time. Tote bag are recyclable, biodegradable and reusable one. The tote bags are certified with the PEFC and FSC ecological seals.  Which guarantee that it comes from a responsible way.

Eco-friendly ink are used to print in this tote bag. Since they are free of toxic components. This makes them suitable even for those containers that are going to be use in contact with food. This bag begin to take ecological awareness to protect the planet.

We are always aware to use biodegradable products. We hope to see you soon!