How To Choose Denim Tote Bag

Large Denim Tote Bag:

Large denim tote bag is created from a faded blue jean top with a dark gray cotton bottom. It is decorated with handmade resin buttons. A passer-by is decorated with satin ribbons, a ribbon reminiscent of the jersey lining. The flowers, buttons and some seams are hand-embroidered with the old pink reel cotton.

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This bag is lined with pink and orange flashy jersey cotton. Equipped with a long shoulder strap this bag is crossed on the hip. Its original shape offers a spacious space. The bag is big enough to slip our favorite feminine trinkets, checkbook, wallet and papers, paperback.

Jeans were the big surprise for the fashion world this year and have their place guaranteed in the winter collection and also for next summer! It leaves any look younger. These collections have two washes: the darkest, the most indigo, and also the clearest wash! Shredded details and applications in jeans give a funkier touch in the sack handbags. This model has been a strong trend since last year.

Fabric Handbags For All Occasions:

Bags are the girl’s best friend. Leaving home without the purse is the same as leaving the house without clothes. The bags are essential accessories for the existence of women. No exaggeration!

The fabrics used on them should be sturdy and of high quality to support the weight of the belongings and to last longer. That’s why most of the bags are made with leather.

But for those looking for style and materials options, there are the fabric versions. Velvet, cotton, denim and others can be good choices for any occasion.

Casual Day Off:

These bags are for a casual day to a city or a gathering of friends at the mall. The models that combine the most with the occasion are the wide models, with plenty of space, such as totes, backpacks, buckets and messengers or even shoulder models.


For a casual day of fashionistas, you need pieces that go a little beyond with practicality. Also have to be a sufficient size to carry. The most requested models are hobo, barrel and tote and the shoulder models.


Clutches, ” Quilted ” handbags are the top choices for a night look. The vast majority look for a small part that carries only the essentials. The size should also be combined with the style of the event. A ballad requires a shiny and eye-catching accessory as well as the look. For a bar, glitter is not necessary, but it should be cute and stylish. For a more glamorous event, sophistication and glamour are the most requested!

How To Use Large Bags And Keep The Look:

Every woman knows that it is not always possible to leave the house with only the basic things in the bag, there are situations in which it is indispensable to carry many objects and it is necessary to have large bags. The good news is that the market is full of big bags, with sizes and formats for all tastes. However, caution is needed and know how to use those type of bags, otherwise the result can be disastrous, influencing negatively even the proportions of your body.

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Be it backpack, purse wallet, shopping bag, tote or bowling bag, the bag needs to be in harmony with the set of elements that form a style. Thus, it is not enough to worry only about the functionality of a large bag, but also with its shape, color, texture and compartments.

Those who possess a running routine, without having time to change their handbags, will know very well how a great handbag becomes a great ally. It should have spaces to carry cell phone, chargers, makeup, wallet, documents, perfumes, books, bottles of water and even food, there are even compartments for notebook and tablet and many other things.

It is not such a difficult task to make combinations and know how to use a large purse with harmony, maintaining the look without losing the charm. What’s more, the activity can even be fun, since you will need to use creativity and tasteful notions. Follow the tips:

Tips On How To Use Large Bags:

The one of the most important, is to relate the bag to your body type, because the shorter women and the chubby women can be harmed in the combination with large bags.

But you do not have to eliminate them from the wardrobe, there are some tricks that boycott the effect caused, for example, to women of short stature, ideally, they choose maxi-bag with handles, making contrasts with the colors of the clothes, with pants and black blouse, which give a more elongated effect to the body.

Older women should get away from colored prints and choose monochrome and structured models in rectangular or square shapes. The good news is that large purses look great on larger bodies, because of the ratio of body to purse, creating a very elegant symmetry.

Some Great Purse Models And How To Combine Them:


This model extrapolated the status of a student bag, only functional, and today can be quietly used even on formal occasions. The material helps a lot to create the most modern look. It is Synthetic Line, in contrasting shades, white, gold and brown. Can also be used as a handbag. You can combine this bag with dress or midi skirts, jeans and shirt, high waist pants, maxi earrings and bracelets. You can scrape harder if you wear it with your hair tied up in a ponytail.

Bucket Bag:

This piece is prone to the next spring-summer and as it has a stripped-down style, does not match much with formal occasions. Should be worn with short jeans, floral or pooh dresses accompanied by low shoes, both sandals, and sneakers are perfect.

Tote Bag Or Tote Bag:

Most of the time, this model has no clasp and is open like a bag, has two short straps and is a very practical alternative to carry a lot. As it is found in various types of material, it can be used for both work and leisure. Just not recommended for formal events and ballads.

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Tote bags in synthetic leather material, in caramel colors, black or white, look great for the job, and combine with tailoring and high heels. Already those with colored prints can be used for a cinema or outings. Just a light dress or short jeans with t-shirt to compose the look.

Wallet Purse:

Versatile and retro style, this purse is guaranteed with elegance & charm, both men and women can abuse this model in their looks. They can be carried in the hand or on the shoulder, their transverse loops are wide and give comfort to those who need to carry a lot of weight.

The wallet purse is synonymous with taste and efficiency when it comes to carry many items. As well as preventing documents or folders from getting dented inside it. The style varies from formal to casual, since it can be used for work or study. Also for rides where it is necessary to carry many items. Jeans and white shirt combine as much as a tube dress or skirts.